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Energetic Black Box

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So this is loosely based on the idea of Pandora’s box, in Greek mythology this is a box that was given to  the first woman created by the gods. It contained all the evils of the world and she was tempted to peek inside and opened it letting all the evils loose but leaving hope inside. My black box is used in my energy and Reiki workings, I use it to contain negative energy, parasites, etc. Essentially this is the opposite of Pandora’s box, you shove the bad inside and it cannot get out unless you want it to and it also transmutes negative energy into positive or neutral energy. 

What you need:

  • A quiet place and focus
  • Sigils that mean:
  • “You shall not pass” and 
  • “ energy transmutation/dispel negative energy” (I used the Reiki symbol I was taught for this one, you can use whatever you want) 

This is made purely of energy (and if you can astral travel you should be able to see it physically in astral as that’s where it exists). After you ground and center yourself concentrate on visualizing your black box (it doesn’t have to be black, do what works for you). See all of it’s sides, it is a box so it has four sides, a top and a bottom; feel them as you build them up energetically. Once you have your box solidified and it does not dissipate when you take your concentration off of it, you are going to set the sides and the sigils into each side, the bottom, and the top. 

The way I did this was by creating energy sigils. Energy sigils are sigils that are created energetically and are connected by energy cords to outside power sources. That way the box does not drain your energy and it should not be easy or probable for anything to break out of it. 

I started with the sides, I gathered energy cords from the Source through my Reiki channel, from the Sun, from the Moon, from the River that is a few miles from my house, from the Mountains I grew up in, from the Ocean, from the Trees in my area; I asked my spirit companion to support me while I did this. Gather strong cords of energy, then you are going to weave them around the corners of the box, I started with the top left corner of this side of the box. Wove the energy cords together towards the upper right corner, then down the right side, then from the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, up the left side and connected the whole side together. I checked the whole circuit then spun the box around and did the same to the next side, again checking the circuit of that side then the connection of the 2 sides together before moving on to the 3rd and then 4th side. Repeating the steps above for each side. 

After you have the sides connected and the energy woven together you might feel a buzzing vibration, that is the energy circuit and it will settle once you finish the whole thing (I would not split this into parts if you can help it, I don’t know what would happen. It might implode or just fade away. Just try to complete this in one sitting. If you don’t I’d be interested in hearing from you about what happened). 

Next step is the bottom, you do the same as with each side, but as you go along the bottom you will be connecting with each of the bottom corners of each side. So the weaving is more like Nalbinding (which I know not many of you will know but that is the best description I can think of because it’s not like knitting and only sort of like crocheting) you are creating an edge for the bottom as you connect it to the existing edge of the bottom of each side. 

The top of the box I left for last, but if you feel the need to do it now, do so, but the top of the box is a lid so make sure to hinge it on one side so you can open it. 

Once you have the sides and the bottom of the box stable you are going to create your energy sigils with the cords of energy you have gathered (if you need to stop to gather more energy at any time do so, so it does not start draining your energy). You will weave your, “You shall not pass”, sigil out of the energy cords then embed it into the 1st side of the box. Make 4 more and embed them in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th side, and the bottom of the box. 

At this point it should feel like the energy is focused and shouldn’t be buzzing too much as the sigils  focus the energy and intent of the working. 

Next step is the top and this one is a little different. You will take the energy cords and weave a filter/net, the intent behind this is you can push things through but they cannot come through until their energy has been neutralized or transmuted to a more positive and not harmful one. Once you have the net woven to the size of the top of your box you will again weave this onto each side, similar to how you wove the bottom together. After the net is in place you will make an energy sigil, “dispel negative energy/ energy transmutation”, with your energy cords (remember to gather more if needed). Set the sigil into the net. 

Lastly is the lid/top of the box. I visualized it open, as I had just made the filter, I started with the hinged edge fixing it to that side of the box permanently and to act as a hinge. Then I worked up from there, pick a side and weave the energy up the side, across the other (top) edge, and back down to the hinged edge. At this point I closed the top, I made the last, “You shall not pass”, energy sigil and embedded it into lid. And you are done. 

I checked once more to make sure there were no hitches in the energy weaves or sigils. And if you want to you can also connect another energy cord from an outside source just for added power and as a back up if any thing you’ve woven fails. I connected mine to the river down the road, it connects to the Ocean so it has a slight attachment to the ocean as well. 

When ever I take energy parasites or negative energy out of clients or myself I draw it out and put it in the black box. When I pass the over the river I open the lid and allow the transmuted energy to release; also sometimes if I feel the need I will open it and check on everything, usually there is something that needs to be released if it has grabbed my attention. I haven’t tried this with nasty spirits/entities yet but it should (in theory) work the same way. (Again, let me know if you do trap a nasty entity or spirit and how it works, please!)

