David isn't perfect: a PSA

Okay. So after the latest episode (That’s S02E07, ‘Bonjour Bonquisha’) I’ve been seeing a ton of people saying “That was ooc! David would never do that!”

I love David. I love him as much as the next fan, maybe more than is strictly necessary, and I love his flaws, too, and I’m here to tell you
Yes he absolutely would.

And the only way I can think of is to list, under the cut, every point of evidence for why I completely think David would punch someone, along with general flaws that people seem to be more than happy to overlook.

We’re going episode by episode folks and it’s gonna get long but I’ve been awake since 4 am and nothing’s gonna hold me back

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May I point out that in the episode “Reigny Day”, David mentions about a boy named “ Chuckie”. Who is believed to be physically but not mentally ok in some accident that happened LAST year. The scene cuts to Max and Nikki where Max says, “This is lame, I miss Chuckie”. Implying that he was at camp last year. I’m probably pointing out something obvious, but I’m starting to wonder how long he’s been going to Camp Campbell…or has he ever left camp at all??

Badly explained Camp Camp episodes
  • Escape From Camp Campbell: huh this looks like a fun show for ki-oh nevermind
  • Mascot: This show may be a ~little~ bit darker than we previously thought
  • Scout's Dishonor: Girl Scouts are cunts, but they have good wifi
  • Camp Cool Kidz: Remember kids, alway be critical of oppressive power structures!
  • Journey To Spooky Island: what the fuck just happened
  • Reigny Day: This is gonna be a fun epi-oh dear
  • Romeo And Juliet II; Love Resurrected: I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS BITCH IS BUT SHE IS KILLING IT!!!!
  • Into Town: yeet
  • David Gets Hard: Sexual innuendo (ft. Emotional Issues™)
  • Mind Freakers: Never, EVER try to figure out magic.
  • Camporee: Everything sucks but at least there's gambling and pointless competitions!
  • Cult Camp: we love you daniel
  • Anti-Social Network: If You Give An Internet-Deprived Nerd A Computer...
  • Quest To Sleepy Peak Peak: 20-sided dice solve all problems
  • Jermy Fartz: Oh dear god Max is going to have an aneyurism
  • Jasper Dies At The End: **X-Files music** (cameron killed him guys)
  • Quartermaster Appreciation Day: I am going to bleach my eyes and leave the country (Alternatively: When in doubt, burn down the mess hall)
  • Bonjour Bonquisha: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye
  • Eggs Benefits: Psychological Problems and Platypi
  • Space Camp Was A Hoax: Camp Campbell is actually the government confirmed
  • Cookin' Cookies: Ignorant, bitchy little Girl Scouts accidentally become international drug lords. What happens next will shock you! (Spoiler: it's awesome.)
  • Parents' Day: FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK part 2 (Ft. a sock condom)
Camp Camp theory: This isn’t Max’s first summer at Camp Campbell (kinda a Chucky theory too)

This one’s a bit shaky, but theres evidence to it!!

In s1 ep 6 “Reigny Day”, David mentions something bad that happened the year prior to a kid named Chucky:

This is a weird moment to begin with, but it adds to the context of the episode until Max mentions the same kid later on:

Wait, didn’t David say that Chucky was there last year?? How does Max know about Chucky? He says he misses him, meaning that they could have been friends. But that must mean…

Max’s parents send him to camp every summer

I’m here because camp is where kids gets sent when their parents don’t wanna deal with them”

This could be why he’s so jaded and thinks the way he does. After years and years of being sent away to a camp he doesn’t want to go to, with no reason from his parents, he’s lost hope and happiness and feels unwanted, and has come up with his conclusion that camp is only where parents drop their kids off when they dont want them.

This is more shown in the teaser trailer of the whole show:–mSrQ8mHyR8Gne

In the teaser, it shows all the kids getting ready for camp (picking up their stuff in their homes before leaving). However if you look, theres one kid who isnt shown at a home: Max!!!

this is where he is first shown in the teaser, already at camp, not at home first

Heck, its even shown in the thumbnail:

max is tHE FIRST KID WE SEE! HES THE FIRST ONE THERE! excuse me while i cry in the corner now

Well thats what I think, but I feel like theres more evidence of this, but I just need to find it, feel free to show ur feedback and correct me if theres flaws! THanks for reading!!

