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Good sir, what if after Aunt May found out she freaks out and tells Peter he's grounded. But she doesn't take he phone, instead she takes the suit. Then Peter call/texts irondad about asking to help calm her down

-peter really should’ve listened for when may got home

-or at least shut his door

-and honestly he might’ve been able to get away with saying it was a costume

-if he hadn’t jumped onto the ceiling in surprise

-they have a short argument which is kinda both of them panicking and freaking each other out

-May figures out what the stark internship really is, that tony is responsible for giving him his suit, and that tony offered him a spot on the Avengers

-when may asks peter for his phone he just figures he’s grounded but then she unlocks it and finds tony’s contact and peter is really freaking out now

-he hears Happy answer in the usual snippy tone and peter wants to die bc Happy just snapped at Aunt May

-May turns to go have a conversation in private but, after telling Happy to put Tony on the phone, she turns back to peter and tells him to change out of the suit

-he almost argues because he just got it back and he’d been having pretty bad dysphoria since getting it taken away

-mostly because he couldn’t be spider-man without his suit and it really was the one part of his life that he wasn’t questioned or harassed about

-but he changes into comfy clothes and he can’t help but hear May yelling at tony

-he really hates his enhanced senses and the panic from being found out combined with all the noise is putting him on the verge of sensory overload which is the last thing he needs right now

-he almost puts the mask on to filter light and sound and maybe talk to karen but if May comes in and sees him in the mask he knows she’ll lose her shit

-he hears May saying “I will NOT let you talk to him!” and he decides to step in

-he has his spare webshooters on and he knows it isn’t the best course of action but he’ll never get May to hand him the phone

-so he does what any teenager to do and webs the cellphone that is currently in an ongoing call to a billionaire/superhero out of his aunt’s hands and into his

-may is probably going to have a stroke tbh

-but peter has to talk to tony 

-he ends up on the roof of the apartment building and is talking to a pretty frantic tony

-”How did she find out? What did you say? Do you need somewhere to stay?”

-he’s honestly such a worried dad that peter almost laughs

-peter briefly explains what happened and tony decides he should just come down to queens and talk to may directly

-tony should be there in like, an hour tops and peter should probably calm may down but he honestly doesn’t know how

-he ends up sitting on the roof for the next 45 minutes just trying to calm down and not have a panic attack

-tony shows up in the iron man suit because it was the fastest way to get there

-seeing tony reminds him of how he doesn’t have his suit

-how he might not be able to be spider-man

-so now his crippling dysphoria is back along with anxiety over talking to his aunt

-so like thats really fun

-tony and peter go inside together and tony almost got decked by may immediately

-peter pulled him out of the way and was a little stunned that may almost hit tony stark

-but he’s not about to say anything so.,,

-they talk for over an hour and may ends up relenting when peter promises to text her updates while on patrol, to not go out past 2 am on school nights, and keep his grades up

-tony ends up glossing the whole thing over and offers to take may out to dinner

-peter almost fights bc tony may be really cool but he will not be alone with his aunt after comments like ‘hope you’re wearing something skimpy’

-tony eventually goes back upstate a few hours later after they have a much calmer conversation over coffee in the kitchen

-peter texts ned and mj that may found out and mj replies “about time” while ned asks what color balloons he should bring to peter’s funeral


-”i’m not letting your last celebration be anything short of festive”

-”do black balloons but fill them with glitter for effect when we pop them”

-”mj don’t encourage him im not dying- may’s cool with it now”

-”lying is a sin, peter and your time for repentance is running out”

-peter would’ve responded to that if May hadn’t taken his phone

-Peter can’t really argue because he did lie for like, months on end

-and skipped classes

-and got detention

-so yeah losing his phone isn’t the worst thing that could happen to him all things considered

-and at least he can keep being spider-man


Marvel Meme • Favorite Characters [1/?] 
↳ Kaine Parker aka Scarlet Spider

I’m going to kill Peter Parker. I’m going to find everyone who pushed me into being a better person. Who urged me to do the right thing and be a hero. Then I’m going to kill them, because this? Is not what I signed up for.   

Some of the current Spider-people of the Marvel Multiverse.

