Ways people study

Studying doesn’t have to mean sitting at a desk copying notes, and heres some alternatives from little me :)

  • Write some some notes on post its, then stick them to a wall and throw a small ball at them. When you go to collect the ball, read the post it note the ball hit (or nearly hit) out loud. 
  • Stick some notes into the pages of a book you are reading at the time, as you read along you will come across the information.
  • Create artwork: If you are artsy you could write the note down in, or even as, a picture. Write the note down then doodle around it, have fun with it.
  • Play a “drinking” games with you favourite TV show…. but with notes!- For example, if you like Sherlock watch The Reinbache (sp) fall, and every time someone mentions or shows the hat, read a science note, every time John says “Oh Jesus” read an English note etc. You see?
  • create a song out of it.Take the beat to your favourite song, and slot the notes into it. You can put other things into the song to make it humorous as well.
  • Create a mind palace Another boy who lived’s instructions can be found here
  • Take your favourite characters and imagine them telling you the information you need to know. Warning this might not work for a massive amount of information, but if you need to remember some quotes, or some different variations of something, this could be helpful.