reincarnated as trap

welcome to ygo where you can
- summon yourself
- summon your mom
- date yourself
- fight an au version of yourself
- fuse your soul with a dragon
- use the au dragon version of yourself to foil any vaguely menacing mention of fusing dimensions
- did I mention you can be a dragon (as long as you’re in series 1, 3, or 5)?
- (or you can hang with aliens because surprise! you’re soulbonded to an alien! in series 2 or 4!)
- have direct involvment in reincarnation hijinks! so many reincarnation hijinks!!
- place one trap card face down and end your turn
- play pot of greed
- this card allows me to draw
- two cards from my deck
- and add them
- to my hand


[COTD] New Trickstars  

This is still not a card of the day post.

Trickstar Lilybell
Light Fairy / Effect
LV2 800/2000
You can only use this card name’s (1) effect once per turn.
(1) If this card is added to your hand, except by drawing it: You can Special Summon this card from your hand.
(2) This card can attack directly.
(3) When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can target 1 “Trickstar” monster in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.

Trickstar Reincarnation
Trap Normal
(1) Banish as many cards from your opponent’s hand as possible, and if they do, they draw the same amount of cards from their Deck.
(2) You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 “Trickstar” monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it.

Noragami chapter 71 (spoiler summary, feels)

Wow…just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for our heroes, they totally get much worse.  I feel like next month is going to be even more awful, though.  Quick summary before the translation comes out for those who are interested and want to know what’s going on:

The title is “Bet your life” (at least, that’s how I would translate it because it works well in english and in japanese but everyone is going to have their own opinion).  Arabaki tells Hiyori who he is and that Yato will be reincarnated and Yukine will be trapped for eternity.  Hiyori is upset and Arahabaki says there’s nothing that can be done and that he should just reincarnate and be accepted back into heaven’s fold.  And that’s pretty much the end of that part.  The real problem is back at the Gods where Tenjin speaks for Yato’s righteousness (ukei).  The crowd yells that Tenjin is the real traitor.  Ebisu asks what he means by ‘ukei’ and Takemikazuchi explains that it is a direct appeal and that it is the only means of forgiveness…and that Amaterasu has no choice but to accept.  Basically, it’s like a gamble where three gods must offer up their shinki against the sacred treasures for judgment.  One shinki will die each time.  If heaven is judged ‘wrong’ in two or more rounds, all of the transgressions will be overlooked by heaven.  However, if earth (ie: our heroes) lose, then everyone (including those who volunteered for the ukei) will be judged guilty and punished.  Tenjin offers up Tsuyu and apologizes to her.  They have a touching conversation about how Tenjin was always content to be a spectator until he saw Yato stand up to heaven, and Tsuyu says she is happy that her lord has become a kinder person.  She is judged against Mitsurugi (the sword)…and loses her head.  Amaterasu asks for a second volunteer, and Ebisu offers up Kunimi (to everyone’s shock).  Yato yells “Kunimi risked his life to save your past life!” and Ebisu tells him, “I know.”  When Kunimi protests, Ebisu tells Kunimi that he owes Yato for his past life, and that he believes in his luck.  Kunimi agrees and Ebisu tells Yato and Tenjin “If Kunimi loses his head, then Heaven is ‘just’ and your your sacrifice was in vain.”  Yato is upset by this and says “Stop it, shinki are not dice”.  Kunimi is judged against Mitama (the jewel) and Mitama loses her head.  Amaterasu looks shocked by this and so is the crowd.  Amaterasu asks for a third volunteer to come forward.  Kiun tells Takemikazuchi that he doesn’t mind if he is offered up and Takemikazuchi says that it would be fine, but he thinks of how Kiun bowed to him and said “I’m on your side” and hesitates.  Just as it is looking like no one will come forward (to my personal horror and tears) Daikoku calls out that he will do it.  Kofuku begs him not to do it (because her luck is terrible and is sure to get him killed), but Daikoku says he couldn’t stand leaving Yukine imprisoned like that.  She gets upset and he tells her it will be alright.  Yato is clearly upset, shaking his head in horror, as Amaterasu announces that the third volunteer has stepped forward.  We then “hear” Yukine coughing and saying “It’s tight, please help me…please….Fathe-” just as Yato falls to the ground.  Yato’s father is watching and thinking “Now you understand, Yato…Heaven is our enemy.  Her head is within your reach.  We’ll have fun together once again.”  Then we see Yato start TURNING INTO A PHANTOM.  Just as his, I dunno, shadow-like thing almost reaches Amaterasu, Takemikazuchi tells him “Stop!  Yato god” and Yato returns to normal (I think that’s the first time he’s called him Yato god instead of insulting him).  He throws him down and tells him to calm down.  Yato says “Why is it always this way, even though you guys can do something…I will be the one to help Yukine!”, and Takemikazuchi tells “Just how do you think they feel, offering up their shinki? Even I couldn’t do it” (to which Kiun is surprised) and then says “Don’t say ‘I didn’t ask for this.’ Don’t you understand?  The one who moved the heavens was you!”  He then walks off and mutters “You’re worse than a disaster”.  Yato then looks at the faces of his friends just as Daikoku is about to be judged.  Yato closes his eyes as a swipe comes across…and it cuts off before we see what happens. 

My thoughts:

DAMMIT.  Horrible cliffhanger, yet again.  And I did cry when Daikoku stepped forward.  A little bit of translation notes: the ‘ukei’ seems to work like a bet, best out of three.  That’s why Yato says “shinki aren’t dice”.  Seems like Tenjin was thinking about this all along, and realizes that it’s their best bet to save Yato, Yukine and Bishamon.  However, when Yato started becoming a phantom…it made me wonder whether or not Yukine is ‘protected’ from that kind of thing in that box?  And if the effect goes onto Yato because of it.  Because normally, a god would not turn into a phantom…their shinki would and they would be blighted.  But this is the first time we’ve seen a god turn into a phantom.  So this is more troubling than I thought.  Or perhaps it was his absolute anger at the situation that started making him turn, I don’t know yet.  We hear Yukine say “Help me, father”…another clue that brings up his past.  Yato looks pretty terrible this whole chapter, but we don’t see or hear much of Yukine at all- it’s clear he’s seeing more of his past, though.  Also, I feel like Yato stepped in front of Amaterasu’s swing in that last panel.  The words that Takemikazuchi said…that he was the one who moved heaven yet others are the ones who are paying the price, it seems like it made Yato realize something.  And I feel like he probably got in the way when Amaterasu swung because of the way things were drawn in his panel.  What does this mean?  I hope Yato doesn’t die, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him try to stop Daikoku from dying.  And I feel like Yato turning into a phantom will somehow come into play here…otherwise, why introduce it?  Also, rip Tsuyu…never thought she would be someone I would cry over, but their last conversation was so sweet and it was shocking to see her die.

So, anyway, if I made a mistake or two, my bad, just writing this up as I read it and mistakes happen.  Hope you enjoy and wow, will it suck waiting another month for this.


Finally, we have confirmation that Yuzu doesn’t have a mother.

I’m starting to think none of the Yu’s or bracelet girls were born into their world’s naturally and that they’re split souls of either two separate beings, or one entire being. They were created into humans, then some of them were lucky enough to be adopted into families and some were not and grew up as orphans.

Who knows. But Yu-Gi-Oh REALLY loves to do weird soul things, like characters being split souls/parts of the same being, souls that have been reincarnated or souls that were trapped somewhere / in something ect.

Arc-V: Just keeps you guessing!