• Ginny:Pansy Parkinson is the devil reincarnated.
  • Hermione:Oh she is not that bad
  • Ginny:Not that bad!? She just got me detention after she shoved me into through the Bloody Baron!
  • Hermione:That explains why you're so dusty....
  • Ginny:BUT! I know you! and you want me to take the high road, So what do you suppose I do?
  • Hermione:What do you do when life gives you lemons?
  • Ginny:Throw them at Pansy!! Great advice Mione!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Leonard Church is such a Heart player.  To the point where it’s almost ridiculous.  The multiple deaths and multiple “reincarnations”, the AI fragments, reiterating scenario after scenario in the containment unit…like, more than any other character in the show you can pinpoint his Aspect right away.  (His class I’m not sure about–maybe Prince?  I need a refresher in this stuff.)

✨avpol week 2016✨

september, 29th - childhood // reincarnation // retro

He toddled along after his mother, swishing his sword around like a musketeer, jabbing at invisible enemies. The crowds dissipated shortly after they passed the old patisserie, giving him more space to play. As long as he held tight to Maman’s hand the whole time, of course.

People chattering in a language he didn’t understand approached them, and his mother noticeably tightened her grip on his hand. But something, something, awoke in him as he locked eyes with a boy the same age as him. He continued to stare even after the other boy looked away - he knew him from somewhere. He could feel it.

And so, he planted his feet, pulling his Maman to a halt, calling after the other boy as the adults looked, bewildered, at these two boys who can’t have met before:

“On s’est déjà rencontré?”

Kill it!

(A/N): I’m fallin so hard for Peter Parker like I want to kiss him and go on cute nerdy dates together 

 Warnings: none, (other than scary ass spiders which are the reincarnation of satan) 

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    The ear piercing screech that filled the air nearly made (Y/N) drop the plate they had been drying. Not even a moment afterwards Peter came running into the room, nearly colliding with (Y/N). 

    “Oh my god Peter,” (Y/N)’s voice is laced with worry and fear as they place a hand Over their rapidly beating heart. “Are you okay? What happ-” Peter immediately points to his bedroom door, his hand shaking terribly. 

    “M-my room,” he whispers, his eyes as wide as a saucer. (Y/N) nods, grabbing a frying pan for safety. Whatever had scared Peter must have been pretty damn big and scary given that that kid wasn’t scared by anything. 

  With hesitant steps (Y/N) slowly makes their way towards the door, peter lurking just a few steps behind, and frying pan clutched tightly. With a shaky sigh (Y/N) pushes the door open, expecting some vermin or intruder only to find none. With a scrutinizing gaze (Y/N) looks over the room only to find it in immaculate condition, nothing irregular or anything. 

    “Peter what the hell is-” Peter’s still shaking hands points to his desk where (Y/N) noted he had abandoned his calculus homework. (Y/N) gave Peter a questioning gaze but based on the look upon his face it must have been pretty serious. So taking a few more steps forward (Y/N) stops before his desk, their eyes traveling about the desk.  "Peter I don’t see anything-“ 

    "U-under the book,” with a sigh (Y/N) lifts the book and the sight before them was not what the expected. 

    “Really Peter?!” (Y/N) nearly throws the frying pan at him. “A goddamn spider!”

    “(Y/N) YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, IT WAS GONNA BITE ME AND KILL ME!!” (Y/N) sighs, shaking their head in disappointment. 

    “You do realize you are spiderman, right?”

    “Yes, I do. And I feel pathetic so if you’d be so kind as to kill it so I can get back to work,” (Y/N) smiles slightly, turning back to the spider only this time it was nowhere to be seen. 

    “It’s gone Peter,”

    “OH MY GOD NO! PLEASE FIND IT!” Peter nearly sobs, his body shaking even more. (Y/N) tries not to laugh but by the way Peter’s screeching and the way his body shakes it’s hard not to chuckle. 

    “Don’t worry spiderman,I’ll find your spider friend and kill it." 

    "Thank you so much (Y/N), you’re the best.” Peter sighs in relief, the tension visibly sliding off his body.

