On The Methods of Energy Healing

I have yet to find a post on energy healing that focuses on the process beyond pinpointing and clearing blockages. I feel like there’s more to healing that could be talked about, though there’s definitely a good chance that I’ve just not found the posts that go into detail about this. Nevertheless, here’s my take on approaches for energy healing, specifically for injuries in the physical or astral. (I don’t mention the use of crystals and herbs and such because I don’t use them and therefore don’t feel like I should try to cover something I’m not familiar with.)

There are three major approaches I think of when trying to heal injuries and their pros and cons:

Increasing Healing Speed

The first is boosting someone’s natural healing process. I see this method done most often when people are doing healing, so I think this is kind of the go-to method for most healers. The way I would go about this is to envision the injury healing in progression, consciously seeing the stages of healing while pouring energy into it. 


  • Because we’ve all sustained some sort of injury before and know what the process of healing is like, envisioning this method is easier
  • It’s a solid method-not much could go wrong as long as you intend to heal. At worst, nothing will happen


  • This can be pretty draining, especially if it’s a significant injury. Let’s say that it takes 10 points of energy for an injury to naturally heal over the course of 10 days. Regardless of time, the same amount of energy is required to heal that injury. Essentially what you would be doing is condensing the energy spending by using maybe 4-5 points of energy over the course of the healing session and then allowing the injury to heal itself in less than 10 days, instead of 1 point every day for 10 days.
  • It might also take a toll on the person you’re healing. This would happen if you intend for the injury to heal faster but you don’t provide the energy to do so. I’ve only seen this happen with beginner healers or those who don’t have much energy to spare. It’s not a terrible thing, but definitely not something that you want to happen without warning.

Erasing the Injury

The second method is erasing the injury, or erasing the effects of the injury. This would be done by maybe visualizing an eraser rubbing an injury away leaving no traces. You would be dispersing the energy of injury in the area until it is minimized. Not gonna lie, this one’s kind of a weird one but it works well for some people. I personally only do this for minor injuries and particularly if the pain needs to be dealt with immediately.


  • It works really well on minor injuries, and is relatively fast (maybe because I don’t like to use this method on bigger things though)
  • You see more immediate effects, to a point. Meaning the pain may lessen faster but the injury won’t suddenly be gone or anything like that.


  • I would say that this one is harder to visualize, because it’s not the same as envisioning the progression of natural healing. Envisioning something that would not occur in reality, like an injury being erased, can be a little difficult.
  • In my opinion this shouldn’t be done on significant injuries, or at least it shouldn’t be the only healing done. This is because most significant injuries should heal at a moderate rate so that it doesn’t take a toll on the body and so that the body can learn from the injury itself. Many times when a significant injury happens, the person needs to learn from it and erasing might interfere with that.

Softening the Impact

This method goes to the root of the problem and requires sending energy back in time to when the injury was inflicted. Usually I only need to use this for very deep wounds. This one’s a little tricky to explain, but for those who are already experienced in energy work it will probably work just by intuitively finding the origin of the injury and then going from there. What would help is to try to feel the timeline of a person’s healthfulness and then to try to look for the initial point where the energy signature of the injury occurred. For those not as experienced in energy work, you might need to ask a person about how the injury came to be, and then to guide energy to that point in time. Once you locate the root of the wound, what you would do is lessen the impact of the injury by cushioning the affected area with energy. So let’s say a kid fell off his bike and bruised his knee, you would send energy back to right before he fell and wrap your energy around it in a cushion form. You could also send energy to right after he fell if you want to do a first aid type initial healing. There’s more that can be explained about this method but this is the gist of it. 


  • It’s really good for deep wounds as mentioned before. For wounds that leave scars, this is the method I would use to treat them.
  • It’s thorough. Getting to the root of problems is almost always the most thorough way, and I say “almost” just to give people the benefit of the doubt.


  • It can be intrusive. Any situation where a deep wound is inflicted is one that that a person likely would not want to share. There is a possibility that you will accidentally read into what happened even if you try not to. There’s also the possibility of the injured person reliving the moment as you’re healing. Be very careful of respecting people’s space and privacy when using this method. I tell people how I will go about healing them regardless, but always, always ask for a person’s permission before using this method, and make sure they 100% understand what you will be doing and what could happen.
  • This method requires a lot of detailed work, and can be difficult. I do not recommend this to newer energy workers, because it takes some time getting used to energy before being able to pinpoint times that healing needed to occur. This is not a challenge for new energy workers!!! Don’t read this and think that you should try to be “the exception” or whatever. Don’t try to make your healing sessions a source of triumph. The best energy workers are those who are responsible. The best healers do what is the safest and most comfortable for those they’re working with. By knowing what you should and shouldn’t do and what your pace should be, you’re being a good energy worker already.

