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DAT. REIJI. COVER. Where can I get the CD?? Is on ami ami?

Yes, the Para Selene Cds are available on amiami and skitdolce. Though for convenience you may use amiami. You can get them directly there.

Reiji’s is up for pre-order, and it’s scheduled to be released late October. 

Ayato - Amiami | Skitdolce

Kino - Amiami | Skitdolce

Kou - Amiami | Skitdolce

Shin - Amiami | Skitdolce

Laito - Amiami | Skitdolce

Subaru - Amiami | Skitdolce

Reiji - Amiami (pre-order) | Skitdolce (not up yet)

Diabolik Lovers: Cuddles

Words: 718

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Brothers

Disclaimer: Gifs are not mine!!

Shu- The King of Laziness would want as little movement as possible when he had you in his arms. The two of you would often face each other, your noses and lips nearly touching, his hand in your hair. He would leave you enough room to move your arms which you took great advantage of. Your hand would find its way upward to trace the outline of his face. He would watch you with a small smile as you did so, or if he was particularly tired, he would hum as he relaxed into your touch. Sometimes though, you would share hushed words whether they be loving or dirty is up to the both of you.

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the diabolik lovers boys as roommates

ayato: actually an okay roommate? he talks about himself a lot, but he has no friends so you feel kind of bad for him. if you can handle his narcissism then he’ll be a good friend and roommate. if not, well, he always brings back takoyaki leftovers. 7/10

laito: cool roommate who always invites you out. he always has someone over. be prepared to walk in on him and his partner every time you return home. 5/10

kanato: prepare for your kitchen to become a candy/pastry vault. you haven’t seen a vegetable in weeks. if he feels like taking an outing with you he makes you go to build a bear and buy him a toy. doesn’t like it when you leave him alone so you two end up spending all your time together. 5/10

shuu: the chillest roommate ever. perhaps a little too chill. he once flooded the bathroom because he fell asleep and forgot to turn the tub off. for all his faults you can’t really get mad at him because he does not give a shit about anything you do in the apartment. 8/10

reiji: the most anal roommate ever. he won’t let you leave the house until you’ve made your bed. set a curfew. will lock you out if you break curfew. on the plus side he does all the chores and cooks really well. 3/10

subaru: you’ve seen subaru maybe twice the entire time you’ve lived together. he’s always hiding in his room and gets flustered when you want to talk to him about anything. he doesn’t know his own strength and he gets angry too easily, so you’ve had to explain to your landlord why your walls have multiple holes in them. on the bright side he always pays for repairs 6/10

ruki: the roommate who always seems to be in a sour mood and pissed at you even if he’s not. despite this, he’s quiet and organized and overall a good roommate. do not bring people over, though, he hates having strangers invade his space and will stand there glaring at your guests until they leave. 7/10

kou: your house is literally littered with candies and fan letters that his fans send. he makes you reply to all his fanmail. he’ll help out if asked, but last time you asked he made you hold three different lights to his face for two hours so he could take the perfect selfie, so you don’t ask anymore. 3/10

azusa: the sweetest roommate ever, except for his knife collection. he locks himself out a lot though and never carries his phone so you often come home to find him huddled in front of the door. a good roommate to cuddle and drink hot chocolate with. 10/10

yuma: a messy boy. leaves his clothes everywhere and expects you to do his laundry. it gets to the point where you end up doing it just so he won’t wear whatever’s on the floor closest to him. he turned your place into an indoor garden and when he’s away will leave sticky notes on exactly how to take care of the plants. on the plus side, he’s a good cook and will complement you often, especially if you take good care of the plants. 7/10

carla: much like ruki, carla always seems to be angry at you. the difference between him and ruki is that he actually is angry at you. why? no reason. the only good things about having him as a roommate is that he pays his rent and is pretty quiet. 1/10

shin: brings dogs home that he finds on the street and now your apartment is infested with fleas. has a tail that he chains to his belt loop? you once asked him where the furry convention was and he threw your mattress out the window. 3/10

kino: always on his phone. forgets to pay the electric bill. drinks juice right outta the carton. makes you make a hundred new accounts on different mobile games so you can gift him items. kino isn’t the worst roommate on this list per se, but he’s really pushing it. 2/10


yui: literally best roommate. plugs your phone in at night when you fall asleep. makes you breakfast and impromptu lunches for when you’re going out. if you’re rooming with her after rooming with one of the boys, you cry because she’s such a blessing. 20/10 best roommate

karlheinz: fucked your girlfriend on your bed and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. 0/10 worst roommate

Diabolik Lovers: Kisses

Words: 480.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers.

