So I made a full tarot card deck of these. Turned out great! Since the major arcana is based off of the popular French Marseilles style, I just used the sets minor arcana designs and applied the colour scheme. Then altered the page, knight, queen, and king ones to make it more fitting to the games sinful reimagining.

I’m selling these decks, and it’s free shipping worldwide. For some reason if I directly include the link my tags don’t work. ¬_¬

So to find these just type in artisticsmeasure etsy into google, and it should be the first result, also have a FB page for my art too! ^_^


Ahoy!! I’ve been posting bits and wips on my fan blog, but thought I’d post some of previews what I have here along with some general updates! Currently working on various comic shorts, including the Mermaid comic i’ve posted a bit about this summer, an anthology pitch, and last but not least, a Historical Hetalia fan-comic! It’s called Il Matto, and it’s a reimagining of Germany and Italy’s infamous “tomato box” meeting at the beginning of the Hetalia, set against the setting of the First World War’s Italian Front. 

I’m kind of hesitant to post about works-in-progress here since I definitely have a lot of projects that have either failed or I wasn’t able to bring to completion (*cough cough* Blessed are the Meek *cough cough* Not if Hell Freezes Over) but I’m posting these here for now because:

 1) This is one of the most organized times I’ve really been able to work on a fan short directly from script > thumbnails > final pages, and while I’m still not sure on an exact number of how many pages this is going to be when I’m done (I do know it’ll be 20+ easily) I have a definitive map of what I want to complete and I’m working steadily towards that! Also i feel like in the past year i’ve discovered more efficient workflows that just… make everything so much easier

2) I’m just really excited about this and this is to prevent me from just mass posting all the completed pages I’ve already made! Also just for  

3) saw some tags on my preview stuff wondering what these pics were all about so just clearing some things up! 

Planning to post the completed comic here on my blog when I’m done, as well as a PDF on Gumroad with extra sketches/research info! Anyway just letting you know–thanks as usual everyone for following and reblogging my art, it means a lot to me! 

Hey guys, it’s your favorite pop-culture “news” site that keeps making listicles out of old AskReddit threads. You should read our newest listicle, it’s a series of digital paintings by some artist you’ve never heard of before featuring Disney princesses reimagined as

Want To (Kenna x Diavolos)

Book: The Crown and the Flame

Pairing: Kenna x Diavolos

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1755 (As usual, these two got away from me)

Summary: Kenna makes an announcement and an offer after the final battle, Diavolos makes a decision, and Luther is his usual horrible self.

Note: This is a reimagining of the banquet after the final battle. In this, Luther did not make an attempt on Kenna’s life in the throne room, and is still alive. This is for one of the kiss prompts (description below), requested by @misha726author. Thanks so much for the request!

7. Unbreakable Kiss - The type of kiss that really shouldn’t be happening, it’s a mistake, but you just can’t find yourself able to pull away.

Diavolos almost leaves without saying goodbye. His father is furious, Zenobia is irritable that she won’t get more time with Tevan, and Diavolos is dreading the trip home.

One of the first announcements Kenna had made at the banquet was that she would be granting rule of Abanthus to Diavolos. She’d told him privately ahead of time, so he was prepared, and he knew immediately that Luther wouldn’t handle it well. He’d taken her hands spontaneously, squeezing her fingers and asking if she was sure, and warning her that his father wouldn’t take the news well.

“I’m sure,” Kenna had reassured him, squeezing back. “I trust you, Diavolos. You’ve proven yourself to be a more than capable leader. And I know Luther will be angry. But he’ll be angry at anything I suggest other than putting him back in power, and that’s not an option.”

Luther had contained his rage at her announcement, just barely, then left the banquet early. Diavolos had been the one to suggest they leave early the next morning. It’s partly just to get the dreaded trip over with, and partly because he’s genuinely worried for Kenna’s safety. He knows what his father is capable of.

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darkseraphscorner  asked:

AoS didn't really catch my attention until Kharadron Overlords, they where the first army that actually seemed to embrace the new setting.

Understandable! I’m really hoping it’s a sign of things moving forward: clever and inventive reimaginings of tired old fantasy tropes. Dwarves are clannish, skilled craftsmen motivated by gold? Steampunk aeronaut ‘adventurers’! Honestly it’s one of the first times ANYONE has done something that creative with dwarves. There’s a reason the tv tropes page is titled 'our dwarves are all the same’.

New Inktober for 2017!

I was asked a lot if I could make a new list of art prompts for October this year! Since last year was so much fun, I’ve decided to give it another try at making a new list! Hope you enjoy!! (I’ll be adding the other days soon! Just wanted to get it started so you guys knew what to draw for tomorrow lol)

Day 1: (Since this seemed to be a great way to kick it off last year) Draw yourself on Sept. 30th vs. yourself on Oct. 1st!

