reindeer nose

Here's hoping FE Echoes fixes the story's biggest problem

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how can you even try to make a bird love you like do they really get trained to rest on your hand or something or even recognize you and how do you call them, do they know if what you’re saying is actually their name and it tells them to notice you badly same goes with fishes like dude how how how but ive had a fish once and i think it recognized me or it just gets irritated when i tap the aquarium everytime i fed it and this is the fish that died because i overfed him i was proud that he looked healthy but he wasn’t he really got so plump but then i was like i’m still gonna feed it cos i dont want it to die like the fish i got before him and i miss having a pet i need one oh lemme rephrase that i want one because needing something or someone to make you feel happy is a big red no-nose reindeer all you have to do is find it in yow ass


Osaka-san from Azumanga Daioh has a…different perspective on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer than most people.

Interestingly enough, I’ve seen similar comments about Rudolph from several people on the autistic spectrum on Twitter and Tumblr recently. So yeah, this particular scene only further supports my headcanon of Osaka being neurodivergent.

[Transcript: “Ya know, I think of this every year when Christmas comes around. There’s that red nosed reindeer, ya know? But that’s just terrible. His shiny nose is useful for dark roads at night… But that’s no consolation. If ya told a bald person that he was useful on the road at night, you’d get clobbered. Santa sure says some mean things, ya know?”]