Character(s): Sakamaki brothers.

Shu- His kisses would be lazy and slow. His hand would often cup the back of your head whilst the other would rest behind his head, if he were lying down. If you were both standing or sitting, the position would basically be the same but his other arm would wrap around your back and hold you close against him. His lips are usually soft and he always pulls back long enough to make you crave more. He often pulls you on top of him so he can feel you as close to him as possible and plus, that means he won’t have to move a lot to feel you close to him.

Reiji- His kisses are short but forceful. He wants to get his point across quickly because he’s often very busy. He would lift your chin to face him and press his lips firmly against yours before pushing up his glasses and going back to whatever he was previously doing. His lips often leave yours swollen and bruised but you can’t wait for the next time.

Ayato- His kisses usually start with him sucking your blood. There is usually one hand on your shoulder and the other wound around her waist. His hand would then slip to where he just bit you and up to cup your cheek before he would kiss you. His lips would pull at yours as though in a battle and if he were somehow losing the battle, he would press you against something and kiss you harder, his hands tightening their hold.

Laito- His kisses would leave you completely breathless. His hands would be on your hips and his lips would descend on yours slowly. He would tease you with short, light kisses before passionately kissing you, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth. He would play with your own tongue for a while before going back to the light kisses. He would alternate between the two, causing you to become dizzy with his kisses. If you let him, your kisses would usually end in the both of you in bed and without clothes.

Kanato- His kisses were short. He doesn’t kiss you often but when he does it’s usually to get you to shut up or to perhaps frighten you. You would often be stunned if Kanato kissed you which would make him laugh and start asking Teddy what they should do with you. In other words, there is no passion behind Kanato’s kisses.

Subaru- His kisses start off hesitant. He is afraid he’ll hurt you in some way so you usually initiate the kisses. After the initial fear and hesitancy he would stroke your hair from your face and kiss you more deeply, his hands winding through your hair. His kisses were originally sloppy and inexperienced but the longer he kissed you, the deeper he kissed you.

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Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a headcanon on what actions the Sakamaki (and Mukami if you can do them too) brothers would take to seduce their crush. Thanks!


  • In order to seduce his crush, Shuu likes to ‘test the waters’.
  • He will find his crush and carefully slip innuendos into his speech so that dirty thoughts fill their mind before he even lays a finger on them.
  • Once he thinks that they return his feelings, he will start to feel them up.
  • If they don’t protest, Shuu will call them a lewd woman before enacting his plans.


  • He has a similar tactic to his eldest brother, but for different reasons.
  • While his Shuu wants to get his crush flustered to stroke his ego and see if they like him, Reiji does it to avoid looking perverted and pin the blame on his crush.
  • Reiji carries this out by doing chores or conducting experiments with his crush and will invade their personal space just enough to get them flustered, yet to them, he seems completely fine.
  • However, he eventually gives in by degrading her by saying she is dirty-minded and acts as if she is the only one who wants it when he clearly does too.


  • As one would expect, he would use physical means of seducing his crush.
  • He might disguise his touching through “giving a massage” but moving from their shoulders soon enough.
  • Would get near them and whisper dirty things.
  • You know the deal…


  • He would wrap his arms around them, starting with hugging at first.
  • This already may fluster and surprise his crush, but he proceeds to speak in their ear and kiss her neck.
  • Despite his stature, he had a higher libido than you would expect.
  • He has to put down Teddy first though, doesn’t want to wreck Teddy’s innocence.