<3 Siera

Hc: So in Mascot, when David was yelling at him, Harrison looked ready for a fucking hit

And in Reigny Day, when Dolph yelled at him and kicked his drawing, he honestly looked beyond terrified? Like more scared than a person would usually look when being yelled at.

So maybe his brother was older than him, and abused him a lot? Hitting, yelling, etc. We know his magic isn’t very stable, so when he made his brother disappear, it could have just been an accident? Like, a reflex to keep from getting hit?

We need to talk.

Okay guys we need to talk. I enjoy Camp Camp. I think it’s a pretty fun show with interesting characters and a decent plot, but it has some major issues the fans really need to stop ignoring. This is in no way a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but here are some of the things that bothered me most and ought to be addressed:

 - Doplh’s whole character. Even if I wasn’t Jewish, this would still be a complaint. He’s a young child so clearly based off of Hitler, and the questionable things he does are just ignored or pushed aside (ie. his “dog” painting in ep.1, the entire Reigny Day episode, especially the armbands, etc…). Were an actual child behaving this way, pushing aside and/or ignoring their behavior will allow it to fester and grow into an even more harmful thing. 

 - The entire Order of the Sparrow. Listen, as a child, I was part of one of those “Indian Princess” camping troupes. From the time I was 5-7, I actively participated in this appropriation, stereotyping, and mockery of Cherokee culture. Around 8 I began to understand what I did wrong, and still am repentant today. Yes, in the episode Max points out how horribly racist the whole thing is, but David - a character we see as “good” - continues simply due to childhood nostalgia. Gwen doesn’t stop him. QM doesn’t stop him. Despite the children eventually wearing genuine Indian costumes at the end and Max’s exclamation, there is no true condemnation for David’s actions, nor is he sorry.

 - The Jew jokes. This one should be obvious. In episode 2, Max asks the Quartermaster what happened to his hand, and he mutters under his breath but clearly says “the Jews”. Later, at the end of the episode, Max asks David “So what’s the deal with the Quartermaster and Jews?”, which treats the whole scenario as a joke. In Cult Camp, Neil, a Jewish-coded character, tells Dolph that he’s uncomfortable that specifically Dolph is sending specifically Neil into what is, essentially, a gas chamber. While this is a valid concern, it’s not treated as one in the show. It’s treated as a joke. Jewish people have been the brunt of many jokes for years, and allowing this to continue is perpetuation and permitting antisemitism and should not be ignored. 

 - Gay jokes are something only gay people should make about themselves as a form of humor and levity. Speaking from the point of a gay person, I can say that Camp Camp has done a poor job of steering clear of gay jokes. In Scout’s Dishonor, Nikki makes a gay joke at the end, and Neil scolds her, but no real apology is made. But this is nothing compared to the episode Jermy Fartz. When Jermy dresses himself as a bundle of “pine” twigs, Max very clearly attempts to yell out “f*ggot”. That work has been used for years as a derogatory term for gay people, and should never be used in a joke, declaration, or insult. Again, at the end of the episode, Nikki says she finally gets what Max was trying to say, but is cut off before she says the word. Just because the show never actually says the f-slur, it doesn’t make it okay. Again, a minority is treated as a joke and a history of oppression is made fun of and swept under the rug.

 - Bonquisha. Starting in episode 7, Bonquisha was introduced as a joke. Max swept right on David’s tinder account, doing so as a prank, implying that either she was undesirable, or that it would be funny to have a tough, black woman go out with David. When she shows up, she’s shown as a shallow stereotype of a strong “ghetto” black woman. This image of her is enforced in Bonjour Bonquisha as she lives in a trailer park, with her tough shirts, and her vehicle. To be fair, I would wear those shirts, but that isn’t the point. Bonquisha is a shallow character stemming from a harmful stereotype. Hell, even her name is a joke! “Bonquisha” is a name used to describe when a white boy acts a racist stereotype of a black woman. Her character is treated as a joke because she is what many see as a “typical ghetto black woman”. 

 - Nurf and his abuse of Preston. Eggs Benefits was an interesting episode that displayed many parenting methods and a lot about the kids themselves, however one crucial thing is ignored. Nurf and Preston are paired together, and over time, Nurf becomes more and more controlling, going from emotional manipulation to physical abuse of Preston. Other characters see this, but nothing is done about it. It is never acknowledged and the show doesn’t bring it up again. Abuse of any kind should not be made light of. There is no excuse.