So I did this a little while back for some of the different recent DC speedsters in current continuity so here’s the same but for Spider-people and Marvel. The focus being on the ones in current circulation and there are definitely a lot I missed off but I think I got a lot of the main ones.

1. Peter Parker/The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-Man

3. Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099

4. Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman

5. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

6. Cindy Moon/Silk

7. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man

8. Otto Octavius/The Superior Spider-Man

9. Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider

10. Mary Jane Watson/Spinneret

11. Annie May Parker

And those were all the ones I cared enough to hunt through the comics I have to find pics for. Obviously there’s a lot more Spider-people in general (Spider-Man Noir, how I love thee) but, as I said before, these I think are most of the ones important in current continuity. Though I will admit that I have not read any Spider book outside of Renew Your Vows (which is amazing) in some time.


Happy Spider-Man Homecoming day! To celebrate, I drew this print of as many Spider-characters as I could cram into one picture! Do you recognize them all? If not, check out the key below!

You can buy prints of all sizes at my Redbubble store! Check it out!

I hope you like and I’d love to hear what you think!

Image key below the cut!

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Listen I’m not gonna name names but here’s the thing

People are not enraged that Stan lee did not want a bi spiderman. People are upset by the lack of mcu representation. People are upset that the notion wasn’t even considered. But most of all, we are infuriated that the notion was brought up, and treated as some sort of joke. That when steps were put into place to make it happen, two men unexpectedly lost their jobs. That the creator responded with “one sex is enough for anybody” and that a contract was made to ensure that peter parker would be explicitly heterosexual (and white, might I add, and that’s a whole other issue)

It’s not a matter of “it’s his character, he can do what he feels like!!” It’s a matter of basic human decency and respect. They could’ve easily, gently rejected the idea. But they didn’t. They fired the people who got the wheels spinning. The idea of a bi Peter parker was like a bad joke, something that called for him to go on the defensive. They made an entire LEGAL CONTRACT to ensure that peter parker wouldn’t be ruined in the form of having a boyfriend.

It’s just plain fucking ridiculous and if you blindly jump to his defense you’re honestly no better.


It’s kind of tragic how Ben Reilly died thinking of his niece who he would never get to meet and who would never get to hear about him because she was stillborn.

However in the MC2 universe May Parker was allowed to grow up and when she becomes Spider-Girl it’s Ben’s costume she wears and it’s his web shooters she puts on, in a way Mayday is Ben Reilly’s legacy as much as she is Peter’s.

It’s also bittersweet that despite never meeting each other they always thought of each other. Ben always protected and cared for MJ when she was pregnant (and even before she was pregnant I might add) and worried about her baby’s health. Ben also anxiously awaited baby May’s birth as much as her parents did. Mayday occasionally thinks about her Uncle Ben, she asks Peter questions about him (even if Peter hasn’t told her the entire truth) and despite not having known him she considers him a hero and thinks fondly of him, she even gets upset with Kaine when she finds out he used to torment Ben.

Also Ben’s other legacy, his unknown to anyone but Kaine son, Reilly Tyne protects and guides her as the vigilante known as Darkdevil.

So yeah despite never meeting the bond between this Ben and May is a strong one.

Panels from Spider-Man vol 1 #75 and Spider-Girl #44


He did it again… Dima Ivanov did it. Please. Take a look at my previous post from this Artist. 

Ok, so...

Spider-Man: Homecomeing was great, our boy has indeed come home. 

But for the Sequels, you know they’re probably going to do they Sinister 6 and the Clone Saga.

But what if The Jackal, Instead of trying to clone Peter, clones the spider that gave him his powers, and he uses it on other kids to try and recreate spider-man.

Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, Cindy Moon, Gwen Stacy all get captured by the Jackle and his Sinister 6 to experiment on them.

Peter goes to rescue them and fights his own real life clone, Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider. But Peter talks Benny down and they join forces to take down the Six. But the poor kids have all already been bitten.

They get away, and the Jackal and the Sinister 6 vows to destroy New York.

But a fool is he cause now there are 5 new Spider people ready to fight.

The Sinister 6 vs The Spider 6