reiki flower

Reiki is the natural flow of energy. 

You are energy.

You are Ebb and Flow.

Each Reiki line signifies a loop. Each intersection is the transition between  the Chakras.

To draw in Earth:  Root, Crown, Sacral, Brow, Core, Throat, Heart

To draw in Spirit; Crown, Root, Brow, Sacral, Throat, Core, Heart. 


Lesson 3.2: Chakras!

So you read our first post. You know what chakras are, and maybe you’ve even thought about it and have made a guess as to which of your own chakras are under- or over-active. Here’s how you can change that.

  • We mentioned earlier that each chakra resonates to a color (for example, the root to red or the crown to violet). This means that if you wear clothing that matches the color of a chakra you’re trying to charge/open, you can cause that chakra to resonate! It can also be done by keeping bed sheets and furniture of that color around you, buying bulbs of that color, or painting your room’s walls that color.
  • Sunlight, as we all know, has a lot of energy. In the same way that you can put your crystals out in the sun to charge like we mentioned in Crystals! Part 2, laying out in the sun for extended periods of time can give your chakras an energy boost as well.
  • Eating foods that match the color of the chakra you’re working with is helpful. Eat greens for the heart chakra. Try eating red tomatoes or red apples instead of red meat if you’re working with the root chakra.
  • This is one that I really want to do: color baths! You can buy organic, non-toxic fluid that changes the color of your bath water. Then you just lie in the water, relax, and get a chakra boost. :)
  • Reiki. Here’s how it works: you, the beautiful soul who needs their chakras to be opened, lie down and relax on a bed or something of sorts. A reiki master, who’s here to help the innocent child (you), will use their hands to go over all the chakras individually, open them, and align them. Reiki masters have been trained to actually see your chakras, and they can move energy from their own bodies and into yours.
  • Negative thoughts, toxins in food, and environmental pollutants are all factors that can have bad effects on your chakras. Think more positively, eat more natural foods, and do what you can to avoid other pollutants to protect your chakras.

Check out part 3 where we dig a little deeper into chakras! Love and oneness. :)

Rotate the Soul “Trinity” 90 degrees to the Right. (below Spirit and Life orbs)

It now becomes the 7 main Chakras. 

  • Spirit = Animals, Earth
  • Life = Plants, Air
  • Spirit + Life = You

Yin and Yang is the balance between Infinity. 

One must always balance the other. As is above so is below. 


Consider the points of the Star as Circles and straight lines as Triangles.

  • Life moves as curves and circles
  • Wisdom is with straight lines and triangles

The heart resides in the center. Imagine it a Merkaba Crystal. Each point acting as the Life Circle and line is Life Triangle. 



When you shift your consciousness from the duality of the brain into the heart, your heart chakra begins to spin, your energetic field around your body then electrifies and begins to wind, your Merkaba then begins to gain great speed. It activates your light body whilst also expanding. The Merkaba is the divine chariot of light, it ascends you into the higher dimensional caverns of existence.