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Lily + Remus Friendship Headcanons
  • I am so here for this alright friends lets get right down to it
  • Lily and Remus becoming fast friends in first year because they were the first two to raise their hands to answer a question and they did it at the exact same time
  • Lily always trying to guess how Remus got his scars before realizing she was being insensitive, but Remus really doesn’t mind because her guesses are so amusing
  • “You got in a fight with a Bowtruckle and lost?”
  • “No. I won.”
  • “You…..tripped over Mrs. Norris?”
  • “I wish.”
  • “Oh, I’ve got it. They’re not real scars at all, you just paint them on every morning to look badass.”
  • *gasp* “How did you know?” 
  • Lily is the first person Remus tells about his condition; and for a moment he can’t bring himself to look up at her out of fear that she’s not even sitting there anymore because surely she ran away as soon as the word “werewolf” left his mouth.
  • But she’s there, and she’s smiling, and she lays a hand on his shoulder and doesn’t say a word and that is all she needs to say, and for the first time Remus thinks maybe he’s not such a monster after all
  • Walks around the Black Lake and piggy-back rides 
  • Usually Lily hops on Remus’s back but sometimes she tries to lift him even though he’s tall enough that his feet still touch the ground
  • Lily stealing one of Remus’s jumpers that has reindeer on it for an ugly Christmas sweater party and Remus being low-key offended that she thought it was ugly
  • “What do you mean the reindeer look like knitted hunchbacks? They’re cute and bloody festive.
  • …before accepting with a laugh that okay, maybe it’s not the most flattering article of clothing he owns 
  • The two of them hitting the 7-hour mark studying in the library before a Charms exam that just had to be scheduled close to a full moon and Remus feels like he’s coming undone and he almost cries when Lily gets up and comes over to give him a hug and a shoulder massage because somehow she just always knows 
  • Remus never really being able to afford Lily a Christmas gift worthy of giving to a friend like her until one year after saving up, he buys Lily the exact same reindeer jumper so they can match
  • And she is ecstatic
  • Lily constantly making up nicknames for people on the spot based on what they’re doing, and usually they’re references to Muggle movies or literature and no one gets them except Remus
  • Who lost his shit laughing when Lily saw him eating chocolate one day and said “What’s up, Willy Wonka?” without missing a beat
  • They got in a huge fight in fifth year after the incident with Snape because Lily was crying and Remus felt horrible and in an attempt to make amends he said “you know James actually does like you, right?” and he shouldn’t have said it then, it wasn’t the right time and he realized that as soon the words came out
  • “God DAMN it, Remus, this isn’t about James, this is about you! Why didn’t you stop them?!”
  • He’s never seen her this upset and truly doesn’t know what to do
  • But they make up the next week, they always do, because there’s nothing so serious that it can’t be worked out over toast and peach jam in the Great Hall
  • One night in the common room in sixth year, James is sitting on the sofa and Lily comes over to join the conversation and sits on the other end and immediately Remus gets up and makes her scoot over so she’s closer to James
  • Which Lily realizes she doesn’t mind, nope, she doesn’t mind this at all
  • Remus shooting her a wink and then fist-bumping James behind her head because he knows he just helped them both
  • Lily caught between James who refuses to believe Remus is the spy, and Sirius who is convinced that he is, and getting in many tearful, stress-induced fights because of it while they’re in hiding
  • In her final moments, before she has one last thought of James and of Harry, it’s Remus she thinks about, and it’s not a happy thought, because she knows in that second that all of his closest friends will be gone.

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Merry Christmas, everybody!!!