I hope this was informative and made sense. This is a practice I have created for myself so if something is confusing please contact me with your questions. 

Reiki ideas for fun and profit

•Charge your bath bomb with reiki and enjoy a lovely bath (water conducts reiki in my experience)
•Charge your meals with reiki for an extra dose of cleansing energies
•If your plants are looking wilty and you’re watering and feeding it already try some reiki
•If you have anxious or aggressive pets reiki is great for that too
•Charge cards or mail you send friends with happy reiki thoughts
•Charge important emails or resumes (if you have the reiki symbols HSZSN is considered good for goal setting like this)
•Once I heard someone reiki’d their car battery after it died in a pinch but I make no claims as to effectiveness lmao

This is my outdoor altar for honoring the local nature spirits! The crystals I’ve set up are prehnite, chlorite phantom crystals, rainbow aura quartz, circle stone, moss agate, rainforest jasper, smoky quartz, aventurine, and malachite. There’s also a shaman stone sitting in the corner. The incense is geranium, lavender, and jasmine. The candle is white and cedar/sage scented. I’ve sprinkled some dried red flowers from the trees onto it, too. There’s a dish of salt for purification and under that are two pieces of paper: one with a poem I wrote about the awe of nature, the other one an invocation for the blessings of spirits of my garden, the trees, land spirits, ancestral spirits, and to tell wandering ghosts to leave me alone.

So I set up this altar with the intention of honoring the local nature spirits, and also to protect from some of the creepy things wandering around at night (I live right next to a busy highway where people die in traffic accidents ALL the time. On top of that, my area was once home to a large Native American population and historians are pretty sure that all these houses are built on old burial grounds and dwellings and stuff).

So yeah, I wanted to make an altar basically to honor and acquaint myself with the nature spirits while simultaneously warding off nasty spirits who want to cause harm.

I set up the altar. I’m a Reiki practitioner so I blessed it, drew a combination of Reiki symbols and personal symbols I find empowerment in, and that’s really it. You can’t see it in the picture but I drew sigils and symbols in chalk on the ground around the altar too.

My siblings both sat down by the altar to get a feel for it. My brother’s input was that the altar felt like a HUGE beacon, like a lighthouse, and the altar might attract all kinds of stuff as a result. He said that it felt good and warm and happy and all that, but it felt like too much. My sister said the same thing. All of us (myself included) felt like I’d done something to piss them off, like I was imposing on their territory needlessly. Since that was the opposite of what I wanted to do, I felt bad but kept the altar up regardless to see if these were well-founded fears or if I was just psyching myself out.

I smudged the altar, blessed the altar, set my intention, burned the incense, and drew symbols that matched my intention, but the feeling I got was that I shouldn’t have made an altar in the first place. Last night I couldn’t sleep and felt creeped out, so i don’t know if maybe I was just out of my depth with this one and the local spirits are just not friendly toward people at all. Or maybe I should stand my ground and leave offerings, meditate in front of the altar, etc.

I’ve made outdoor altars in the past and none of them have felt like this or made me creeped out.

This is a longer version of my question from early this morning, but if anyone has any advice on what to do with this altar please let me know!

Wow okay apparently a lot of people did not in fact know that about pendulums


did you know if you’re attuned up to reiki 1 you can use it to clear spaces and rooms, and you can also reiki inanimate objects like a car battery, a thermostat, a computer, etc if it’s malfunctioning

You can also reiki dying plants

And if you’re attuned to reiki II the CKR symbol can be used to clear an entire space, draw one symbol per wall and then one for ceiling and floor while repeating the symbol name mantra

And if you have master level the ZK symbol can be used in dire circumstances to clear a space of heavy blocks or bad energy pretty quickly

Using Reiki for Protection| By the power of 3X3.

                                     REIKI  | REIKI  | REIKI….


If you’re familiar with Reiki and are in need of some protection, whether it be from an evil “witch”, bad luck, or just any negative forces…try this protection “spell”. 

If you’re attuned to Reiki this should be pretty easy, and if not, I’m sure you can do it too if your intentions are pure… 

To begin, close your eyes and sit or lay in a comfortable position. 
Begin to active Reiki with a quick gassho mediation, imagine Reiki glowing in any appropriate color (I like to imagine a nice blue color).
After you feel the reiki energy buzzing, place your hands on the top of your head.
Imagine the blue energy flowing down and around your body.
When you’ve visualized your entire body covered in blue, imagine that color expanding out like an aura.
Try and visualize it expand out a few feet  from your body.
Now imagine that the outer most layer of the color is coated with a silver like reflective color, like a mirror. 
If you are attuned, use any reiki symbols at this point to begin “sealing” the energy.

[You can repeat certain affirmations or even a chant while you visualize if you like. You can also add candles, incense, crystals, herbs or any other tools to enhance the “spell”.]

