reincarnation school

Fanfiction Tropes I’ll Never Get Tired of
  • lab partners (bonus if it’s a high school bio or chem assignment)
  • nerd and jock
  • detention
  • body switching
  • best friends since childhood
  • just pretending to hate each other
  • new college roommate
  • academic rivalry
  • sports rivalry
  • reincarnation
  • kissing to keep cover in a spy AU
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • chapped lips
  • high school/college AUs

Reincarnation AU

Like the days will never end 
I left him by the statue and his eyes were filled with tears 
Lover you knew you had to let me go 
Even after all these years;

The past keeps on fading,
But I’ll never forget you 
It’s hard to see that you’re a part of me 
Even when we have to say.. 

(Spring Street)

Soukoku version

amyy-maria  asked:

Hey can I recommend ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust by headfirstfrhalos ? All their works amazing but this one in particular is so different to other fics and yet still cute :) x

Absolutely. Thanks for the rec - Christie

Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust by headfirstfrhalos (4/4 | 14,246 | Teen)

The moth was like a creature fallen from the moon, covered with pure white fur and speckled with grey, with small, soft wings that rested against its abdomen and round, black eyes that stared up at him from its place on the windowsill. Its feathery antennae twitched.

He ought to name it.

//homophobia //ableist language 

#ficrecdays: thorki

I was going to include all the warnings/stats and add more summaries and thoughts, but then I realized it would take me a thousand years and I would probably abandon the post. So check AO3 for warnings, but recurring themes are: sibling incest, underage (for a definition of underage that includes reincarnated gods and high school AUs), D/s, dubcon, canon-style violence, Loki being an asshole, etc. I sway towards the comics/myth influenced. I’m certain I’ve forgotten things that aren’t in my bookmarks, so here’s a blanket apology. (Also I haven’t read anything posted in like the past year, but I always wanted to throw a list together for posterity, so this seemed as good a time as any… Maybe I’ll find some newer things in the other lists going around too.)

## movie/myth/comics, worldbuilding, etc. ##

a cellar, a wishing well, a war (17,782 words) by cm

the Song Unsung (55,859 words) / The Broken Saga (54,451 words) by khaleesian

Waiting for the Moon to Rise (77,831 words) by cavaleira

light in monochrome night (88,325 words) by umakoo

Chaos War (34,203 words) by astolat

Revelations (58,095 words) by astolat

Take the Long Way Home (62,349 words) by cavaleira

Power and Control (21,663 words) by illwynd

All my demons, you said, come and go with a haze (2,438 words) by cm

Heavy Petting (10,385 words) by Chianine

Unforeseen Side Effects (5,926 words) by Fickle_Obsessions

## concerning Kid Loki ##

lest we remember (4,022 words) / All That You Can’t Leave Behind (1,689 words) by beingevil (Don Blake meets Serrure in Paris. I want 50k more words of this.)

Like the Sea over Sand (1,418 words) by ohfreckle

The Arrangement (6,180 words) by onapage (A short abandoned WIP, but it made such an impression on me, I still talk about it, so.)

Facsimile (1,492 words) by cm

Bonding (1,513 words) by kimmu

## human/other AU ##

Yolare (50,504 words) by cm (High school/college AU. The best/worst young Loki. I can’t begin to express how much I love this series. I could quote entire passages.)

The Northern Sea (39,533 words) by soltian (The mer-Thor fic aka the other one on this list I’ve basically memorized.)

(meant to) start a war (17,265 words) by cm (aka young stripper Thor/terrible older Loki)

Make It Go Away, Or Make It Better (162,002 words) by rayemars (High school AU, angst, terrible Loki, incest, and D/s, what a time to be alive.)

We Spent Our Darkest Days Howling at the Moon (9,579 words) by stereobone (Hipster AU)

Blackwork (23,828 words) (The tattoo AU. Orphaned fic but I’m glad they left it available.)

it’s lonely on the ice (27,264 words) by vardaesque (Remember the hockey/figure skating AU era?)

Stranger in a Strange Land (18,046 words) by umakoo (Gold Rush era AU)

Part Of Your World (2,366 words) by amberfox17 (Little Mermaid AU but Loki is still the worst.)

A final thought: it pains me every time I see a Thorki rec list that doesn’t include anything by cm aka @lokiagentofhotness. She is so talented and has written so much that I love, so please do yourselves a favor and check those out. *trips and hundreds of printed-out pages of Yolo flutter to the floor*

High School Romance - Requested
  • Person A has a crush on their classmate, Person B, but is too afraid to tell them, afraid of being rejected. On their birthday, Person A decides to call some friends to their home, including Person B, mostly just to see them out of school than anything else. Everyone except Person B showed up, which made Person A feeling really bad. The next day, Person A finds out that Person B got in a car accident while trying to go to Person A’s birthday party and is now in the hospital. They decide they’ll visit person B as often as they can to make them feel better, even if it is just to see Person B smiling as soon as they realize Person A is there.
  • Person A is a fallen angel going to a religious school. Person B is trying to help Person A accept god into their heart, but is also a little in love with Person A, which is why they’re so determined to make Person A a believer.
  • Person A is going to a boarding school away from home for the first time in their life. But they are starting to realize some of the boarding school kids are very strange. Person B is Person A’s guide, who might be the strangest of them all. But Person B gets in a fight with another kid, Person C, who tries to speak to Person A. Apparently Person A is the reincarnation of a god, and they’ve been sent to an academy filled with young gods/children of gods/reincarnations of gods, most of whom remember who they are. Person C was the lover of Person A when they were gods, but Person B is the only one who knows Person C killed Person A. Person B refuses to tell Person A who they were to them in their past life, just saying they’re someone who cares a great deal about Person A’s well-being. Person A doesn’t even know what they were the god of.

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ERURI! You make it so beautiful :3 i wish you could be paid to animate a short dedicated to pair reincarnated in the school au. ((psst. spent too many nights dreaming of erwinxlevi in the closet))

Eruri school AU is dope, man. I always imagine everyone being scared shitless of Levi since his a local horror story, like, there are wild rumors about him being a former criminal and killing people with bare hands and who even allowed him to work at place with kids or something like that. Only Erwin is happily oblivious and carelessly sharing muffins with him over lunch and making him blush like a schoolgirl with his fearless flirting.

Fic Writer Appreciation Day

I know this is a bit late and it is already tomorrow for some of you but I really just wanted to take this chance to thank the wonderful people who have provided such lovely works that have gotten me through the best and worst of times💕💕💕💕 omg where do I even start ??😂😂

@zedsdead1001 @shippingeruri @ackbang @valisi-clark @lostcauses-noregrets @minxiebutt (Alabama boys series omfg fave)
@kaguneko (I am addicted to your fluffy soft smut omgggg) @tsukinoyoukai (I cannot wait for the sequel to Liege) @hedera-helixwriteseruri @flecksofpoppy @erurink @goddamnchou @ackermom @lervin-smiss @chuulain (I love your high school au reincarnation series) @o-kapii @teatimewithamz

Also fave eruri headcanon creators:
@theforbiddenworld (I get tears almost every time, so beautiful) @erwinsbones (I just can’t with how awesome your eruri kinks are)
@erwinsalive (animal shelter au is a fave)

Just thank you so much to all of you whom make the eruri fandom such a lovely place with your awesome content 💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️💕💕😍😍😍😍😍

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