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Sámi family gathered in front of Lavvus somewhere along the Kanstadfjord near Lødingen, Nordland (Norway), ca. 1896.

Y’all thirsty for NicoMaki. Of course how could I not do the OTP?

- Who cries when someone dies in a movie:
Both cry but are pretty low-key about it. No one wants the other to see. Maki would probably pretend to go to the bathroom and Nico uses this opportunity to bawl over the character. 

- Who wears the ugly holiday garb:
Members of BiBi? Wearing something unfashionable?? That is unheard of! But then again, Nico would probably make Maki wear some bright red sweater with a goofy reindeer print on it.

- Who pays for the meals:
Maki insists they go out to eat but Nico always says it’s better to just use the money to buy the ingredients and she’ll cook instead. Maki doesn’t argue. She loves to eat Nico’s cooking.

- Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone:
Trombone: Nico
Oven Door: Maki
Only because it would be funny to see Nico trying to play the trombone with such short arms.

- Who brings home stray animals:
“Maki-chan, we have too many cats.”
“But this one looked really lonely and followed me home. And it has your eyes.”

- Who leaves the bathroom door open:
Seeing as there was this comic where Maki walks in on Nico changing, I guess that must happen a lot. I know you’re doing it on purpose, Nico.

- Who tells the ‘dad jokes’:
Maki: Nico-chan, can you make me a sandwich?
Nico: *waves knife like a wand* Poof! You’re a sandwich.
Maki: …

- Who wants kids more:
Nico knows how hard it is to raise a lot of kids but knows how fun it is to have siblings. Maki, being an only child isn’t really too good with kids. I guess Nico would want about 2-3. Maki doesn’t really care how many. 

- Who travels more:
The super idol Nico’s bookings are left and right. Maki always makes sure to fly where she is and never miss a show though.

- Who spends more cash:
Nico is very frugal when it comes to spending on food but when it comes to clothes and Idol Merch, sky’s the limit. But guess who’s card is actually being used though.

- Who buys the things in infomercials:
“The Snuggie keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands.”
Maki: *grabs the phone* I’ll buy 10.

- Who draws in the dust on their cars:
Nico: *sees dust on car*
*looks left and right*
*scribbles “Maki Baka”*

- Who starts the snowball fights:
Maki would probably be admiring the snow, leaving Nico to her own devices making snow angels but the moment she’s deep in thought, Nico fires a barrage of snow balls. Maki retaliates and in the end, Nico ends up looking like a snowman.

- Who throws away the directions to things:
“Nico-chan, are you sure this is how this works? *hanging upside down in new exercise machine* Did you read the directions?”
“What directions? ouo”

- Who puts up holiday decor:
Maki makes sure everything is perfect in the living room while Nico is making the Christmas Dinner.

- Who gets more obsessed about things:
Super Idols. Need I say more?

- Who sings in the shower more often:
“Don’t worry, don’t worry! Ima kara chousensha?”
“Maki-chan, how many choruses more will it take you to finish your shower?”

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Hi! Can you write a taehyung scenario where we are dating secretly and both of us are famous and it blows all over the media? And stuff? Thanks! Can you can make it really long! I would totally love that! Thanks again! :)

helllo hello! i’m going to assume it blows over in the worst way possible, cos angst. hope you enjoy!

koi no yokan - n. the sense one has upon meeting another person that they will fall in love


From the very first time you meet him, you slowly begin to conclude that Kim Taehyung is a mystery.

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12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 (Pajamas)

Chen x you

Wordcount: 938

(This morning is different.)

Mornings with Jongdae are your favorite types of mornings. Instead of being awakened by the blaring of your alarm turned up at the highest decibel, you’re greeted instead by the warmth of the sun from the windows and Jongdae’s arms carefully shifting out of the hold he has on you. Although he never manages to succeed crawling out of bed without you dragging him back in for a quick kiss before he flies out the door for work.

This one time, he’s finally succeeded.

It was most likely the warm temperature in the room rivaling the crisp, cold air outside that convinced you to fall back asleep when your boyfriend had replaced his solid yet comfortable chest with a pillow. At first you think he’s already gone, and you’re about ready to call him even if he’s already on duty just to demand why he’d left without a goodbye kiss.

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30 Days of H20Vanoss

 December 2nd – Sweater Weather

Based on the prompt: “You were the cashier giving me weird looks when I bought a ton of ugly Christmas jumpers so I told you they were for my grandma but you happened to be at a party I wore one to and you saw me.”

Song: Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood. link:

The air outside was cold and bitter and Evan was already regretting leaving the comfort of his apartment. Goosebumps rippled across his skin as it started to rain and he ducked his head, walking faster to make it into the shopping complex before it started to pour.

It was December 1st and while Evan didn’t usually celebrate holidays Christmas was an exception and it was somewhat a guilty pleasure of his to launch into full celebration mode as soon as December started.

He’d spent the day putting up a Christmas tree almost as big as his apartment and now his mission was to pick up the most disgusting Christmas sweaters he could possibly find. As he made his way into the clothing store he was greeted by the sound of faint Christmas music and the smell of the gingerbread scented candles on display at the front of the store.

It was nearing 5pm and the store was empty besides Evan and the guy at the register who was busying himself by sorting through a large stack of boxes that obscured him from Evan’s sight.

Evan gave a soft “Yes,” of victory under his breath as he spotted the rack of brightly coloured red and green sweaters in the middle of the store. Sorting his way through the assortment of reindeer prints, elf patterns and even one that had bells and small patches of tinsel on it, he eventually decided on six sweaters, including the bells and tinsels one which he fully intended to wear to his friends Christmas party the following day.

