Yep. There you have it folks. My support for the number one famous cosplayer in the whole entire world ASDFGHJKL ;A;!!!!!

I finally got my hands on my first photobook of her GAWD I’m so happy*^*!!!!

Literally one of the best cosplayer I know and I respect her very very much*^*!!!

Totally look up to her and I follow her on fb for new cosplay and such.

Levi is def one if my favorite cosplay that she does :). She has a good impression of him. And so does Jean omfg Jean is literally so cute O////O!!

Other cosplays that she does is Ren from UtaPri and I adore that cosplay. Very simple and yes very smexy!!! Her recent cosplay of Kageyama is so freakin cool and hopefully she release some kind of photobook of that 8D kekekeke~

And yeah. I show my support by buying this photobook~ and hopefully she’ll release more photobooks in the future and other merch :33!

Gave you guys a preview of some of the pages in the photobook. Pictures are absolutely perfect. Quality of the prints are off the chart. Price is about $14 ish which isn’t too bad.


I uploaded Reika’s q&a from last year’s cosmania’s meet & greet!

I just want to share it with everyone!