When done inhale deeply and imagine the blue color enter you, and when you exhale imagine black or dark colors leaving you.
Finish with thanking the universe, god, your higher self, or even thank your haters. (haha)

The great thing about using Reiki as a protection spell is that you aren’t harming or directing any energy towards anyone. Reiki is literally LOVING energy. Its the best go to if you know a certain person is psychically attacking you.
You aren’t directing anything towards them, but are protecting yourself from their negative intentions. It just keeps them away…its really the best hater repellent out there.


**Hand Chakras**

The hand chakras are part of the minor chakra system. They are located in the palm of the hands and are smaller vortices compared to the major chakras. The hand chakras allow us to receive and send energy and tend to be strong in those who do hands on healing work such as Reiki.

In Reiki, the student gets attuned with the Reiki symbols and energy on the palms of the hands. It is a transmission of energy that activates the student’s ability to access the energy to a much greater degree.

Activating the Hand Chakras

The most common way to stimulate the hand chakras is by rubbing your hands together. Here are a couple of different ways to activate your hand chakras and also help you become familiar with energy.

Exercise 1: Opening and feeling the hand chakras

(Opening the hand chakras)

Extend both arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor with elbows straight. Turn one hand up and one hand down.
Quickly open and close your hands twenty times or so. Reverse your palms and repeat.
( Feeling the hand chakras)

Open your hands and slowly bring your palms together, starting at about two feet apart and moving slowly to a few inches.
When your hands are about four inches apart you should be able to feel a subtle ball of energy, like a magnetic field, floating between your palms.

Exercise 2: Toning to open the hand chakras

Open your hands and face them in front of you. Tone into or recite mantras to your hands. Pay attention and feel the sound vibration stimulating your hand chakras.

Examples of mantras for toning

AUM (this is my favorite! stretch out each letter and feel the difference in vibration with each letter, A-U-M)
LAM (Earth, Muladhara)
VAM (Water, Swadhisthana)
RAM (Fire, Manipura)
YAM, or sometimes seen as SAM ( Air, Anahata)
HAM (Ether, Visuddha)
OM (light, Anja

Exercise 3: Rubbing your hands together

You can stimulate your hand chakras by rubbing your hands together vigorously and then let them hang freely afterwards. Notice the energy coming in through your hands.

Good Morning!

I have been getting a little more into my kitchen witchery recently and wanted to share with you my coffee inspired spell for today. 

As I set up my coffee maker, I first put a good few shakes of cinnamon into the filter (maybe even as much as a teaspoon because I love cinnamon lol). 

Cinnamon is used for many witchy things from love to protection to prosperity. I am on a mission to bring more money into my life this year after finalizing a 2 year drawn out legal battle. It’s time to move on and move up! 

I then added my coffee, and I decided to top it off with another dash of cinnamon (I really do love it). I had a Fire incense burning on the center of my hearth (my gas stove) and I prayed to my kitchen goddess, Brighid, who watches over my hearth and home. Since we’re approaching her time of year I also said a few words to rededicate myself on my path. It felt right :) I also asked for Reiki to flow through me so that I could use it for my spell as well. Since getting certified, I have found all kinds of uses for it in magic working. 

I then took my kitchen witch wand, which is my wooden spoon that I recently decorated with elderberry ink, and I went back to my coffee maker. Hovering my hands over it, I imbued with energies of prosperity, success, money drawing, and abundance in life. I also used my wand to draw an empowerment reiki symbol and a mental reiki symbol… since both are really good keys to success :) I ended it with a prayer of thanks. 

This morning I was excited to hop out of bed with my alarm and go make my magical coffee!! Ohhh let me tell you it tastes sooo good <3 I typically have a half cup or maybe a full cup, but this time I brought the rest of the pot in a to go cup haha. Can’t waste a magical drop ;) 

I can’t wait to come up with something to make for dinner tonight!



Total name count: SIX HUNDRED AND ELEVEN

611 names!!! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT? And I lovingly recorded and cut out each and every one, drenched them in angelica and lavender and oils and stuffed them in my festive jar.

The red candle is inscribed with some of the reiki symbols and stuck in my astrological holder on top of the jar. This was easily the most intense reiki jar I’ve ever done. I’ve had some freaky sudden feelings on my end so I’d love to hear what the heckie I did.

Also, there aren’t words for how thirsty doing reiki on this big a scale makes you.

As always I love to hear what people felt, if anything, during a mass send like this! I’m gonna try and respond to each person who sent me names off anon just so you know you got in in the coming days.

Best wishes for 2016!

Cho ku rei (cho koo ray)  is the Usui power boost mantra and symbol to increase the power of Reiki . This energy calls in higher universal energy and accelerates Reiki from low to high and gives greater power and focus to the energy .Power boost is used with the other energies as well as by itself during all treatments hands on or distance. This energy has been used to clear rooms and crystals and to charge food and water.