Anyways this post is getting much longer than I anticipated. For those that might read this, please note that these are my experiences only and that they don’t pertain to every healer. These are also not the only methods of healing, just some of them. As I progress and if people bring up stuff I’ll probably come back to edit or add to this post. One of my companions is a healer as well, so if she shows different things that she does I may tack that on as well.

Energetic Black Box

Originally posted by thanqtos

So this is loosely based on the idea of Pandora’s box, in Greek mythology this is a box that was given to  the first woman created by the gods. It contained all the evils of the world and she was tempted to peek inside and opened it letting all the evils loose but leaving hope inside. My black box is used in my energy and Reiki workings, I use it to contain negative energy, parasites, etc. Essentially this is the opposite of Pandora’s box, you shove the bad inside and it cannot get out unless you want it to and it also transmutes negative energy into positive or neutral energy. 

What you need:

  • A quiet place and focus
  • Sigils that mean:
  • “You shall not pass” and 
  • “ energy transmutation/dispel negative energy” (I used the Reiki symbol I was taught for this one, you can use whatever you want) 

This is made purely of energy (and if you can astral travel you should be able to see it physically in astral as that’s where it exists). After you ground and center yourself concentrate on visualizing your black box (it doesn’t have to be black, do what works for you). See all of it’s sides, it is a box so it has four sides, a top and a bottom; feel them as you build them up energetically. Once you have your box solidified and it does not dissipate when you take your concentration off of it, you are going to set the sides and the sigils into each side, the bottom, and the top. 

The way I did this was by creating energy sigils. Energy sigils are sigils that are created energetically and are connected by energy cords to outside power sources. That way the box does not drain your energy and it should not be easy or probable for anything to break out of it. 

I started with the sides, I gathered energy cords from the Source through my Reiki channel, from the Sun, from the Moon, from the River that is a few miles from my house, from the Mountains I grew up in, from the Ocean, from the Trees in my area; I asked my spirit companion to support me while I did this. Gather strong cords of energy, then you are going to weave them around the corners of the box, I started with the top left corner of this side of the box. Wove the energy cords together towards the upper right corner, then down the right side, then from the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, up the left side and connected the whole side together. I checked the whole circuit then spun the box around and did the same to the next side, again checking the circuit of that side then the connection of the 2 sides together before moving on to the 3rd and then 4th side. Repeating the steps above for each side. 

After you have the sides connected and the energy woven together you might feel a buzzing vibration, that is the energy circuit and it will settle once you finish the whole thing (I would not split this into parts if you can help it, I don’t know what would happen. It might implode or just fade away. Just try to complete this in one sitting. If you don’t I’d be interested in hearing from you about what happened). 

Next step is the bottom, you do the same as with each side, but as you go along the bottom you will be connecting with each of the bottom corners of each side. So the weaving is more like Nalbinding (which I know not many of you will know but that is the best description I can think of because it’s not like knitting and only sort of like crocheting) you are creating an edge for the bottom as you connect it to the existing edge of the bottom of each side. 

The top of the box I left for last, but if you feel the need to do it now, do so, but the top of the box is a lid so make sure to hinge it on one side so you can open it. 

Once you have the sides and the bottom of the box stable you are going to create your energy sigils with the cords of energy you have gathered (if you need to stop to gather more energy at any time do so, so it does not start draining your energy). You will weave your, “You shall not pass”, sigil out of the energy cords then embed it into the 1st side of the box. Make 4 more and embed them in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th side, and the bottom of the box. 

At this point it should feel like the energy is focused and shouldn’t be buzzing too much as the sigils  focus the energy and intent of the working. 

Next step is the top and this one is a little different. You will take the energy cords and weave a filter/net, the intent behind this is you can push things through but they cannot come through until their energy has been neutralized or transmuted to a more positive and not harmful one. Once you have the net woven to the size of the top of your box you will again weave this onto each side, similar to how you wove the bottom together. After the net is in place you will make an energy sigil, “dispel negative energy/ energy transmutation”, with your energy cords (remember to gather more if needed). Set the sigil into the net. 

