reindeer hood

Ugly sweaters

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukka everyone!

The 24th day of December in the Wayne manor was a quite stressful day, well stressful for Alfred.

“Alfred, have you seen my tie?”

“It’s on your neck, Master Tim.”

“Alfiee, where are my Christmas socks?”

“Master Damian got rid of them, Master Dick.”


Master Jason, please go change, you can’t dress like that this night.”

“NO, it’s who I am now!”

“Now you are a dirty hobo, wow, not surprised tho.”


“Master Bruce, stop combing your hair, Miss (y/n) will find you attractive nonetheless.”

“ It’s. not.perfect.enought.”




“Dick, sweetheart, you’re chocking me.” You smiled at him, when suddenly you were tackled by two more grow men. You and Bruce where a couple for the longest time and everyone considered the two of you married but you never actually married each other, mainly by the love-is-a-liability-bat-thing. But, nonetheless, The robins always had considered you their mother, well Damian was a harder case but in the end he considered you his mom too.

“Jason, Tim, I’ve missed you too.” You kissed both of their heads while they nuzzled your neck.

“ Jason, Tim, get off of your mom.” Bruce said in his Batman voice. Your sons got off of you immediately and helped you up. Bruce smiled at you and kissed you softly but soon turned passionately meanwhile your sons gaged behind you two.

“Please Masters, stop being hypocrites, I’ve seen you do worse with your girlfriends.”

“ALFRED! That’s something you don’t say!”

“I’m too old to care, Master Dick”

You laughed at the faces of your children, when you remembered the bag you brought with you. You detangled yourself from your husband’s octopus-like hug and walked to the abandoned bag by the door. Your family’s curious stares followed you as you got out of the bag six presents, you gave one to your sons, one to Bruce and one to Alfred. They opened them, Jason’s and Damian’s face scrunched in disgust meanwhile Dick and Tim raised an eyebrow.

Ugly Christmas sweaters.

Batman themed ugly Christmas sweaters.

Nobody wanted to put them on, but Alfred threatened them to put them on or no dessert. In the end they ended like this:

Jason with a hideous red hood themed sweater, where red hood had Reindeer antlers and a red nose that glows.

Tim, with a black and red red robin themed sweater with little red robin dressed as angels with music every time you pushed a button. Say that Damian cried of laughter was an understatement, but his laughter was cut short.

Damian’s consisted in a red and green mess with robins that glowed, bats with Christmas hats and a bright  glowing golden letters that said “MOMMY’S BABY BAT”

Now everyone was laughing in the ground, tears falling from their eyes, they couldn’t even look at his face without cracking.

Dick’s was a blue and black sweater with little bats and robins, a blue “V” with finger stripes that glowed. Well, he loved it a little.

Bruce’s was a black sweater with a big bat with a Santa hat, Christmas lights in the sleeves and a pompom in the hat, written in the sweater was MOMMY’S BAD BATBOY.

Once again everyone was laughing.

“OMG, BRUCE YOU AND THE DEVIL SPAW MATCH! HAHAHAHA”  Jason was laughing louder than anyone else.

Alfred consisted on a green sweater with little bats inside red presents and four differents robins that represented each batboy and in red glittering letters was written “ REAL MASTERMIND” If you looked closely you could see a few tears in his eyes, he thanked you for the present and he put it on. Heck, he put it on during all Christmas.

Lastly, was your sweater,  a golden with two robins with a trumpet and a bat inside a present, in Bright glittering black letters was written “ MOMMY

After a few jokes were made Alfred made the family take a family photo before the guest arrived. He took a few photos before Dick and Jason dragged him to take a photo with you, he was a member of the family too. Some silly pictures before the justice league members arrived and the party began.  

Flash was laughing at Bruce’s sweater until he batglared him, he proceded to run to Canada. You were talking with Wonder Woman and Black Canary about the last issue the happened in the jla.  Your children were talking with their girlfriends, or more like their girlfriend were laughing at their sweaters, Dick was even posing like a model while Jason laughed, Tim tried to hide his blushing face in the neck of his sweater and Damian was pouting cutely.

At midnight Bruce came to you  and lead you to the balcony, where you could see Gotham’s lights in the starry sky, he hugged you and kissed you surprisingly softly for what seemed like an eternity when the two of you stopped for breathing he rested his forehead against yours .

“I love you,(y/n).Would you marry me?” He said as he took a velvet box out of his pocket, a beautiful ring with a big diamond rested inside. “This was from my mother and before her was from my grandmother. Now I would like to be yours.”

Your eyes clouded with tears of happiness, then you smashed your lips against Bruce’s in a passion filled kiss, he buried his hands in your hair, the kiss was deep and loving but the magic was cut out when your obtrusive children started clapping, cheering and whistling.

You two laughed, Bruce kissed you forehead lovingly.

“Merry Christmas, (y/n) Wayne.”

“Merry Christmas, Bruce Wayne”

The end.



In honor of it being Christmas time here’s Cashton looking adorable and festive😊


Wishing you all a Merry EAH Christmas ^^ 🌟( thanks for getting me into tumblr)
My tree and Christmas decorations 🎄🎅