The World in Deeper Inspection || Webcomic, 5 page preview 

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I am practically jumping over the moon and dancing with Fred Astaire in heaven (Heaven, I’m in heaven…). I really can’t believe that I just finished the first official pages of TWiDI! Just in time too, because it’s almost exactly 30 days before my O-Level Equivalent Exams/SPM/Malaysian Certificate of Education, and I gotta get studying!

This webcomic project is a result of almost 2 and ½ years worth of tears and wasted paper with unimpressive drawings. I do hope you enjoy reading these first few pages. They are more or less exactly how I imagined them since the infancy of this comic.

If you are interested: TWiDI’s official release is around the first half of the year (my best bet is around March or April 2013), Chapter 1 will be published then, if you want updates please check out my Official TWiDI Blog or Twitter or Facebook or even my Art Blog (if you like my art *weeps*)

Jolly gee! It’s a slothy bookmark, for sloths of all continents, jungles, rainforests and planets!

Say your introduction to Mr. Sloth, with his dazzling red coat and wonderful butt tattoo! He, who is always happy to put his arm on your shoulder like the best of sloth pals.

Why remember the page number of the page you last read of an amazing, GROUNDBREAKING, thrilling epic, when you can seek the services of Mr. Sloth here who is willing and ready to remain still and stationary at the page of your choice until your eventual return?

The page is like a blanket to the fair and well Mr. Sloth!

Mr. Sloth is flexible and can be kept sideways too!

So basically this is a painted bookmark for my broski. I really like the card this is painted on; it has a fantastic texture! But I only have one more, sob sob, and I don’t know where to get more since I recall that they are either a) stolen items (not from a store! Oh God) b) snagged from somewhere.

But yep. Bookmark.

An Idea in Storage :3:

I was drawing for my bro for Christmas, and it got a bit out of hand. Haha. I already had the composition and narrative for this for about a week now, so just glad that I managed to get it out dandy! I was aiming for the same feel and charm as Shaun Tan’s Eric. The same grainy, soft tonal and pencil work.

Didn’t achieve the look I want, but it’s not a bad thing, really. At least it told a story! That’s what is most important.


How do I make a short comic about wizards? I am not interested in wizards. Unless they are hot wizards, otherwise, ok. But seriously, wow, this is the only thing I have for this week. Nope. Nothing special. Not yet. You will see my wizardly powers once something challenging comes up.

This comic is just the beginning of an ‘awful’ concept that I fleshed out in my head while I was working on this. The Chubby Wizard isn’t so wicked sick in the future…

Well, that’s me. My eyes are *GORGEOUS*, that’s why they are obfuscated by heavy bangs. It’s only for safety and ethical reasons.

Over here, I’m Reimena, and I’m cursed/blessed to post a comic on Fridays. If you want to see more of me which is not necessarily related to comics, you can head to my Art Blog, and Twitter, and DA. Or you can read my 5-page webcomic preview. uWu