Lastly is the lid/top of the box. I visualized it open, as I had just made the filter, I started with the hinged edge fixing it to that side of the box permanently and to act as a hinge. Then I worked up from there, pick a side and weave the energy up the side, across the other (top) edge, and back down to the hinged edge. At this point I closed the top, I made the last, “You shall not pass”, energy sigil and embedded it into lid. And you are done. 

I checked once more to make sure there were no hitches in the energy weaves or sigils. And if you want to you can also connect another energy cord from an outside source just for added power and as a back up if any thing you’ve woven fails. I connected mine to the river down the road, it connects to the Ocean so it has a slight attachment to the ocean as well. 

When ever I take energy parasites or negative energy out of clients or myself I draw it out and put it in the black box. When I pass the over the river I open the lid and allow the transmuted energy to release; also sometimes if I feel the need I will open it and check on everything, usually there is something that needs to be released if it has grabbed my attention. I haven’t tried this with nasty spirits/entities yet but it should (in theory) work the same way. (Again, let me know if you do trap a nasty entity or spirit and how it works, please!)

I hope this was informative and made sense. This is a practice I have created for myself so if something is confusing please contact me with your questions. 

The Effect of Music, Prayer & Words on Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto:

Keeping in mind our bodies are 65% water.
You are what you tell yourself you are.
You are what you tell others they are.
Thoughts truly become things… choose good ones!

                            THE 5 PRINCIPLES OF REIKI
                        Just for today, do not be angry
                                 Just for today, do not worry
                   Just for today, be grateful
                              Just for today, work hard
                                       Just for today, be kind to others.
                                              (simple animation by me)

“It’s OK to be afraid. Fear is a natural part of the emotional range, with its own power and purpose. It is fear that is waking people up right now! Fear is not the problem. Denial of fear is the problem. Indifference is the problem. Being paralyzed by fear is the problem, too. Constant distraction is the problem. As evolving beings, we must learn to accept what must be feared, and discard the petty or false fears which keep us tied to this floundering way of life.”

Invite With Ease

Do not try to manifest anything with force or urgency. Pause or be silent until you can feel calmness and connection with the Universe. Your life will reflect back to you your intention, your emotions. If you are manifesting and having fun doing it - more experiences will occur where you feel the same level of happiness, or even more. 
Remember this often, especially if the appointed time for your desire hasn’t come yet and you are tempted to feel impatient. 

Dance Magic

Dance Magic is one of the most pure forms of energy work. It is powerful. While performing a spell, one can not only feel the energy, but can smell, see, taste, and hear it as you move it around your body.

Using dancing as a tool for magic is ancient. The Aztecs and Mayans used it to draw rain into Mexico. The Celtics used it to sanctify their dead so they could transcend to the afterlife. The Aborigines use it to balance the body and connect with nature, as well as a portal to the Dreamtime. 

As a Reiki Master, a privilege I do not take lightly,  dance magic is a cornerstone in balancing my body and mind, as well as giving an ofrenda (Offering) of energy to the Earth, Directions, Spirits, and The Center (God, but as I like to call it, “The Omniplex”).

Witch tip for babes:

Having trouble with this type of magic? Want to try it but have no idea where to start? Good news! There’s no right way to do dance magic.

Music? Doesn’t matter

Style? Whatever is comfortable

Rythm? If you got it. 

Need some inspiration?
Watch the Netflix Original: The OA.

In this show, there is a dance called the “Movements”. These movements were derived from ancient ceremonial dances of the Aztecs and Maya, as well as a coagulation of a few other traditions. It is beautifully portrayed. 

A warning:

Because of how powerful Dance Magic can be at it’s highest potential, I feel I must warn you of the potential effects.

After a dance spell, you might enter an altered state. This could be extremely beneficial or extremely unwanted based on the current situation. Be mindful of this.

Be sure to replace all energy you take from your environment (Unless from the Earth itself, space, The Center, or a designated energy source). Taking from house plants, for example, can damage their ability to thrive. 

If you’re using Dance Magic to amplify a spell, be weary. You could run the potentiality of overpowering the spell, which could broaden the range of the spell’s effects. Bure sure your spell has set guidelines to follow. Make sure your intentions are extremely consistent while casting. Especially if you’re amplifying a spell with the Dance Magic of a group of people. EVERYONE must be on the same page, even the same paragraph if possible before the ceremony begins.  

For the Empath

Your sensitivity is a great gift.

