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Now that President Obama’s term is almost over, we’re taking stock of one of the major terms dogging his legacy– “post-racial”

This conversation is a necessary intervention on the differences among us, what we should do about them, and how we can reimagine a world that doesn’t involve us embracing post-race, but rather a society that is “post-racist.”


It happens when Victor least expects it.

Not out on the ice or during an early morning stroll where he turns to have his whole world bloom into colour. Neither are his soulmate’s eyes the first thing he sees in technicolour. Both of those things are hopes, perceptions, more like, that he’d held for that moment of eventually that people speak about.

Instead, it is both more subtle and more dramatic than that. Instead, the first colour Victor sees is the cool, dark of his soulmate’s jacket. Everything else snaps into focus from there in a vivid reimagining of the world that he never truly perceived as possible. He reaches out and for a moment, he believes his soulmate will turn back around and all will be everything he ever hoped it would be.

That is not what happens either.

The other skater - the one whose confidence faltered before the program even began because even if Victor is horrible with names, he never forgets a performance - tenses. If not for that, Victor would have fooled himself into believing the moment was not reciprocated. But his soulmate continues onwards. And then there are too many people, too many reporters who jump on the chance to ask what just happened even as he is still attempting to figure it out himself.

In that moment, his soulmate is whisked away from him. All he knows is the colour of his jacket and a dull brokenness to his colourless eyes. There is more he could find out, yes, but he wants to find out those things from his soulmate because he has always been a romantic at heart.

What he does not know is how to move forward from here.

(Then one evening, he will stumble onto a video of a young man skating one of his routines with such passion that it takes his breath away. It will have been months but he will know this man is his soulmate. There will be no other way to explain how those warm, brown eyes call to him or Victor’s own compulsion to run towards him.

His patience will break down and he will find this small Japanese town his soulmate lives in. Rather than admit this, he will panic and declare himself his soulmate’s new couch.

Neither of them will mention when they started seeing colour for the first time.

Both of them will know they are not ready for that.

At least, not quite yet.)

My Ever After High 💕

Just a few of the ways I mentally tailor Ever After High to make it all my own…

To start, the central characters of My EAH have never been Apple and Raven. Instead the primary focus of my headcanon world is on Ashlynn and Cerise, who I like to imagine are the absolute best of friends forever after (given the nature of the secrets they’ve respectively had to keep, among other things). Instead of rooming with Briar, I imagine that Darling is Ashlynn’s roommate, and is also very close friends with Cerise, who she admires for her athletic abilities. All three love spending time in the Enchanted Forest (Ash and Cerise going on peaceful hikes and picnics, Cerise and Darling racing and climbing the tallest trees).

Cupid rooms with Fayebelle (instead of Blondie) and is best friends with Holly. Cupid flies Holly down from towers when she accidentally locks herself in, and Holly (who the show has shown has a penchant for baking) bakes Cupid cupcakes made with a whole lot of love. 💕

Melody rooms with Meeshell (who retains her surname of L'Mer), and loves to feature her in her original songs. She makes custom mixes for her true love, Justine, as gifts and to dance to at her shows. Likewise, Justine will often accompany Melody to her gigs and perform original choreography along with her music.

Kitty, Faybelle and Duchess are a trio of troublemaking besties who, in addition to wreaking unspeakable havoc, also like to just hang out and be girlfriends (doing each other’s nails, gossiping and whatnot). I also like to imagine that Faybelle and Duchess’s voices are far less nasally and irritating than they are in the animation. Also, contrary to canon, I like to imagine that Duchess has a very powerful singing voice with incredible range. 

but also, can we talk about how Damen is straight up prepared with an answer when Laurent asks him what a normal courtship would have been like? Damen has thought this through. He has dreamed about this, pretended in those difficult months when he thought it was impossible, thought he would never get to be anything more than Damen the slave to this beautiful, strong, genius of a man. He’s reimagined the world, Laurent’s world, with him in it and it’s absolutely perfect. “I would court you with all the grace and courtesy that you deserve.” “There’d be no lies between us.” “We’d have time to be together.”

