The squad takes on lbcc
Based on fanart by laurlaurrdraws

Anders “Aposkate” Mage: the-dunwall-inquisitor
Marian “Hawke” Hawke: sharkalanche
“Bitch of the Wilds” Morrigan: arkadycosplay
Alastair “Slam Dunkin” Therin: dog-of-ulthar
Varric “Lowrider” Tethras: casterlycosplay
“Heartbreaker” Fenris: sparklesmaug
“Booty Hunter” Isabela: reiguns
“Crows b4 Hoes” Zevran: Flo
“Heralds Bitches” Dorian: @crimson-blade-cosplay
Other Hawke: cbiscuitblog

More official pictures soon

Wait… Lemme take a selfie.
Zevran: Flo
Alistair (with a fuckin FLIP PHONE) dog-of-ulthar
Morrigan: arkadycosplay
Amell: lelianasherald
Isabela: reiguns
Varric: casterlycosplay
Dorian: crimson-blade-cosplay
Fenris: sparklesmaug
Hawke: sharkalanche
Anders: the-dunwall-inquisitor
Modern Hawke: cbiscuitblog

Based on the fanart by laurlaurrdraws
Photo by Robert T Photography