This is Willie in his new Christmas knit. I always made him a new dog cowl he could wear as his every day scarf for Christmas. He loved getting new knits! I had made the headpiece for my models for a different photo shoot and was surprised he let me put them on him. He did not seem to mind them at all, and I did a whole photo sesh of him wearing them. This was only a year ago. I would never have believed then that he would not be with me this year. I still can’t believe it, really. You never know what a year will bring you. So Merry Christmas to the best pal I ever had and whom I miss every single day. You were a great dog Willie and I hope the angels are knitting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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bal 24, please (I'd love to see Mal in Ben's sweaters)

warm sweaters

When Ben opens the door, Mal doesn’t even bother with hello, she just makes a beeline for his dresser. It takes a few minutes of rummaging though the different drawers, but eventually she finds what he’s looking for.

She unzips her jacket and tosses it on a chair before tugging the sweater of her head. Her hairs a mess now, but at least she’s finally warm.

She sits on Ben’s bed and piles the blankets into her lap for extra warmth.

“You’re really not taking this whole changing seasons thing well, are you?” Ben looks at her like he’s studying her, like he’s mentally adding tasks to his to-do list. “Is it really that different on the Island?”

Mal shrugs. Sure, the Isle of the Lost isn’t exactly a tropical paradise. It’s always slightly too chilly and foggy and damp. It’s not a comfortable place to live. But the cold isn’t as crisp and biting as it is during autumn in Auradon.

Hence the need for sweaters. Lucky for her, Ben seems to have plenty.

“Tell me,” Mal plucks at a piece of fuzz on the sweater she just pulled on. It’s navy blue, with white reindeer and stars knitted into it, “where exactly do you buy reindeer sweaters?”

She’s teasing him, and honestly she kind of likes the sweater. First of all, it’s way warmer than her usual leather jackets, and probably a lot easier to clean. Second of all, it smells like whatever fancy soap Ben uses.

“Arendelle,” Ben answers. “They send them as diplomatic gifts every year.”

Mal nods. Reindeer sweaters from Arendelle, it makes sense.

“Am I every going to get that one back?” Ben asks.

Mal may or may not have a matching sweater with a geometric print sitting on her bed. It’s helpful when the temperature drops at night.

“Maybe in the spring,” she tells him. “Now are you ready for dinner?”

Ben holds out a hand to help her to her feet. Because his sweater’s a bit large for Mal, he gets a palmful of blue wool.

“Are you wearing that to dinner?” he asks. “It’s not purple.”

Mal pauses briefly to consider the importance of maintaining her aesthetic, then decides, “Who cares, it’s warm.”

Ben laughs, “I’m never definitely not getting that back.”

Mal shakes her head, “Probably not.”

“What if I send you some other sweaters? Ones that fit? Maybe some blankets too?” Ben’s a little concerned that she’ll slowly steal his entire wardrobe.

“Still no.”

Of Jumpers and New Years’ Kisses

Hey guys! I just finished writing this fic and after many attempts I hope to uplaod this. I hope you like it.
It’s for @mel-chan366​ because she’s super amazing and as a late Christmas present an @wontchangeforyou​ as a late birthday present ‘cause she’s v. nice too.
Here we go, enjoy!

Title: Of Jumpers and New Years’ Kisses
Pairing: Jercy
Rating: Teen (I guess)
Words: 1,399
Summary: Jason goes over to Percy’s house for Christmas and New Years, and Jason has an ugly jumper and Percy can’t help but comment.

“Oh hi, Jason nice to see you again. Happy Christmas Eve! Would you like to come in, Percy’s just in his room he’ll be out in a minute.” A soft feminine voice pulls Jason out of his thoughts. Jason looks up to see appreciative vivid blue eyes gazing at up at him. It was Percy’s mum - Sally.

“Oh uh, hi Mrs Blofis, happy Christmas Eve and how are you?” Jason says smiling twisting the bag strap on his shoulder.

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On The Fifth Day of Christmas, Jay Gave to You...

A Stile Stilinski x Reader!

What even is this i dont know anymore


You let out a sigh of contentment, snugging into the warm blankets and body laying in front of you.

Stiles groaned a bit and scooted back into you, only to let out a girlish shriek as you rubbed your feet on his legs.

“Why are you feet so cold!?” He tried to scoot away but you kept your arms wrapped tight around him.