    “Anything for you you dork,”

reverse? reincarnation idea

I love reincarnation aus, I love them, I especially love multiple-reincarnations aus, and I especially love hamburr reincarantion aus where they use the line “pardon me, are you aaron burr, sir?”

but then I was thinking

how about reincarnation au where these revolutionaries are the reincarnations? like alex and aaron met a couple lifetimes ago, and they’ve been super close every time, they’ve always remembered each other, and they’ve always just been normal guys going about their business, in say, medieval europe or ming china or what have you, but alex has always been super enthusiastic and driven, and aaron’s always been more reserved but still ambitious and they’re not anyone special

so, “pardon me, are you aaron burr, sir?” alex knows who aaron burr is as soon as he hears the name, and he finds him, and of course aaron recognizes him, and they’re awesome, they’re reunited again and there’s a revolution happening! “can I buy you a drink?” like they’ve never gone out for drinks before, ha, “that would be nice”

and alex immediately makes friends with these new guys at the bar, which, yeah he attracts friends like these in all their lifetimes but? he actually pulls the “if you stand for nothing burr what’ll you fall for?” thing in front of them, which, they know each other, what kind of a question is that? and since when has alex called him just ‘burr’?

(as has been pointed out, aaron refers to alex as ‘Alexander’ multiple times in the musical, but it’s always ‘burr’ or ‘aaron burr, sir’ from alex)

anyway this lifetime is just different. they’ve always been on the same wavelength, and while it shows sometimes they’re just slightly out of step this time. little snubs (alex takes and takes, and he won’t wait for aaron), the idea that this time as part of this young nation they’ll leave behind a legacy, which culminates in 30 years of disagreements, and with so much history between them it’s more like 300 years of build up and betrayal

and weehawken, alex is so sure aaron won’t shoot (his first friend, his oldest friend, and now somehow his enemy?), and aaron is so sure alex will, and how the hell are they both wrong when they’ve known each other so long? how did they end up here? and for the first time in however many lifetimes they’ve lived together, alex dies because of aaron

and that’s it, that’s their last lifetime together, that’s their culmination

okay or maybe burr waits, but next lifetime? alex doesn’t show up. and he’s not sure if alex is avoiding him or just hasn’t been reincarnated or what, but he has this awful feeling that it’s the latter because aaron killed him

maybe there’s multiple lifetimes like that

and then, then: “pardon me, are you aaron burr, sir?”

i know people like to think reaper’s mask looks like the face of a barn owl, but the long nose/beak reminds me a lot of a hummindbirds skull which ALSO works all too well for gabriel.

in aztec religion the hummingbird is believed to be a dead soldier/warrior reincarnated which i find so fitting for gabe. 

tinytinyrobot  asked:

So I just had another thought in regards to the FMA/Naruto crossover idea where everyone is reincarnated (cept Oro bc Oro is eternal) and I had an idea for a reincarnation and, well, I'm pretty sure we all know who Tsunade would have to be right? OLIVIER MOTHERFUCKING ARMSTRONG TWO OF THE MOST BADASS BLONDES IN ANIME IN ONE

THIS IS ALSO FANTASTIC, YES. Tobirama as Scar and Tsunade as Olivier? I am on board with this idea.  💕

it’s some weird ass people on this site that think of hillary as a social media figure instead of like…..a politician jkasfbkls yall really be telling this 68 year old white woman ‘yaaaaaas hunty drag him’ like this isn’t beyonce this is…satan’s reincarnation

Today, Miriam Defensor-Santiago died and at the same time, Toni Gonzaga is currently on labor and people are actually forming theories that Toni’s child could be a reincarnation of Miriam. That’s despite the fact that Toni is giving birth to a boy.

But hey, nobody said that if reincarnations existed, your reincarnation had to be the same sex as you are. 

If this theory is actually real, I’m down to seeing how a male version of Miriam would look like.

Avpol week day four Reincarnation 

The two men had barely spoken to each other during the entire voyage. Yet, while running routine maintenance on the spaceship exterior, the two men’s eyes met for what seemed like an eternity. Memories came flooding back like water in the river of time- a meeting in Hong Kong? A battle in Egypt?
The radio silence between them broke when the man with a thick French accent finally spoke, his voice heavy with emotion, “Avdol… is that really you?”

thanks to @onebravecookie for helping me with editing (psssst im not much of a writer you guys)

thedarkfiddler  asked:

Who was the most unusual character you've ever played?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Zief - a verdus (tree man) with three arms and one cybernetic arm. Space thief and criminal. Class: monk. LN, kind of an asshole.

Granny Mags - human summoner who named elementals after the dead members of her family because she genuinely believed it was her family reincarnated. Also owned a pair of spider climb slippers and commonly walked on ceilings.

Sevik - half orc, half dwarf magi knight paladin. Very shy, very intellectual, ended up party leader.

Hammerbeard - hex magus dwarf who used his animated beard to wield a greathammer