rein gets a life

The Dwarves at a Party

-broods in the corner with a glass of whiskey
-gives everyone the stink eye
-secretly loves this P!nk song but would never say so

-dances like your dad at a barbeque
-has cheetos dust in his beard
-might, actually will, hurt himself or someone else

-was way too drunk before the party even began
-drinking a margarita made of melted jolly ranchers, ice, and way too much vodka
-dances like a frat bro without the sleaze

-hides out in the corner with Thorin and a flask he brought from home
-must rein in the Durin Bros when they get to rowdy
-hates his life

-the designated driver
-made the hors d’oeuvres
-confiscates Kili’s margarita

-the DJ with the way too random music
-falls down the stairs as a party trick
-wears a red cup as a hat

-becomes Balin’s nemesis after devouring all the hors d’oeuvres
-broke the trampoline which was explicitly off-limits
-master of beer pong

-retreats to the bathroom
-leaves early
-was he even there?

-staying sober with Balin
-trying to clean up the ever growing mess
-hass 911 on standby

-may have stolen all the silverware…and the plastic forks too
-invited those guys no one knows and who are freaking everyone out
-makes everyone figure out the “password” to get in

-can’t handle his liquor
-is the partygoer who will inevitably be hurt by Fili
-brought a colouring book because he misinterpreted the invitation

-will fight someone or a whole bunch of someones
-judges you by your drink
-passes out in the backyard

-won’t stop fixing things around the house
-yet still drinking without pause
-made friends with dog

littleredtail  asked:

Last night I was playing junkrat and wanted to show my friend, who was playing mercy, that I got the dance emote. As i was dancing enemy team grouped up on us. I ended up getting potg as a life saver because the rein ulted on my mercy and I managed to get him last second, and my dancing was the first 2 seconds of the clip.

I’m so glad that the dancing emotes are a thing.

“Why are you ok with this?” - Part 4 (Final)

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She waited a few days before coming to his office. She had to build up the courage and certainty to follow through.

She ventured all the way to the Hokage’s office, each step sent a terrified chill down her spine. She couldn’t back out now. After a few knocks on the door, she entered.

He seemed surprised to see her there. She hadn’t come to see him since the day his divorce was finalized.



She scrutinized him.

“I need to see the REAL Naruto.” The clone thought about her request before it grinned.

“Sure thing, Sakura-chan!”

Sakura crossed her arms and waited for the smoke to dissipate and for Naruto to appear. When the smoke cleared, Naruto sat in the seat his clone once occupied. He looked just as bewildered as his clone.

“What’s wrong, Sakura-chan?” Or concerned and confused.

“I want to take you up on your bet.” She had to be forward and straight to the point or she’d chicken out.

“What bet?” Now he looked genuinely confused.

Sakura tightened her crossed arms, focusing on something in the ceiling. She hoped she wouldn’t have to revisit their conversation. Some relief washed over her when he seemed to realize what she referenced. He became more concerned.

“Sakura-chan… that wasn’t a bet. It was… it was a thought-ttebayo. I didn’t suggest you actually do that.”

“Well, now it’s a bet.”

“But Saku-”

“I’ve filled out the divorce forms and we will send them to Sasuke on your hawk. If Sasuke returns them and signs them… I’ll accept it and divorce him. But if he doesn’t return them or make any indication he wants to divorce me… then you can’t come my home and act like you do any longer.”

“Act like what?” He become defensive; she didn’t want this to devolve into a debate. She walked closer to the desk and put down the divorce papers. She already filled out her portion of it.

“Send these to him. Today.”

Naruto’s eyes practically bulged out of his head. Had he not expected this to happen at some point?

“Sakura-chan… I can’t send him your divorce paper-”

“Let me use your hawk.”

He glanced at the papers nervously. Was he nervous that Sasuke would sign them, or she would win the bet.

“Sakura… if you don’t want me to come to your house, you can just say so. You don’t need to do all this.”

He avoided her eyes, but she knew how he felt by just a glance. He wore his heart on his sleeve for her. She could order him to stay away and not to return to her house… but it wasn’t that simple. She didn’t WANT Naruto to stay away, and therein lied the problem. She couldn’t work up the nerve to tell him to leave. She wanted him to come over, to chat with her, to do stupid things that would give her a reason to scold him. She missed being around him more than she realized.

She had to stop it now, before it went too far.

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