“Warm them up!”

“No! (Y/n) c'mon they’re freezing! This is why we can’t have nice things!”

“Don’t be such a baby!” you laughed

“Hey.” you both froze and looked up to find Sheriff Stilinski standing in the doorway with a amused look on his face, “I’m going to work. Don’t break anything and try not to knock over the tree again.” He started to shut the door but paused, “And don’t get pregnant.”

“Dad!” Stiles shouted and you laughed.

The Sheriff left and you rolled over to face Stiles, “You should go make the coffee.”

“No, you go make coffee.” he groaned

“But I have a surprise for you and you need to leave so I can get it.”

He looked at you for a moment, and broke when you pulled out the puppy dog eyes, “Fine whatever. But you better be coming downstairs with no pants.”

You playfully hit him as he jumped up and left his room leaving you to grab the surprise.

Walking downstairs, you did an over dramatic sexy pose against the door frame, “What do you think?”

He turned around and burst out laughing at what he saw.

You were wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater that you had ever seen in your lifetime. It was red and green with very poorly knitted reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees. It also had many cotton balls and tinsel and candy canes glued to it. You also were not wearing any pants.

“Oh my god it’s amazing and horrible at the same time.” he laughed.

“Well I’m glad you see it that way cause I got you one too.” You pulled a second sweater out from behind you and wiggled it at him, “ But you have to take of your pants first.”

He wiggled his eyebrows as he slid off his flannel pajama pants leaving him in his boxers.

You tossed him the sweater, and moments later you two were cuddled up in the matching sweaters with mugs of coffee watching A Christmas Story.

“Stiles.” you murmured.


“These sweaters remind me of your face.”

“Thanks sweetie.”

About an hour later there was a knock at the door, and you two froze.

“Go get your pants.” you laughed, “What if is Scott and everyone? Aren’t they coming over?,

“It’s not, they wouldn’t have knocked. Lets just wait for them to leave.”

“Well what if it’s like a delivery guy, didn’t you say you ordered some gifts?” you asked.

“Shit!” he jumped up and ran out the door, “Wait come back I’m here!”

Moments later you heard a shout from the front yard and sitting up, you saw Stiles sprawled out in the driveway on a patch of ice as a mail truck drove off.

You let out a snort of laughter as you jumped up and ran out to him.

“Oh my god Stiles are you ok? You totally ate shi- Ah!” You screamed as you went tumbling down onto him elbowing him in the stomach as you did.

He let out another groan mixed with laughter as you rolled off him.

“Jesus.” you groaned.

“What are you complaining about? My body broke your fall. I landed on concrete and got an elbow to the stomach.”

You laughed again, remembering the sight of him sprawled out on the ground.

“Stop laughing at me.” He whined.

“I’m laughing at both of us.” You just imagined the sight of you and Stiles, both pant-less in matching ugly sweaters lying in the driveway.

“What the hell?”

You looked up and saw Scott, Kira and the rest of your friends looking out the car window at the two of you,

“What happened?” 

“Why are you not wearing any pants?” 


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Of Offending Jumpers and Christmas Cheer

Happy Christmas to the incomparable Nai (jamespotterstolemyknickers)! I’d really love to edit this to death and add a bit more, but I didn’t want Christmas to pass without you receiving your gift! I hope you enjoy what little I did manage to squeeze out :)—————————————

 “Deck the room with lots of tinsel, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la—” Balancing precariously on the edge of an overstuffed armchair, Lily leaned forward slightly as she aimed a loop of the silver foil over a sconce. The loop missed, and the tinsel floated merrily to the floor as Lily wobbled for balance. “Fuck.”

A voice chuckled behind her. “That doesn’t sound like very festive language.”

Lily narrowed her eyes and shot a half-hearted glare over her shoulder at her co-head. “Festive died about twenty minutes, five finicky garlands, and a package of tinsel ago.”

