reindeer antler

au where the government incarcerate bucky in a high security secret facility and the avengers just conspire and break him out and when a government official comes to stark tower and is like ‘hey give barnes back’ tony is just like 'he’s not here’ and the dude is all 'he is sat right there’ and tony just goes 'nah thats my cousin sergei’ and the government can’t do anything bc technically bucky barnes has been dead for 70 years and every year the facility gets a christmas card from the tower signed steve, tony, clint, natasha, bruce, thor and 'cousin sergei’ and the card is just a picture of bucky with reindeer antlers on

6 of Crows Christmas Headcanons

- Wylan wants to make sure that everything is perfect because Kaz never got a chance to experience a “real” Christmas and Inej’s family didn’t celebrate it

- Kaz “grudgingly” makes hot chocolate just like Jordie used to make them when they had extra cash

- Kaz is incredibly protective of Wylan (he won’t admit it he continues to give him shit as normal) and wants everything to go perfectly because he can tell that Wylan’s biggest wish is to be loved for who he is

- Snowball fights ft. the Crew

- Inej inexplicably never gets hit even if the other 5 all aim for her

- Matthias always ends up taking snowballs for Nina

- Nina introducing the crew to traditional Ravkan holiday food and Matthias manages to get some Fjerdian liquor

- Wylan sets up an advent calendar for the rest of the crew to do together. Some days it has riddles that lead to prizes, some days it has candies

- On the 24th, the advent calendar clue reads “up the chimeny with care” 

- Inej climbs the chimeny and brings down a wrapped package. They unwrap it together to reveal a painting of the six of them because they’re all Wylan’s family now

- Matthias dressed as a Christmas tree (it’s Nina’s fault)

- Kaz in reindeer antlers

- Kaz somehow gets a full-sized pine-tree into The Crow Club. No one knows how or where he got it

- Jesper sets up mistletoes in random parts of The Crow Club. Somehow Kaz knows where they all are and avoids them like the plague

- Nina tailoring ugly sweaters for everyone 

- They all go Christmas tree shopping together and buy the biggest tree they possibly can for Wylan’s inherited mansion

- Decorating said tree proves to be difficult

- Their Christmas tree is decorated with a mixture of extremely expensive ornaments that Kaz and Wylan bought and homemade ornaments that Nina and Jesper insisted everyone make

- Nina helps everyone bake cookies to leave out for Santa that evening

- Cue a giant food fight 

- They make a huge mess but the cookies turn out okay

- All the crows get dressed up in fancy clothing for a nice dinner on Christmas Eve at Wylan’s

- Jesper wears a red bow tie with Christmas trees on it much to everyone’s amusement

- They all sleep at Wylan’s house that night

- Nina wakes everyone up at 6 am shouting about Christmas. 

- To everyone but Kaz’s surprise the cookies they left out for santa are gone. Aka Kaz got up in the middle of the night and ate the cookies so that it would seem like Santa had come to the house.

Smut Oneshots

i don’t actually read smutty oneshots much. like usually if i read smut it’s like a slow burn chaptered fic. but here’s some i like anyway. 

Perfect Score by JeongDal

Jungkook is confusing himself. He can’t clearly understand the evidence his feelings and actions present.
Jimin just wants something more than sex. I mean…REALLY GOOD sex, but still.

Love isn’t something you can train at for 14 years. But maybe they’ll both see eye to eye this time.
And maybe Jimin will beat Jungkook at Archery one day.
Not soon, but one day. He swears by it.

사랑해줘, 사랑해줘 by amazingbees

The sheets pool at his waist; Jimin’s heart threatens to pound out of his chest. (Or, in which Jimin pines helplessly over Jungkook while his friends watch on in amusement.)

Constraint by Harlot (long)

Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.

Jingle Bells and Ugly Sweaters by jikookie

Prompt: “Jungkook likes his coworker Jimin but doesn’t do anything about it, but Jimin comes to the company holiday dressed up as a reindeer with little antlers and a collar with BELLS on it and the bells drive Jungkook nuts.

baby i like your style by taetaeq

Jimin started recording himself when he got a boyfriend who had a thing for recording them while they were fucking. It was also at that time when he made a blog on tumblr and started posting short videos, gifs and pictures of himself. His followers loved his big ass, big perky lips, thick cock and chubby fingers.
He even became friends with another guy who also owned a gay porn blog on tumblr and frequently posted videos of himself. Jimin wasn’t very into internet romance but the the guy was exactly his type - he was tall, muscular and had a big thick cock that Jimin would absolutely pay to suck.

