rein gets a life


ok so i remade the dave strider/knight of time ambigram to remove the wobble of the gears as well as make it complete two whole revolutions.

This one is still my favorite. Meanwhile, the other kids are here:

[Rose] [John] [Jade] | [Roxy] [Dirk]

I wonder if i’m ever gonna finish the Jake one instead of just remaking these.

OOH also: it has come to my attention that some people read Time as Pimp. I congratulate you.

John Egbert/Heir of Breath ambigram

okay, this one’s a little bit unconventional, because I broke down the phrases into the following ambigrams: John/Heir, E/of, and gbert/Breath, all of which have to rotate independently of one another for this to make sense.

That is why I made this extremely crappy gif animation, in order to portray the rotations correctly. enjoy!

Part of a series with Dave and Rose and Jade.


So remember that time i did the homestuck beta kids? I realized i made gifs for all of them except for Rose, which is kind of sad because Rose literally is one of the best characters in homestuck to represent transformation.

So here’s a gif to make it all better! 


The other kids are here:

[Dave] [John] [Jade] | [Roxy] [Dirk]

Jake’s still a hot mess and I haven’t even started on Jane, but I might soon, maybe after my exam this saturday.

A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, 
the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead
while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.

Night Vale ambigram, inspired by the other one that was going the rounds in the sense that “dammit, why didn’t i think of making one sooner!!” If you notice, however, the solution is quite different.