James laughed—a deep, throaty sound that caused heat to pool in Lily’s cheeks and flood throughout her body. She was all too aware of how she must look; hair mussed and strewn with tinsel and holly, not to mention clashing horrendously with the vibrantly red oversized jumper she’d nicked from her father’s closet the previous summer. A jumper that was not only emblazoned with a poorly knitted reindeer, but did little to hide the fact she’d abandoned her school skirt in favor of stockings and little else. Her blush deepened.

But if James had noticed her less than decorous appearance, he gave no indication. Instead, as she eased herself from her perch on the armchair, he favored her with a bemused grin. “You are aware, Evans, that you are witch, a magical witch with above average skill and intelligence, currently decorating a room in a school for magical children, without using any form of magic?”

Lily wrinkled her nose. “Have you every attempted a decorating charm, Potter?”

He shrugged, “Our house elves usually do the decorating.”

Lily grinned and tossed a strand of tinsel his way. “Give it a go.”

“Give what a go?”

“You’re a wizard, a magical wizard with reasonable skill and intelligence. Surely you can use magic to decorate a room in a school for magical children.”

James’s eyes widened slightly and his lips quirked at the corners. Lily felt that rush again—the kind she was feeling all too often those days—and she studiously averted her eyes, casting them about for a new object of focus. “The banister on the boys’ staircase.”


Lily narrowed her eyes in challenge, and forced herself to adopt a haughty tone. “That’s where I want you to drape the tinsel. And make it neat, please. None of this slipshod, half-arsed decorating nonsense.”

James’s smile widened. “Watch and learn, Evans.”

James made a great show of rolling up his sleeves and loosening his tie before arching an eyebrow in her direction. With an exaggerated flourish, he tossed the tinsel in the air, murmured beneath his breath, and brandished his wand towards the banister. The tinsel shot forward, then careened slightly to the left before floating gently to the stairs, it’s tail end brushing the banister as it fell. “Buggering fuck.”

“Why, Mr. Potter,” Lily laughed. “That is hardly festive language.”

“Accio tinsel,” James muttered. He raised his arms again, this time narrowing his eyes and making—in Lily’s opinion—a concerted effort not to glance her way. She bit her lower lip, trying to suppress what she knew would be an inevitable grin, as James once again sent the tinsel shooting towards the banister. This time, the offending decoration managed to tie itself in a series of knots before settling in three gentle loops at the base of the rail.

James whirled around, knocking his glasses slightly askew with his wild gesticulating. “The tinsel is bewitched! It’s the only explanation.”

 “Sure it is, Merlin.” Lily patted his arm placatingly. “Whaddya say you help me decorate the muggle way?”


“You’re telling me they bullied this Rodulf guy until his inexplicably shiny nose was suddenly convenient to them, and muggles find this a heartwarming Christmas story?”

“It’s Rudolph,” Lily hedged. Thirty-five minutes, a handful of expletives, and a plait full of greenery later, the Gryffindor common room finally had what James had deemed to be “an acceptable amount of Christmas cheer.” Of course, their attempts to summon any unused bits of decorative material had only ended in further abuse to their persons. It was in untying a particularly stubborn strand of garland from about Lily’s neck that James had finally commented on her jumper, sparking—in Lily’s opinion—a highly unnecessary debate about the merits of the story of Santa’s reindeer. “And yes, I suppose that’s the gist of it.”

James scoffed. “It’s rubbish, if you ask me. Everyone knows deer can’t fly. What, is this Santa bloke a wizard? Charms on large animals are highly regulated, y’know.”

Lily pinched the bridge of her nose between two fingertips, and dropped heavily onto the sofa. “It’s a story, James. For children.”

James followed suit, knocking knees with Lily as his sudden weight sent her body careening into his shoulder. Lily felt a sharp tug in the vicinity of her chest, the kind she was feeling all too often lately. The kind that made her cheeks flush and her skin tingle. The kind that made all the lights seem just a bit too bright, yet sounds just a bit more muted. Except, of course, for the sound of her own pulse, which seemed to beat through the room louder than a herd of hippogriffs.