The Good Doctor by snarcsics (ok this one is really illegal and definitely a guilty pleasure but i have read it so many times)

Jungkook’s your basic sex addict. Troubled, distant, angry, and somewhat cocky, however Jimin suspects that was there long before Jungkook became an addict.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk (long)

Jungkook accidentally fires his skateboard through the window of a dance studio.

Ears by Usui

Jimin has been going through a dry spell. Taehyung decides the best way for him to get laid is dressing as a sexy cat for Halloween. Jimin meets Jungkook, a guy armed with bad cat puns who definitely approves of the costume.

Him by PinkBTS (really long but really good)

‘And like the dawn, you woke the world inside of me
You were the brightest shade of sun when I saw you’


“I mean a muse,” explained Yoongi, eyes traveling to Hoseok. “Someone that makes you feel the shots. Not only take them.”

Jeongguk snorted. “You’re just whipped.”

“Maybe,” agreed Yoongi, winking. “But it works.”

Picture Me With You by novilunar

Dealing with being in the same class as his favourite camboy is not an easy task for Jungkook

Look Here by dirtyretro (warning: dirty)

Admittedly, Jimin knew he was being over the top. As far as he was concerned, literal eons passed since Jungkook let loose. He missed that. And, seriously, Jungkook was just so good-looking. So, there’s that.

Keith wasn’t sure how it happened, but at some point through the night he found his way into the children’s dancing circle. The children demanded that they dance around him in a circle, screaming at the top of their lungs, “Dance, Keith, dance!”

Now, keep in mind, Keith doesn’t consider himself the greatest dancer. He also hates dancing in front of other’s eyes (Especially in front of Abuelita, he could feel her glaring into his skull.)…Keith didn’t want to dance. But this was Mateo, and Keith would do anything for Mateo.

—Dirty Laundry, by @gibslythe


You know Dasher, and Dancer, and
Prancer, and Vixen,
Comet, and Cupid, and
Donner and Blitzen
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!!

  I can finally post what I’ve been working on all through the month of November! I did all of Santa’s reindeer as  retro-y/pinup/centaur ladies!! I had a lot of fun with this ;3; 

**They are now on my redbubble!!

anonymous asked:

Steve and Natasha having the best time together pranking the other Avengers over Christmas

This is NOT April Fool’s Day!” The shout echoes down the lab halls. 

Natasha smirks and high-fives Steve.  

“You were so right.”  She peers over Steve’s phone while they walk.  “The shiny snowman wrapping paper was definitely the one to use.”   

The peer at the screen of his phone in the elevator, watching Tony unwrap all of his lab supplies, (Each. And. Every. Item.)

“When do you think he finds Dum-E?”

“If I may, Captain Rogers.” came JARVIS’ voice.  The screen in the elevator above the buttons flickered to life.  Tony was trying to move the six-foot stuffed teddy bear wearing a pair of reindeer antlers without success.  

Oh my God, you guys suck.” Came the crystal-clear shout over the audio a minute and a half later when the ‘bear’ hadn’t so much as budged.  Tony went searching for an as-yet-unwrapped pair of scissors or knife to cut Dum-E out of his Reindeer Teddy hiding spot.  

“Ok, we have an hour before Bucky gets back.  We have just enough time to get the palm tree from the lobby and stick it in his bathroom.  Clint has the bags of sand for the floor and JARVIS is ready with Don’t Worry, Be Happy when Bucky turns the light on.”

Steve grinned.  “Perfect. A Caribbean vacation for Christmas he’ll get.”

Kids and Cars

 I was thinking about the kids from U.A. and what would happen if they were to have licenses, here was the result-


  • Was the first to get his license because he wanted to show off
  • Has the absolute worst road rage in the entire class, he keeps his windows down to yell at people and honks his horn a lot
  • At first, he drove like a madman and left people clutching their seats, but he has gradually gotten better
  • He drives a manual, which took a hell of a long time to learn how to do
  • He actually doesn’t speed (most the time) and somewhat obeys the rules of the road
  • He’ll drive Deku around when he asks because Deku is useless and doesn’t have a license yet, but when anyone else asks for a ride he asks for gas money and will fight whoever brings Deku in the conversation
  • He’ll purposely swerve to scare (Deku) his passengers
  • Usually has the radio turned up loud and will smack your hand and scowl at you if you try to turn it down or change the station


  • He wasn’t planning on getting a license since he prefers to walk, but his mom insisted he get one so he did
  • He’ll give rides to whoever needs one, but he’s glad not many ask since the students already have their license
  • Izuku was the last one amongst his class to get a license
  • He gets really nervous when driving and tends to avoid it when possible
  • His driving is really stiff, sometimes he stops too fast or turns too suddenly and scares whoever is with him, which he apologizes after
  • He never drives at night or in the rain, he doesn’t trust himself enough
  • He uses his mom’s car as he didn’t want her to have to buy something he wouldn’t really use (he did however put an All Might sticker on one of the windows which his mom doesn’t mind)
  • He doesn’t get road rage, instead he gets extremely scared because oh god did he just scratch his mom’s car??


