I can’t win, I can’t reign
I will never win this game without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same without you, without you

So, our friends Cindy and Dusty Smith got into quite a little car crash this week as Cindy was returning from a visit to New York. Like many of us, they’ve only got liability insurance and are now without a vehicle. 

As many on Tumblr, Empire Avenue, Facebook and Twitter know, Cindy (aka Reign and Reigny) is the bomb. And Dusty’s got his own sort of charm, as his YouTube fans will attest.

How about we show the Smiths some of the real power of social media friends and help them buy a new beater to get around town? Every bit helps. I’m mailing $100 tonight (killed my PayPal account during that whole Wikileaks thing) and others have already chipped in $50-100. Please join in and contribute $5-10 or more through PayPal using their e-mail address,

Let’s do this!

[tw: antisemitism, fascism, nazism]

Ok so I just watched the Camp Camp episode from LAST WEEK and I haven’t seen any posts about it (which is weird, because I follow a lot of RT tumblrs) but in case anyone didn’t understand wtf was happening basically:

The entirety of “Reigny Day” is a parody of Hitler’s rise to power and leadership as a fascist dictator. If you’re Jewish or of Jewish descent, (or just a decent human being) it’s totally understandable and justified if you’re uncomfortable with the episode.

Spoiler Alert: The kid that David put in charge is named “Dolph” which is a shortening of “Adolf” as in “Adolf Hitler.” And he speaks with a German Accent.

So it’s SUPER FUCKING WEIRD to see fans of Camp Camp call Dolf their “cute cinnamon roll” or whatever (something I ACTUALLY SAW in the Camp Camp tag honestly what the fuck) when he’s an intentional caricature of one of the most horrifying, genocidal dictators in the 20th century.

Also of note: when David first puts Dolph in charge, he says something along the lines of making Camp Campbell “great again” which is a reference to Don*ald Tr*ump’s campaign slogan “Make A*merica great again.”

I can totally understand if ppl don’t catch onto the jokes because a lot of them were VERY well hidden or masked. But the entirety of the episode is literally references to things Hitler did when he hunted for Jews and put them in concentration camps. Including but not limited to:

  • Dolph asks David (note the name btw) for “Papers” and David gets really nervous and confused about what he means, only for Dolph to explain that he wanted more construction paper
  • Dolph makes a red armband with a white circle that contains 4 letters that are abbreviated for something, but the way the initials are arranged, they look like a swastika at a glance
  • While looking for Neil, who is MIA for most of the episode, Dolph orders that the remaining characters should write numbers on their arms in marker so that he doesn’t lose track of anyone else. This is a direct reference to branding Jewish prisoners with identification numbers.
  • They purposely write a pun about “Juice” so that it sounds like Dolph is talking about “Jews” in the episode, while the characters are looking for Neil in the Food Pantry.
  • Near the end of the episode, it turns out that Neil was in the attic, writing in his diary, and missing a shoe (which was on the floor in the pantry) The attic and diary things are references to “Anne Frank”, and the shoe is a reference to how, in the Holocaust museum, they collected the shoes of Jewish prisoners who died, as proof of what happened, so that no one would dismiss the Holocaust as a fictional event.
  • When Dolph wins the award that David was vying so hard to win, he says “High Five!” and does the Nazi salute

As I mentioned before, [Camp Camp is very much an “Adult Swim” style show], and if that worries you, you should steer clear of the show until others can create content warnings about it to accommodate you in advance, or not watch it at all.

I take no issue with ppl who are super critical of Camp Camp (or any RT content) but it’s also important to understand what type of content you’re really criticizing and what the purpose of your criticism is. It’s fair that ppl are critical of the show for delving into really overdone and a really stale source of humor (Hitler & the Holocaust) but RT’s already proven that they’re not going to stop creating content that revolves around such crass humor either, and you should keep that information in mind if you choose to consume their content.