reijgersdaal shipwreck

Complete 1744 Pillar Dollar stuck in conglomerate with pieces of colored glass and brass!

‘Ok, I know this isn’t really a mineral specimen but it’s pretty amazing as well as aesthetic and was part of an Atocha Bar purchase. This specimen is from the Reijgersdaal which sunk off the coast of South Africa on October 25th, 1747. The ship had been anchored between Robbin and Dassen Islands so the crew could capture rock rabbits for food. Along came a gale which broke the anchor line and the rest is history. Almost nothing from the wreck was salvaged due to the dangerous conditions of the area. Apparently, when this Mexican Pillar Dollar (1744-MF) tumbled down through the depths, it became embedded in the mud and debris of the wreck. Over the course of 250+ years, the conglomerate hardened and locked the coin in place along with pieces of colored glass and a small round object made of brass that may be a crotal bell. There’s also the hollow remains of a piece of wood or iron.’
From the 1747 Reijgersdaal (Reygersdahl) Shipwreck, Off the coast of South Africa. Recovered in 1979-1980. Measures 8.5 cm by 7.2 cm by 4.5 cm in size.