Even better? So has Laurent. “I know exactly how it would have been.”


“Doom Patrol” #1 is finally upon us, courtesy of scribe Gerard Way and artist Nick Derington. With the debut issue also comes the launch of Way’s Young Animal imprint at DC Comics, where he, and a stable of inventive creators, aim to offer superhero storytelling like never before.

Appearing at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, Way sat down with CBR’s Kiel Phegley to talk about his reimagining of “The World’s Strangest Heroes,” opening up about the origins of the comic, its legacy, and the overall creative approach of Young Animal.


WicDiv Challenge Day 19

Day 19: Favourite Fan Art

Trashcans are art, especially this one.

This could have easily echoed yesterday - seeing our world reimagined by so many hands, in so many different ways, in so many mediums is a joy. Some are just stunning…

…but this fellow sits on my desk next to my David Lafuente art, stares at me, and helps in a small way. There’s a writer thing that, to avoid losing the core of your work, you put the themes on curt post-it note and stick it to your monitor, so every time you glance up you’re reminded of what the story actually is. It’s a magnetic north, and you stick to it if you’re lost.

This is like that, but providing a more limited navigational aid, reminding me that Woden is fucking trashcan.

Never forget, Kieron. And thanks to this little fella, I won’t.

The Challenge.

The day that capitalism is forced to tolerate non-capitalist societies in its midst and to acknowledge limits in its quest for domination, the day it is forced to recognize that its supply of raw material will not be endless, is the day when change will come. If there is any hope for the world at all, it does not live in climate-change conference rooms or cities with tall buildings. It lives down low on the ground, with its arms around the people who go to battle every day to protect their forests, their mountains and their rivers  because they know that the forests, the mountains and the rivers protect them.

The first step towards reimagining a world gone terribly wrong would be to stop the annihilation of those who have a different imagination — an imagination that is outside of capitalism as well as Communism. An imagination which has an altogether different understanding of what constitutes happiness and fulfillment.

—  Arundhati Roy, Walking with the Comrades
A human being is part of the whole— called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature.
—  Albert Einstein
'Celebrity Deathmatch' Revival

by Zack Zarrillo

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Eight years after its six-season run came to an end, Celebrity Deathmatch creator Eric Fogel and Wasteland Entertainment are behind the new incarnation, with Chris McCarthy and Paul Ricci also on board as executive producers. The new version will again feature animated no-holds-barred fantasy fights between infamous figures from entertainment and pop culture and will be reimagined for a social media world and hourly Twitter wars.

First Fuller House and now this! I’m excited to see MTV2 act out Tom’s departure from blink–182 that will feature an animated UFO dropping him down into the wrestling ring.

It takes time to reimagine a world free from anti-black racism, sexism, transmisogyny and economic disenfranchisement and to envision what policies, practices and spaces are necessary for black people to thrive. It takes courage to stage a public disruption or act of civil disobedience, but often that is the only type of work the public might see. The harder work is that which occurs before and after public acts of protest. #BlackLivesMatter faced a lot of critique for disrupting Bernie Sanders, but the movement won’t be stopped.

— Darnell L. Moore for Mic


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I say again that, because we don’t expect to overthrow governments, abolish world capitalism, make civilization vanish, turn everyone in the world into walking buddhas, or cure all social and economic ills, we don’t have to wait for anything. If ten people walk beyond civilization and build a new sort of life for themselves, then those ten are already living in the new paradigm, from the first day. They don’t need the support of an organization. They don’t need to belong to a party or a movement. They don’t need new laws to be passed. They don’t need permits. They don’t need a constitution. They don’t need tax exempt status. For those ten, the revolution will have succeeded.
—  Daniel Quinn, Beyond Civilization