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Running From a POed Chimera


Continued from here.

The man’s touch sent a jolt through the mediums body and it wasn’t the dislike feeling she received when strangers touched her. No this was something else…. and whatever it was, was dangerous. However, now wasn’t the time to dwell on such things.

The chimera, was slowly starting to move again. Its snake head hissed hatefully as it slowly managed to slither forward. Its tongue darted out of its mouth trying to pick up that damn woman’s scent. It managed to do that as well as picked up another scent.

The snake head shivered and tried to flee in the opposite direction. The man’s scent smelled of a Dragon and it would be a fool not to run from such a monster. The lion head, being a prideful beast, roared in defiance and began the chase with vigor. The lion cared not what power the man held or what the little archer was. To it it was an ally of the damned medium and than meant that he should receive the same punishment.

Instead of heading through the exit Reikomei leaped out the window. Luckily there was a tree below so she grabbed for some branches to slow her decent. Her hands and arms screamed from the abuse the rough bark caused, but she didn’t care. Reikomei landed on the ground without much hassle, for her it was a nice landing. Hopefully that archer was skilled enough to follow her.