reindeer shots

Scotman’s Cavalry Arrives

In a mighty nice fashion too

I love how they come in on reindeer and not horses.On a Celtic magic trail. I can only imagine Jack wondering who are all these powerful red-headed women coming to help him because he sure don’t remember saving this many.

Reindeer in Murmansk, 1941

During one of the German air raids, photographer Yevgeny Khaldei took the reindeer shot, but it wasn’t as dramatic as he assumed, so he later superimposed British Hawker Hurricanes, flown by RAF pilots to relieve Murmansk, and an exploding bomb to form a composite image.

Unusual Protection, part 2

Form this request: Can you do a part two where tfw+crowley hear reader singing"hellhounds are better than people" in the tune of “reindeers are better than people” from frozen?

Part 1


While the boys didn’t like it, they had to get used to the idea of you being followed around by a big, hulking hellhound. You did your part and kept her calm, feeding her treats and giving her cuddles. You also liked to put bows and ribbons and little hats on Joy’s head, which did indeed make her look slightly less threatening.

Joy was also surprisingly helpful on hunts. Yes, she was there to protect you, but she’d actually saved the Winchesters once or twice, tackling a monster that had cornered them.

But Dean still didn’t like looking in the rearview mirror and seeing two glowing red eyes staring back at him. He liked it better when her head was sticking out of the open window, ears flapping in the wind.

One night, Crowley appeared in the bunker.

“What the hell, Crowley?” Dean asked, his heart leaping into his throat upon seeing the King of Hell standing in the living room. “What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to check up on Y/N and Joy. See how things were working out for them.”

“They’re in her room. I think.” Dean headed down the hall, running into his brother. “You seen Y/N?”

“Not recently.”

The trio made their way down to your room. Your door was cracked open and they heard your voice floating out into the hall.

“Hellhounds are better than people. Joy, don’t you think that’s true? Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you. Every one of them’s bad except you. Oh, thanks, girl. But people smell better than hellhounds. Joy, don’t you think that I’m right? That’s once again true, for all except Dean.

“I don’t smell bad!” Dean said, gaining the attention of you and the hound.

“Don’t yell at me, Dean. I’m not the one who said it.”

Dean glared at you before dropping his gaze to Joy. Her head was resting on your lap, her red eyes trained on Dean, steady as a surgeon’s hand. Your fingers were scratching lightly behind her ear.

“You two are perfect for each other,” Dean grumbled as he headed back down the hall.

I am very curious if this Year of Sanji is going to be a template for the next few years of One Piece. We’re pretty much guaranteed a second, longer, probably over-dramatic, possibly tragic Sanji-centric flashback; I wonder if the other Strawhats will get their backstories upgraded as well to keep up with the trauma-filled childhoods littering the New World like so many discarded candy wrappers. 

I am imagining Oda huddling with the Strawhats (sans Sanji), going over the new PR campaign:

Oda: All right, hit me. Who’s got a tragic past we can mine?

Usopp: More tragic than all our moms dying?

Oda: This isn’t amateur hour, Long-nose. I need you kids to amp it up, turn the dial on the sob meter up to a hundred and one. Buster Calls are very passé, very ten years ago. Give me something fresh.

Chopper: Uh, my reindeer mom got shot by a hunter, I guess. And I’m not sure which one of the other reindeer is my father?

Oda: Good, good. Everyone loves a Bambi story.

Chopper: [to Usopp] What’s a bambi?

Usopp: I think it’s a type of armchair.

Oda: [ignoring them both] Ok, what else?

Nami: Well, I guess I’m technically an orphan. And my parents and Nojiko’s parents all died. And the pirates who burned down our village were never caught and are probably still at large somewhere.

Oda: Good, perfect, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Keep it coming, this is terrific.

Franky: Yeah, I got a great-aunty in Alabasta with a bum leg, does that count?

Oda: Did this aunt pass on a treasure of great personal significance?

Franky: Nope.

Oda: Did she raise you as her own when all other adult figures in your life had abandoned you?

Franky: Nope.

Oda: Did she sacrifice her life so that you could escape almost certain death and pursue your dreams?

Franky: No, Jesus, she just has arthritis. 

Oda: I’m sorry, Franky, but the readers are hoping for something a little more emotionally hard-hitting than your great-aunt with arthritis.

Franky: It gets pretty emotional when she tries to walk up a flight of stairs, I’ll tell you that.

Zoro: I left my father’s house at the age of six, never to return.

Oda: O-kay, this sounds promising. What happened, exactly?

Zoro: “Go to the end of this road and turn left,” they said. “It’s a five-minute walk,” they said. Yeah, well, it wasn’t that simple. What does ‘left’ even mean? My left or his left? What if he meant ‘stage left’? Anyway before I knew it I had wandered into a dojo on another island and also it was four years later.

Oda: …That’s…a very sad story, Zoro-kun.

Zoro: Yeah. It is. What do you think I’ve been trying to tell you. 

Oda: But probably not in the way you mean.

That is exactly how I imagine Zoro’s origin story and I am standing by it until it is proven otherwise. 

Closed RP| reindeer-prince

With only the sound of their footsteps echoing through the halls, Angerona follows the butler in silence, gazing around at the interior of the palace. Her long brown hair is tied back with a deep red ribbon, and she wore a red simple gown, carrying a wicker basket.

As soon as she enters the bedroom, her dark brown gaze is instantly to the figure in the bed. Angerona quickly rushes over, setting her hand on the other’ shot forehead.