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Some of the current Spider-people of the Marvel Multiverse.

So I did this a little while back for some of the different recent DC speedsters in current continuity so here’s the same but for Spider-people and Marvel. The focus being on the ones in current circulation and there are definitely a lot I missed off but I think I got a lot of the main ones.

1. Peter Parker/The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-Man

3. Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099

4. Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman

5. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

6. Cindy Moon/Silk

7. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man

8. Otto Octavius/The Superior Spider-Man

9. Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider

10. Mary Jane Watson/Spinneret

11. Annie May Parker

And those were all the ones I cared enough to hunt through the comics I have to find pics for. Obviously there’s a lot more Spider-people in general (Spider-Man Noir, how I love thee) but, as I said before, these I think are most of the ones important in current continuity. Though I will admit that I have not read any Spider book outside of Renew Your Vows (which is amazing) in some time.


Happy Spider-Man Homecoming day! To celebrate, I drew this print of as many Spider-characters as I could cram into one picture! Do you recognize them all? If not, check out the key below!

You can buy prints of all sizes at my Redbubble store! Check it out!

I hope you like and I’d love to hear what you think!

Image key below the cut!

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though there’s much to see through new little eyes
when they start to close with soft, weary sighs
in a cradle of wings, your little one lies
and the angels’ hallelujahs hush to lullabies

We’re getting closer to “Every Spider-man Ever” every day now!!!


• The first issue in an explosive limited series tying into the biggest Spider-Event ever: SPIDER-VERSE!
• In the midst of Spider-Verse, Kaine, Ben Reilly, and Ultimate Jessica Drew must come together for a mission of vital importance!
• There is more to their mission than meets the eye – what dangers await the Scarlet Spiders across the multiverse?

Can’t wait to see The Black Widow in action love her new design and hope to see her old Spider woman outfit again Jessica have fun!