Day 2: A Netflix original show doing a crossover special with another Netflix original show (Bonus points if it’s a holiday special!)

Day 3: A Disney princess (or any Disney female protagonist) reimagined as a traditional Halloween monster.

Day 4: A traditional Halloween monster in a lovely Disney princess-like gown that matches their aesthetic.

Day 5: Your favorite Fall/Halloween treat reimagined as a Pokemon (bonus points if you give the pokemon stats!)

Day 6: Your OTP in Halloween costumes that are designed to go together.

Day 7: The Marvel/DC Universe characters if they were optional playable characters in Mario Kart.

Day 8: A character from your favorite cartoon/television show/movie and summoning their Patronus.

Day 9: Take a song title that’s not meant to be scary, imagine it to be the title of a new horror movie. Draw the poster art for that new horror movie.

Day 10: Use an old picture of yourself in a previous Halloween costume as a reference, and recreate it as ornately and imaginative as you remember feeling while wearing it!

Day 11: A modern AAA video game (Uncharted, Gears of War, etc.) reimagined as an old 8- or 16-bit video game! [This was a suggestion from Joan!]

Day 12: Your favorite scary movie/television show/video game/anime/whatever… but they’re cats. [This was a suggestion from Talyn haha]

Day 13: A character or characters from one musical that has/have been cast in another musical that’s totally different.

Day 14: What exactly DOES the Monster Mash look like??

Day 15: What characters from different shows would be the BEST zombie-fighting team??

Day 16: There’s a certain ethereal feeling that comes from Fall. Using colors, imagery, and whatever else you may deem necessary, try to depict that emotion.

Day 17: Think of one really good/funny/happy memory from this year or sometime recently that you’d like to illustrate and accompany with explanation. I think we can always use more positive/light stories!

Day 18: Because I’ve been asked to do something specific to my videos, what would the Sanders Sides go as for Halloween??

Day 19: Use some element of Halloween (decoration/candy/monster/etc) as the inspiration for a new species of flower. Draw that flower or a bouquet of those flowers.

Day 20: This one will be quite a challenge, but I’m interested to see what you can do!! Depict a Halloween/Fall-themed/whatever-show-you-like landscape or collection of items, that, when seen from afar, come together to form another object. If this is confusing, use this image as an example:

Day 21: Take a recent cartoon/animation and draw it in the form of old-timey animation!

Day 22: Draw any group or family from television/film (or your own family!) as if they were The Addams Family.

Day 23: The kids from Stranger Things and the kids from It having the most epic crossover special.

Day 24: Draw your house if it was suddenly transformed into the most epic haunted house ever!

Day 25: Use the title of a scary movie and reimagine it as the title of a comedy or romance film. Draw the poster art for that film!


DP reboot concept that I don’t think anyone thought about yet: Gregor/Elliot is an actual interesting recurring character with deeper lore instead of being a one-shot throwaway character to make Danny jealous
Idk, I just feel as if that guy has a cool enough design. Make him cool somehow. Maybe with real affiliations with guys in white? Affiliations with ghosts? Who knows. i dont think ive ever seen a single post about that dude


Okay, but WHAT IF…?  ^_~

I’ve been slowly rewatching Yuri On Ice these last couple of weeks (the English dub this time so I don’t have to read subtitles while drawing).  I’ll watch on a separate window while sketching some of my favorite key moments. 

I stopped at episode 7, as you can see… Should I draw some more from the later episodes?  I’ve gotten kind of addicted to drawing “Yurie” and “Viktoria.”  XD  Also, asymmetrical bobs are the BOMB.

I wonder if YOI would have gotten as popular as it has if the main characters had been female.  I hope so!

so there was a post floating around a while ago about ngozi saying during a stream or something that holster knew about Bitty’s crush on jack and thought jack was leading Bitty on and was a little annoyed with him about that and I just

I really want a fic where him drunkenly and stupidly calling jack out on it at the end of year 2 is the catalyst for Jack’s “oh” moment

Not his father quoting Gretzky at the last possible moment, but adam birkholtz, drunk on his trademark svedka & pepsi, going on a tirade about the Cruel Sheep Empire that briefly turns into almost incoherent rambling about being cognizant of Bitty’s feelings and not giving him false hope, and then turns into nothing but retching sounds because holster’s throwing up in the bushes because, really, svedka and Pepsi?? is a terrible combo????


Updated Johnny & Ghost Rider designs for Ghost Rider: Re-Imagined!!  These two were in sore need of a better cleanup job for their character references.

As a bit of a bonus, here are several other outfits that they might appear in!  …and a few you might not see them in. :V  Poor Ghost Rider.  Whatever Johnny’s wearing when he transforms, he’s kinda stuck with it…