Sweaters slung over his arms, Evan made his way to the counter where he was met with a large wall of boxes. He cleared his throat uncertainly, placing the pile of sweaters onto the only visible space on the counter. A head peeped around from behind the boxes before disappearing again just as quickly, and a few seconds later the boxes were being shifted to the floor.

Evan nearly groaned out loud in disbelief. It was just his luck that the guy serving him was one of the most attractive guys he’d laid eyes on.

In front of him was a guy that looked not much older than Evan, and only a few inches taller. His skin was pale, but his cheeks were flushed pink from the cold and his eyes were as bright as the blue of the hoodies he was wearing. His lips twisted into a smile and Evan watched them fascinated as the guy in front of him, whose name tag read ‘Jonathan’ spoke.

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Drabble #3 Scott [Requested]

Christmas/ Holiday Scenario 4.) Starting a Christmas Tradition

Melissa McCall adored you; convinced that her son had been graced with his soulmate when he needed it most. Scott, being a werewolf and teenager, was under a deal of pressure to balance a routine life, a professional life, and a life of heroism while subduing the wolf. The problematic task had proven to possess difficulties even on the best of days despite his purist intentions. He relied on your selfless strength, your understandingly unconditional love, and your pure heart. Scott remain hopeful and grounded with you at his side and Melissa couldn’t have asked for a better mate for her son. She had welcomed you into the family; accepting you as the daughter she never had.  

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12 days of Christmas (drabble series) - 3

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summery: Christmas shopping with your best friend :)

A/N: I really hope you are enjoying this series. Also thanks to @misswinchester221b, I’m glad you like this story! 

If you like to be tagged, let me know!  

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10 days till Christmas

‘Oh my god, Pete, look at this sweater!’ You pointed at the Christmas sweaters you passed.

‘You can’t be serious,’ Peter look a bit horrified at the sweaters.

‘Yes, I am,’ you smirked as you dragged him towards the enormous pile of sweaters. You were doing some Christmas shopping with Peter in the city. So far, you hadn’t bought much.

‘Here, try this,’ you said, trying not to laugh. A snowman with reindeers was printed on the sweater. Peter chuckled and handed you one with a Christmas tree with a smiling face.

‘Only if you try this one on.’

‘Yes!’ you squealed in excitement. You both went to the dressing rooms and put them on. You stepped out of the room and waited for Peter to show himself.

‘That looks so cute!’ You almost shouted when Peter walked out of the dressing room.

‘Okay, I have to admit, they look pretty nice,’ Peter smiled when he stood next to you as the two of you looked in the mirror.

‘Told ya,’ you said. ‘We have to get these.’

Peter looked at you for a second before agreeing with you. You both paid for the sweaters and left the store.

‘I can’t believe I let you convince me to buy that,’ Peter said.

You laughed at his comment, ‘I can be very convincing.’

‘That’s true,’ Peter nodded. ‘Hey, do you want to get some hot chocolate or something?’

‘Yeah,’ you smiled.

You went to a little pastry shop. Peter ordered to hot coco’s and paid for both of them. You tried to stop him from paying, but he insisted on paying your drink. You sat down at a table by the window. You didn’t talk much while you were drinking your hot chocolate. It didn’t really bother you, though. Silences between Peter and you were never uncomfortable. You had been friends for so long that it didn’t matter if you spoke or not.
You looked out of the window, to see the people walking down the street, laughing, hand in hand. You smiled to yourself. One day you would walk hand in hand with someone. You would make someone laugh with one of your silly jokes. You would spend Christmas the one you love.

You looked back at Peter, only to find him staring at you.

‘What?’ you gave him a questioned look.

Peter snapped back to reality, ‘Uh, nothing.’

‘Okay then,’ you smiled.

‘Uhm, shall we continue our hunt for presents?’ Peter asked.

‘Yup!’ you stood up and put your coat on.

‘Let’s go,’ Peter offered you his arm and you linked yours with his. It already started to get dark outside. There were little Christmas light everywhere and you were absolutely loving it.

You ended up with a few presents for May and Peter. You got a book and a pair of earrings for May. For Peter you got a book about science and some Star Wars collector items. You let Peter choose, because you had no idea which one he wanted. No you were heading home again. When you arrived at home you gave Peter a hug.

‘Movie night tomorrow, right?’ Peter asked.

‘As usual,’ you smiled as you let go of him.

‘Great,’ he smiled back and turned around.

‘See you tomorrow!’ you said.

Peter nodded and headed back home. You quickly opened your door, to be greeted by the warmth of the fireplace.

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Day 1 -- Sweaters

My contribution to the first day of Mabel Pines Appreciation Week, a little thing I wrote in like two hours. Hope you enjoy!

The twins would never forget the first time Mabel went to Sweatertown.

They were six years old and it was getting close to Christmas, and as such it was getting colder out. For school, Mabel had picked out a pretty little dress to wear to the kindergarten class holiday party. That was quickly ruined when she spilled chocolate milk all down her front during breakfast, which made Dipper snort so hard that chocolate milk came out of his nose. After their mother reprimanded them for being such messy eaters, she simultaneously fretted over what last minute outfit she could throw her daughter into before the bus arrived–something she wouldn’t freeze to death in. Spying an ugly reindeer sweater with a light-up nose one of the girls at the office had given her as a joke, she snatched it up, yanked the brown-stained dress over Mabel’s head and threw the sweater over her just as the school bus horn honked outside.

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