You are keenly aware of fluctuations in energy - you feel deeply the rise and fall of emotive particles all around you.  Everything is energy, every single thing vibrating, pulsating, resonating or reverberating.  Your gift was not intended to cause you to suffer, although often in the early stages you become aware of your gift because of the pain it can cause.

Vibrate high dear One and ground yourself deeply into your body and the Earth.  When you feel a jolt of empathy, be the awareness rather than the pain.  Be the space rather than what occupies it.  Breathing deeply in through the nose, and out through the mouth as a sigh that softly chants “om” will assist you greatly.  It is very easy to feel another’s pain so deeply that it becomes your own.  It will knock you down where you can not help anyone, rather then becoming another who needs assistance to get back on their feet, be rooted as deep as you are tall dear Empath.  From there you can provide the help you’re here to give.  Your sensitivity is a great gift.  You, dearest Empath, can feel beyond the veil into the subtle realms.  In feeling beyond your own emotions, you possess an incredible emotional intelligence beyond what normal humans do.  You are not normal - you are a gifted sensitive!  Gifts of the Spiritual are meant to be given again.  Your gift is designed to allow access and understanding of all the nuances of vibration, a feeler to assist others to find the light in times of darkness.  You must be the light in order to do this dear One, do not get lost in another’s dark days!  Be so rooted in your light that you glow.  Be the lighthouse that guides others home.  Stand proud and bright dear One - unashamedly so!  For that is how you serve.  That is how you help another.

Being an Empath means you know where to point your beacon.  Be the light in that darkness dear Empath, and glow.


Channeling and Photography © Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @ PostcardsFromSpirit.com

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” - Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!


sylvaetria  asked:

Where would you recommend one learn Reiki from? Obviously a professional, but I mean, you know. Because I'm seeing it more and more (cough cough from you), and i know I can do energy healing okay, but I wanna refine that a lot more. You know?

To learn reiki, you NEED to find a reiki master. You cannot direct or control the reiki energy at all without an attunement. I have tried, and I have been doing energy work for 3 years now- despite this, I still could not access reiki energy. Reiki is initiatory; you need an attunement to be able to use it. Masters have achieved the level 3 attunement, which is REQUIRED to attune other people to reiki. 

However, while finding a Reiki Master is already a challenge, finding a reputable one is even harder. There are soooooo many ‘love and light!!’ :) Reiki masters/”Reiki masters” that actually know very little about reiki, including how it works, its history, different variations, etc. Additionally, quality of the attunement can vary a lot

Nothing against the ‘love and light’ mindset in and of itself, it’s more of the vast over-simplifications, cult-like mindsets, and general ignorance that comes from being middle class/upper middle class (which majority of people holding that paradigm come with) that often come with those types of practicioners that gets me really pissed. That’s a different argument in itself though. 

Back to the point, 

When you find a Reiki master, you’re going to need to vet them. Some suggested things to consider: 

  • Do they actually know what they are talking about? 
  • Do they actually know anything at all about reiki, especially Usui reiki, which is the Original™ reiki? 
  • Does their reiki actually affect/work with you/Is their attunement/reiki worth a shit? If you get a reiki session from them and NOTHING happens, then it’s time to look for someone else to get an attunement/healings from. There’s a lot of people with fake or very weak attuneents. 
  • Does their energy work well with you? While reiki is its own energy, when sending/doing attunements, it is still affected by the sender’s energy- thus you’ll need to find a Reiki Master who’s energy vibes well with yours. 
  • Do they believe Usui was a Christian minister?…if so, run away immediately. Because he was not, and that is a rumor that has been strongly dispelled. 
  • Do they know energy work outside of reiki? Not a requirement (especially for Usui reiki, which is centered on “allowing” and no directing at all) but it can be very, very useful. In my opinion, reiki energy is nowhere near as useful if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of energy work and energy systems, plus the will to learn shit on your own. 
  • Do you feel comfortable/safe with the Reiki master? Some of them give off bad cult-y vibes. 

BTW Reiki is culturally open. You do not need to be a certain culture/religion/etc to practice reiki. Usui, the original founder, very much so intended for it to be shared and spread worldwide. It is initiatory in that you need an initiation to be able to use it, but you do not need to be of any specific culture/ethnicity/religion to be able to learn it and share it with others. 

These are just suggestions and I’m just starting to learn about the wider and more info-based aspects of reiki, so don’t use me as the only source. These are just recommendations based on what I know right now. Feel free to hmu again later down the line tho, I’ll probably know a lot more in a couple months’ time :0