 - Cameron Campbell’s involvement in Thailand. This one I’ll keep short, because I am not in a position nor knowledgeable enough to speak in depth about it. Campbell finds himself the Prime Minister of Thailand, implying that he, a white man, was able to take control of a second-world country through illegal, immoral means, and abandons them. His quip about the Thai people not needing running water because the camp was “doing just fine” was tasteless and offensive. 

 Some other things that I want to mention:

 - Cameron Campbell’s gold bricks containing Nazi imagery 

- The depiction of Mexico literally only consisting of a drug cartel

 - The use of Nerf having a boyfriend being a throwaway joke like “haha tough kid doesn’t fall into your stereotypes how funny" 

- Also: It’s not in the show, but jesus fuck people shipping Max//vid or any counsellor/camper ship is fucking pedophilia and can not be ignored, endorsed, or tolerated. I know not all y'all do it, and many condemn it, but still.

 Basically, I think the fans of Camp Camp need to acknowledge these issues and understand why they shouldn’t be ignored or endorsed. I don’t know anything about the show’s creators, but I intend to do research and probably send some strongly worded messages.

Look, I like the show, I do. I was like Nikki as a kid, I think David makes a decent role model for the kids, and honestly would adopt Nerris in a heartbeat, but just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, be critical of it. If anything, enjoying something gives an obligation to acknowledge and condemn toxic elements to make the media safer, better, and welcoming of everyone.

 (I am speaking as a white, gay jew who has been a victim of abuse. As I am not a black woman, Thai, or Mexican, please feel free to correct my statements on those matters.)


Has this been pointed out?

Have any of you notice that whenever Neil does his own thing, Nikki and Max just hang out then wonder where Neil is? For example, in Reigny Day, Max and Nikki were just sitting next to each other and rambling about how much pudding they can fit in their pockets (meaning they do hang out just together and do weird stuff). Till Nikki asks Neil only to find out he wasn’t there. Then when they started to interrogate Space Kid if he has seen Neil, Max and Nikki play along as cops (possibly good and bad cop) he mentions her as his hotheaded partner (I SQUEALED BECAUSE WHEN I SEE PARTNER I THINK OF SIGNIFICANT OTHER :’>). They’re playing pretend guys my he a r t.

Another example, Season 2 episode 2, Neil tries to isolate himself from everyone else so he can do his own nerdy thing. When Nikki comes along with Max, she asks if he wants to find Sasquatch with them. She then brings up how Max doesn’t seem to be into it, but get this ok, even if Max doesn’t seem into it, he still goes on to do whatever that NIKKI WANTS (he must care right?). This can also be seen as well in Season 2 Episode 9 where he obviously told her that “these are eggs, not actual children, BUT I’m going to anyway.” Yes he is irritated throughout almost the whole time when he’s with Nikki but he could’ve went on with his Saturday. (Then again Nikki would have prolly mess up) I mean just- they sat under a tree together aGH ahahah-

(I know I’m kinda just milking out moments with Max and Nikki but yeah.)

Theory 1: Thoughts on Nerris and Harrison

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this blog’s first official theory!

As I had already revealed in a previous update, this theory is going to be centered around my personal favorite background characters: Harrison and Nerris! As I’ve also revealed, the topic is going to be about why they appeared to be rivals in episode one, and what might have caused a shift in their relationship.

To do this, I’ll be analyzing their interactions episode-by-episode, and will be adding some thoughts along the way.

Episode 1: Escape from  Camp Campbell -

Was mostly based around the main trio and counselors, but there was a certain interaction between them worth noting.

When Harrison was innocently walking past Nerris’s ‘camp’, mostly likely to go wash the tomato off his face, Nerris whacked him upside the head with her fake sword. I first wrote this off as her being in character, but then I paused the scene.

That look is someone who is pissed, and with good reason. Plus, if you pause before the scene with them ends, you see this:

To me, Harrison’s expression here can be taken as either one of two ways: A) This has never happened to him before and he’s genuinely scared and confused, or B) He knows exactly why Nerris is pissed and regrets going near her area of the camp.

Both options are good, but if we hypothetically say the latter is correct, then their interaction next episode surprisingly makes sense.

Side note: It took Neil cursing to make Nerris stop whaling on Harrison.

Episode 2: Mascot -

Once again, these two were mainly in the background, but there was a little scene that caught my attention.

After David announces the rest of the campers would be on his team for the mascot hunt, we get a quick little scene of what appears to be Harrison and Nerris trying to perform magic. However, if you take a closer look, Nerris actually gives a short glance to Harrison with an almost challenging expression as she tries to cast a spell.