But if James seemed to notice their sudden proximity—the way her head was suddenly pillowed against his chest, the way his arm was curling possessively about her waist, the way his fingers were teasing the hem of her overly large jumper—he gave no indication.

“Yes, but you are the one wearing a jumper with a stag on it.”

“It’s not a—”

“And hardly an appropriate jumper at that!” His voice rose an octave, sounding mildly strangled to Lily’s ears. “Merlin, Evans, have you never heard of trousers?”

Lily bit down the grin threatening to split her cheeks, and instead forced what she hoped to be an indignant expression. “What are you on about, Potter? Weren’t you and Black going on about how fit girls look in skirts, just this morning?”

James spluttered slightly, and Lily was pleased to see a hint of pink tinge his cheeks. “School skirts, Evans. Of a regulated length. Not—not—I mean, you—I, I…for fuck’s sake Evans, I can nearly see your arse!”

Now Lily did grin—right before laughing loudly as she swatted at his arm. “Oy, and what would you be doing looking at my arse?”

 James regained composure as he shrugged, then grinned devilishly as he caught her wrist between his fingers. “Can’t help myself,” he leaned closer, until Lily could feel his breath hot against her lips, his nose just a hair’s breadth away from brushing hers. “It’s a damned fine arse.”

“Is it, now?” she breathed, body growing still, green eyes locked to hazel.

“Yes,” he whispered back. His own eyes seemed to be moving rapidly, albeit infinitesimally, as if he couldn’t decide where to let them rest. As if he was trying to drink in all of her, all at once.

Lily was dimly aware of James’ grip of on her wrist slackening, and of his fingers instead entwining themselves with hers. She was dimly aware of her free hand moving on its own accord to grip the base of his tie, of his free hand settling somewhere along her hip just beneath the hem of her jumper. Of his index finger brushing the stretch where stockings and skin meet, soft as a butterfly’s wing. Of his cinnamon-sweet breath warming her too-sensitive lips. Of her own tongue darting forward in anticipation, in preparation.

“James?” She whispered so softly she wasn’t sure she had spoken at all.

“Lily,” he breathed, eyes flicking to her lips, then back to her eyes.



“Don’t you shu—mmph.” Lily’s eyes widened momentarily, the quickly fell shut as she allowed herself to become consumed by James. His breath mingled with hers at the source, as his lips finally—finally—crashed against hers with an intensity she hadn’t imagined possible. Lily had partaken in countless kisses before, but none of them had ever been quite like this.

James’ lips were wind-chapped and rough, but even the fiercest pressure felt like a caress against her own. Somewhere along the way her hands had fisted into his shirt and his and threaded through her hair. She could feel herself falling back against the sofa, the jumper that had started this all riding up against her ribs. His left knee was digging into her thigh and her right ankle was hooked around his calf, but all she could feel was the pure heat of him, the perfect weight of his body covering hers, the trail of kisses across her lips, her jaw, her neck. She could feel his breath and her heart and the rightness of it all.

But most of all she could feel the sudden stillness of his body. The rush of cold as he pulled away. The mild fear looming behind heavy, clouded eyes. “I’m sorry,” he breathed as he started to disentangle himself. “I mean, no, I’m not.” He chuckled nervously. “I shouldn’t have, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, fuck, Lily. You have to know. I—”

“Shh.” Lily placed one finger hurriedly against his lips, grinning broadly as his eyes widened behind wire frames. Using one hand to gently cup his face, she twisted the other through his tie and tugged his lips back down to hers. She kissed him long and slow, caressing his bottom lip with the tip of her tongue, before nipping gently with her teeth and pulling away slightly. “Happy Christmas, James.” She flushed pleasantly at the stunned look on his face, then squirmed as a predatory glint flickered in his eyes. She tugged at his tie again, and arched her back to allow his hand to slip beneath her. “Now, what was it you were saying about my arse?”