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I am indeed a white girl ;0

white girls show dickpics to their friends and i don’t know your friends so i wouldn’t trust you

also chances are you’re like 15 ½ and if i showed you a picture of my penis i would have chris hansen knocking on my door wondering what i was doing

reilareila replied to your postmy niggas

now the question is do you only want to talk to your “niggas” or anyone?

this is apparently a hot topic

i hang out with predominantly white people but i use nigga more than most of my black friends

what am i trying to say? the word nigga has no meaning at all to me. my niggas are people who tolerate me and want to hear from me

it’s 2011, i think it’s time to take a step forward

‘my niggas’ refers to everybody who matters to me

so everybody. period.

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I had a lot of problems with that, too. (Hence having dropped out this semester.) Don’t give up, though. Talk to Dean Winger and see if there is anything he can do personally to make something possible for you.

I have to admit, Dean Winger is great. He’s so sweet and so understanding. He helped me a lot when I had that freak surgery last semester and had to withdraw. His wife is wonderful, too. She offered to go with me to meetings with people so things could get done and so I would have support from someone who understands. She set up all kinds of things for me, but now Mrs. Shipe is just ugh. I don’t even know. She asked what I wanted to meet about because she was at a conference and wouldn’t be back until next week, so I told her all of the problems, and she seemed really sympathetic. She asked me to to come up with any solution I could think of and that she was open to any ideas. Literally the only solution would to be a room with an attached bathroom. I even said I realized that might not be an option due to availability. She just responds saying that no, it wouldn’t be. I then asked her if she had any other ideas because to me, that was the only solution so I was confused as to why she even asked me. She responded and said that she couldn’t. I don’t understand why she would let me get my hopes up like that. She should have said right off the bat that she doesn’t think there’s anything they could do. I know it may seem like such an insignificant thing, but after everything I’ve been through, I’m just sick of all of this. I want to go home. It;s hard enough being away at school with a chronic illness, but not being able to sleep and having incredibly embarrassing issues and having people make fun of you for it IN COLLEGE makes it even worse and I can’t handle it.

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lmao fair enough. no @ 15 though.

if you’re over 18, that’s cool. that means you can send nudes of yourself to me!!!!

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now thats thinking with your head not your dick

the day i think with my dick before my head is the day i chop my dick off and trade it for cyanide pills.

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SVU is the worst but I can respect to disagree. Like, cool, I’m glad these shows are back on, but realistically I’m not going to obsess over it and act like the 90’s were hot shit. People on Tumblr are fucking retarded.

SVU is corny as fuck and i can see why people can’t stand it

obsessing over a time period during which you were never older than 7 years old is just ridiculous to me

“people on tumblr are fucking retarded” - god bless you.


dirtyfreeforalll said: it’s used to it by now

- if your email is used to sending nude photos of yourself then you might as well just keep everything consistent

reilareila said: get drunk sometime and let me know

- usually when i get drunk i have trouble communicating with females (in a way that doesn’t involve using the word ‘cunt’) so that’s not a good idea….i’ll still contact you though

FUCK, these white women know that i have a weakness

my weakness is white women