  • He drives SO SLOW, like, 5x less than the actual speed limit
  • Obeys every single rule and sign, obviously, but if you’re in the car with him it will get tedious after awhile depending on your patience
  • Surprisingly, he gets road rage often but he isn’t as bad as Katsuki, he’ll just talk to himself or rant to whoever is (unfortunately) in the car with him
  • He has a soccer mom car big enough to fit 5 or more people
  • He’s super helpful and will pull over if he sees someone that needs assistance with their car on the side of the road
  • He doesn’t allow anyone eating in his car, he likes to keep it nice and clean, but he usually doesn’t buy fast food anyway because he says it’s unhealthy
  • Not many people ask him for rides, which he doesn’t understand why and makes him slightly upset


  • Treats his car like his baby and takes really good care of it
  • He drives with friends a lot, he enjoys the company and won’t ask for gas money afterwards
  • He has a car without a hood since he likes to feel the wind in his hair, it makes him feel free, but he gets super bummed out when it rains
  • Of course his car is red, and of course it matches his hair
  • He’s a pretty smooth driver and has never been in any accident
  • He doesn’t get road rage very easily, unless someone almost crashes into his car while he has a friend with him, that’s when he gets super pissed and protective as he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if someone was hurt in his car


  • He got a car that he can start himself with his quirk
  • Has a hula girl hanging from the mirror as well as some other incenses
  • There’s a black lightning bolt on the side of his car (much like the one on his hair)
  • Most likely when you ask for a ride he’ll have to clean out the passenger’s side since it’s probably messy with trash he hasn’t thrown away (he’s a hero he isn’t going to litter)
  • He decorates the outside of his car depending on the season (small reindeer antlers for Christmas, rabbit ears for easter, etc.)
  • His driving isn’t bad, but it’s not good either, sometimes he follows the speed limits and other times he’ll just forget.
  • He almost never gets road rage, he’s got plenty of patience on the road and usually brushes off small things


  • She got her license not long after Katuski got his, and only because her parents wanted her to be able to go out on her own
  • She has a cute little beetle car that’s black with a white stripe down the middle, her parents picked it out for her
  • The windows of her car are decorated in stickers of stars and planets, one of them is a sticker of the hero 13
  • Her driving is pretty calm and skilled, she doesn’t speed but she also isn’t too slow, another plus is that she knows how to keep up a conversation, making rides with her really enjoyable
  • Her car is kept clean even though she or her friends will eat in there sometimes
  • Seeing road rage from her is extremely rare but also extremely terrifying
  • She knows how to fix her car in case it breaks down, her parents had taught her everything she needs to know

7th year, Sirius finds out about them. and he buys a pair. and wears them around James and James is like “yeah haha good one Pads you got me very funny”

then a few days later, James walks into the Great Hall to join his friends for for food time and there’s all three of them wearing those damn antlers. James just turns around and leaves, he wasn’t that hungry anyways.

Sirius gets Lily a pair. she wears them to do headgirl/boy things with James. “Lily, i thought you loved me.”

James get called to McGonagall’s office “you wanted to see me?” closes the door behind him then looks up and there she is sitting at her desk, wearing antlers. James sees himself out.
alternatively, McGonagall in cat form walking around with cat sized antlers like the ones you can get for dogs.

After a quidditch game, there’s a victory party in Gryffindor Tower. everyone’s there turnin’ it tf up. James goes up to his room to get another bottle of firewhiskey. he comes back down and everyone is wearing those god damn antlers. EVERYONE. everyone from every year. even the kids just now coming in through the port hole. he goes back upstairs and starts packing to leave Hogwarts forever.


the marauders are walking down the hall and Dumbledor passes in front of them wearing antlers on top of his pointy hat. “Paaads!” “i didn;t give those to him, i swear!”

I’m gonna draw a rubber duck with Vulcan ears for you soon but I googled it for a reference pic and this came up and I mean I’m not sure if Spock would have one but Jim sure does

Jim bought three special order, one of each member of the triumvirate. He tried to convince the other two to take one, but they both refused so he just took all of them back to his room. Bones was quite shaken when he got to his room after a long night in Sickbay to find Duck Spock staring at him from the rim of his bathtub.

(Submitted by @mandazord)