  • Will straight up just approach and corner them.
  • ‘Can’t say no if I corner them huh?’
  • Doesn’t care to ‘test the waters’ like Shuu, more like ‘go for it unless she says not to’.
  • Ayato is a very upfront type of guy, so his crush should expect this from him (presuming they know him).


  • To avoid looking to flustered, he would embrace his crush from behind in a gentle hug.
  • His crush would be more surprised than anything else, considering the contact they are receiving.
  • Nevertheless, he would slowly spin them around and kiss them before they could see his blushing cheeks.

- Asarys

Diabolik Lovers: Love Confessions

Words: 1000+ (I think)

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Brothers

Shu- Shu was stumped.He was always happy being the lazy, non-bothersome brother but lately his adrenaline had been running at high-speed simply by looking at one person: you. There you were, sat at the foot of his bed looking as beautiful as ever as you answered something he just asked and he’s sure you just asked him something but the blank space that was once his brain refused to cooperate. He opened his mouth to answer but no sound came out, causing your brow to furrow.


He sighed as he looked at you. You truly were bothersome as you leaked into his thoughts every moment of every day. You moved so that you were kneeling at his side as he was stretched out along the bed.

“Shu talk to me.”

You rested your hand on his forearm and leaned closer to him to let him know you were there for him. His eyes locked with yours and before he knew it he was in a sitting position with his face close to yours.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “I’m going to tell you something.”

“Of course, go ahead.”

You leaned closer to him as well, not realising just how close your bodies already were.

“You’re irritating, do you know that?”

You huffed as you leaned backwards. You removed your hand from his forearm and waited for him to get to some sort of point.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. When I relax I want to switch my mind off, but there you are, constantly bothering me in my head.”

Your anger dissappeared almost immediately as you smiled at him. He glanced at you then pulled you into him before falling backwards. You let out a small yell causing him to look at you unimpressed. You muttered an apology but pushed yourself up slightly so you could look at his face.

“Shu, do you like me?”

With his eyes shut and his arm around your waist he replied, “yes.”

Reiji- Unsurprisingly, the both of you were reading together on the couch in his ‘lab’ whilst you tried to figure out a specific formula. You two were pressed against each other side-by-side engrossed in your books, at least you were. It wasn’t until you felt Reiji shift for the 8th time in a row that you bookmarked your page and turned your attention to the vampire.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I just cannot seem to get comfortable.”

Reiji shifted again to emphasise his point but he wouldn’t look at you as he spoke. His hair covered the side of his face so you couldn’t see the bright blush on his face or his dilated pupils. He wanted to be the perfect gentleman for you but the thoughts that seemed to have consumed his mind recently were anything but gentlemanly, plus you scent was driving him crazy. He wanted to move further from you without it being obvious but the more he thought about why he was moving away from you the more uncomfortable he got, thus making him shift more than 8 times.

You chuckled and stated, “you’re acting awfully weird today, Reiji.”

Your atttention returned to your book but you felt eyes on your face causing you to raise an eyebrow. You pretended to read as you waited for him to say or do something. You hoped he wasn’t in some sort or trouble, well, more trouble than usual.

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Can you do a text with brothers on a road trip but all in dofferent cara for some reason?😂😂😂


yuma and reiji are driving their respective families, yui is in the mukami car because it would be too crowded in the sakamaki car if she were there


I am gonna make another version of this with a different hair style. I already drew the hair I just gotta color it. Anyways! I don’t like this but yeah…

Day 1- Shu / Day 2- Ruki / Day 3- Carla / Day 4- Kino / Day 5- Reiji / Day 6- Kou / Day 7- Shin / Day 8- Laito / Day 9- Yuma / Day 10- Kanato / Day 11- Azusa / Day 12- Ayato / Day 13- Subaru / Day 14- Yui / Day 15- Free Day

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Can you do one where Yui starts texting the Sakamaki boys memes and they're just

this is kind of an alteration of the basic prompt, but here u go she made a meme

this is based on a true story.


there’s a song about it.

beta mod is the one singing it.