To me, this suggests that these two were actually competing against one another, possible to prove who was better at magic.

Plus, their reactions to David referring to them both as “Magic Kid” could confirm this.



Them correcting the other in this way, to me, clearly shows they don’t want to be grouped together under a broad label. Furthermore, we could even go out on a limb and say that they both believe they’re the best at magic, and are currently in a feud to prove themselves.

Plus, under this theory, Harrison pulling that rabbit out of his hat makes so much more sense; he was simply trying to upstage Nerris in front of an audience.

Side Note: Just look at how smug he looks when pulls that rabbit out of his hat.

I have no idea who he was looking to, but I almost guarantee you it was Nerris.

Episode 3: Scout’s Dishonor -

Not Featured

Episode 4: Camp Cool Kidz -

Okay, so far them feuding makes the most sense theory wise, but I believe that this is the episode where their relationship begins to change..

For example, right after Nikki tells Max she won’t regret choosing Erid for a leader, the scene cuts to show Nerris and Harrison guarding the mess hall.

To me, this shows something significant has happened between them.

Sure, Erid may have their respect, but I highly doubt feuding ten-year-olds would just stop fighting because someone told them they had to work together. Maybe they would at first, but more than likely, they’d just go back to fighting. I honestly see David being the cause of their teamwork. Afterall, he’s been shown on multiple occasions to strive for diplomacy over violence, plus he had nothing else to do while tied upside down. Perhaps he was able to talk the two into discussing what had been bugging them, and through that, the two were able to agree to a stalemate.

This is further supported by the two not corrected Erid when she refers to them as “Magic Dudes” - something David had essentially done just two episodes prior.

The only thing that disproves this is what Nerris yells after Harrison accidentally sets David on fire.

“You suck, Harrison!”

Despite this, I firmly believe this is the episode where they slowly started becoming friends, and the only explanation I have to offer for that last bit is that old habits die hard.

Episode 5: Journey to Spooky Island -

Not Featured

Episode 6: Reigny Day -

Nerris and Harrison were sadly given little screen time this episode, but there is actually some evidence to support my earlier claims.

After interrogating Space Kid, the scene cuts over to the rest of the campers to reveal that Nerris and Harrison are actually willingly sitting at the same table as one another - albeit a few inches apart. To me, this shows that the talk they most likely had during episode 4 is paying off, and are slowly becoming comfortable being friends.

Additionally, look at how concerned Nerris looks for Harrison when Dolph kicks his art off the table.

Episode 7: Romeo and Juliet II: The Resurrected -

After David’s initial try to silence the crowd, the scene cuts to show Harrison performing a trick for a happily watching Nerris and Erid.

This image just makes me so happy for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, just look at how closer Nerris has moved toward Harrison compared to the last episode alone. Additionally, just look at how undivided her attention is, and that smile; she’s genuinely interested in his trick and thinks it’s cool.

This alone shows me that the feud they most likely had is now over, and are now finally seeing each other as friends instead enemies.

Episode 8: Into Town -  

Not Featured

Episode 9: David Gets Hard -

After David recaps that the camp had gone base-jumping for Erid’s extreme sports camp, the camera pans over to show a very worried looking Nerris hurriedly trying to free a frozen Harrison with an ice pick.

Additionally, before the moment ends, Nerris looks very regretful for accidentally chipping Harrison’s arm off.

“I can fix it.”

Just the worry in her voice alone tells me she genuinely is concerned for Harrison’s well being right now, and desperately wants to help the other. It’s just such a big change from how they treated each other at the beginning of the season, and I’m glad to see such a strong bond of friendship forged between them.

Side note: If you pause right before Nikki and Neil’s conversation, you can actually see Nerris and Harrison playing a makeshift version of baseball in the background.

In conclusion, it’s in my personal opinion that we’ve witness Harrison and Nerris go from enemies to friends all from the background of these nine episodes. It’s unclear at the moment exactly where their relationship goes from here, but at the very least, they shouldn’t be enemies again anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading this theory, and I hope you enjoyed it! If I happened to miss any details that may prove/disprove this theory, or just have a different opinion on the subject, please let me know so I can add it on! :D And as always, please feel free to submit suggestions or even your own theories through the ask!

(Edit: Okay, so I saw that I accidentally forgot to add one of the pictures, but now it’s fixed. :))