Editorial Design for La Forma by Koln Studio

“Concept, edition and design direction for the editorial piece “La Forma Bruta” by the photographer Martín Bollati. In this piece, Martín questioned himself about the historian’s figure and representation of history throughout his photography. This Project focuses on the representation of museums, relating to the object, questioning the exhibition system and the observer’s point of view. It seeks to reimagine and reinterpret history throughout his images.”

Founded at the end of 2014, Koln Studio fronts all types of projects, seeking for unique solutions for every costumer and working hand in hand. They work for institutions, businesses and private costumers in projects on different scales. Their aim is to offer global and lasting outcomes, working from the initial idea up to the final production, looking for original and solid concepts that provide a “design thinking” in the project’s strategy, enriching it and adding the values. 

Muppet Babies’ Return to Disney TV in 2018

Muppet Babies will fulfill its old theme song promise and make your dreams come true in 2018, when Disney Junior premieres a brand-new, reimagined series chronicling the playroom antics of Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal and Miss Nanny. Production has just kicked off on the CG-animated series, a co-production of Disney Junior, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media’s Content & Media Group, and The Muppets Studio.

“We are proud, and a little bit giddy, to begin production on our new version of the much-loved Muppet Babies,” said Nancy Kanter, EVP of Original Programming and General Manager for Disney Junior Worldwide. “Parents will delight in seeing their favorite Muppets in the mixed animation style they remember from the original series, and kids will be introduced to this warm and zany world made just right for the Disney Junior audience.”

Aimed at kids 4-7, each episode will feature two 11-minute romps designed to impart creative and critical thinking skills by harnessing the power of imaginative play, as the Muppet Babies let their imaginations take them to the farthest corners of the universe. Tom Warburton (The 7D) will executive produce, with Emmy-winner Eric Shaw (SpongeBob SquarePants) on board as story editor.

The return of Muppet Babies was in part sparked by The Muppets Studio’s recognition of nostalgia and fan demand for the Jim Henson cartoon (which ran from 1984-1991) evidenced on digital and social media channels run by DCPI’s Content & Media group.

“Bringing Muppet Babies to Disney Junior is a wonderful opportunity to reach a new generation of viewers and to creatively build on the innovative original series,” said Debbie McClellan, VP of The Muppets Studio. “We hope to engage and delight the nostalgic fans while also entertaining new kids, parents and diverse audiences through heart and humor as only the Muppets can deliver.”

That’s right guys! The first edition of “Pokémon Reimagined” sold out a while ago!

Thank you so much to everyone who was interested or purchased the book. Your support means a lot to me! I personally consider this book a success so I will definitely think about making a second edition at some point. For now when that’s going to happen is not certain.

I am also planning on making a second volume of the book. However, that is even further in the future because I actually have to make all the material for it! But keep an eye on any news if this book interests you.

Also, if you missed out on the first edition and would be interested in purchasing the book when the second edition will be done don’t hesitate to let me know. The better I know how many people would be interested in purchasing one the better I can estimate when to make a second edition.

Thank you! in Broken Masquerade

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216. Sinaloan Milk Snake Song

This is right up there with the take on Going to Bolivia from a few days ago in the category of “really great reimaginings of older songs.” If you’re keeping score, yet another reference to the sunset as harbinger of death appears here: “as the sun melts everything down.” And like Wait for You, Teenage World, and Going to Malibu, it mentions Malibu. “All I can think about is water” rounds out the tropes-from-early-songs checklist.

2008-02-29 - Bimbo’s - San Francisco, CA


city witches
the city is more than a home to them. it is a tool box. it is a crossroads. it is a book, a meeting place, a blank canvas. it is a fort - their fort - and it needs defending.
Stephenie Meyer's new 'Twilight' novel switches the genders of its main cast.
Meet Beau Swan and Edythe Cullen.

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer just pulled a Beyoncé and released a new book out of nowhere.

Titled Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, Meyer’s new book is a gender-swapped version of the first Twilight novel, recasting Bella Swan as a teen boy named Beau, and Edward Cullen as a centuries-old female vampire named Edythe.