Camp Camp Episodes and Who wrote them

Ep 1: Escape from Camp Campbell Written by Jordan and Miles
Ep 2: Mascot Written by Kerry
Ep 3: Scout’s Dishonor Written by Miles
Ep 4: Camp Cool Kidz Written by Jordan
Ep 5: Journey to Spooky Island Written by Gray
Ep 6: Reigny Day Written by Kerry
Ep 7: Romeo & Juliet II Love Resurrected Written by Jordan
Ep 8: Into Town Written by Gray
Ep 9: David Gets Hard Written By Miles
Ep 10: Mind Freakers Written by Jordan
Ep 11: Camporee Written by Miles
Ep 12: The Order of the Sparrow Written by Jordan, Gray, Miles, or Kerry (it didn’t really say who wrote this episode in the credits)


I can’t win, I can’t reign
I will never win this game without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same without you, without you

Theory 1: Thoughts on Nerris and Harrison

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this blog’s first official theory!

As I had already revealed in a previous update, this theory is going to be centered around my personal favorite background characters: Harrison and Nerris! As I’ve also revealed, the topic is going to be about why they appeared to be rivals in episode one, and what might have caused a shift in their relationship.

To do this, I’ll be analyzing their interactions episode-by-episode, and will be adding some thoughts along the way.

Episode 1: Escape from  Camp Campbell -

Was mostly based around the main trio and counselors, but there was a certain interaction between them worth noting.

When Harrison was innocently walking past Nerris’s ‘camp’, mostly likely to go wash the tomato off his face, Nerris whacked him upside the head with her fake sword. I first wrote this off as her being in character, but then I paused the scene.

That look is someone who is pissed, and with good reason. Plus, if you pause before the scene with them ends, you see this:

To me, Harrison’s expression here can be taken as either one of two ways: A) This has never happened to him before and he’s genuinely scared and confused, or B) He knows exactly why Nerris is pissed and regrets going near her area of the camp.

Both options are good, but if we hypothetically say the latter is correct, then their interaction next episode surprisingly makes sense.

Side note: It took Neil cursing to make Nerris stop whaling on Harrison.

Episode 2: Mascot -

Once again, these two were mainly in the background, but there was a little scene that caught my attention.

After David announces the rest of the campers would be on his team for the mascot hunt, we get a quick little scene of what appears to be Harrison and Nerris trying to perform magic. However, if you take a closer look, Nerris actually gives a short glance to Harrison with an almost challenging expression as she tries to cast a spell.

To me, this suggests that these two were actually competing against one another, possible to prove who was better at magic.

Plus, their reactions to David referring to them both as “Magic Kid” could confirm this.



Them correcting the other in this way, to me, clearly shows they don’t want to be grouped together under a broad label. Furthermore, we could even go out on a limb and say that they both believe they’re the best at magic, and are currently in a feud to prove themselves.

Plus, under this theory, Harrison pulling that rabbit out of his hat makes so much more sense; he was simply trying to upstage Nerris in front of an audience.

Side Note: Just look at how smug he looks when pulls that rabbit out of his hat.

I have no idea who he was looking to, but I almost guarantee you it was Nerris.

Episode 3: Scout’s Dishonor -

Not Featured

Episode 4: Camp Cool Kidz -

Okay, so far them feuding makes the most sense theory wise, but I believe that this is the episode where their relationship begins to change..

For example, right after Nikki tells Max she won’t regret choosing Erid for a leader, the scene cuts to show Nerris and Harrison guarding the mess hall.

To me, this shows something significant has happened between them.

Sure, Erid may have their respect, but I highly doubt feuding ten-year-olds would just stop fighting because someone told them they had to work together. Maybe they would at first, but more than likely, they’d just go back to fighting. I honestly see David being the cause of their teamwork. Afterall, he’s been shown on multiple occasions to strive for diplomacy over violence, plus he had nothing else to do while tied upside down. Perhaps he was able to talk the two into discussing what had been bugging them, and through that, the two were able to agree to a stalemate.

This is further supported by the two not corrected Erid when she refers to them as “Magic Dudes” - something David had essentially done just two episodes prior.

The only thing that disproves this is what Nerris yells after Harrison accidentally sets David on fire.

“You suck, Harrison!”

Despite this, I firmly believe this is the episode where they slowly started becoming friends, and the only explanation I have to offer for that last bit is that old habits die hard.

Episode 5: Journey to Spooky Island -

Not Featured

Episode 6: Reigny Day -

Nerris and Harrison were sadly given little screen time this episode, but there is actually some evidence to support my earlier claims.

After interrogating Space Kid, the scene cuts over to the rest of the campers to reveal that Nerris and Harrison are actually willingly sitting at the same table as one another - albeit a few inches apart. To me, this shows that the talk they most likely had during episode 4 is paying off, and are slowly becoming comfortable being friends.

Additionally, look at how concerned Nerris looks for Harrison when Dolph kicks his art off the table.

Episode 7: Romeo and Juliet II: The Resurrected -

After David’s initial try to silence the crowd, the scene cuts to show Harrison performing a trick for a happily watching Nerris and Erid.

This image just makes me so happy for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, just look at how closer Nerris has moved toward Harrison compared to the last episode alone. Additionally, just look at how undivided her attention is, and that smile; she’s genuinely interested in his trick and thinks it’s cool.

This alone shows me that the feud they most likely had is now over, and are now finally seeing each other as friends instead enemies.

Episode 8: Into Town -  

Not Featured

Episode 9: David Gets Hard -

After David recaps that the camp had gone base-jumping for Erid’s extreme sports camp, the camera pans over to show a very worried looking Nerris hurriedly trying to free a frozen Harrison with an ice pick.

Additionally, before the moment ends, Nerris looks very regretful for accidentally chipping Harrison’s arm off.

“I can fix it.”

Just the worry in her voice alone tells me she genuinely is concerned for Harrison’s well being right now, and desperately wants to help the other. It’s just such a big change from how they treated each other at the beginning of the season, and I’m glad to see such a strong bond of friendship forged between them.

Side note: If you pause right before Nikki and Neil’s conversation, you can actually see Nerris and Harrison playing a makeshift version of baseball in the background.

In conclusion, it’s in my personal opinion that we’ve witness Harrison and Nerris go from enemies to friends all from the background of these nine episodes. It’s unclear at the moment exactly where their relationship goes from here, but at the very least, they shouldn’t be enemies again anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading this theory, and I hope you enjoyed it! If I happened to miss any details that may prove/disprove this theory, or just have a different opinion on the subject, please let me know so I can add it on! :D And as always, please feel free to submit suggestions or even your own theories through the ask!

(Edit: Okay, so I saw that I accidentally forgot to add one of the pictures, but now it’s fixed. :))

Dean Winchester-Without you

Title: Without you

Pairings:Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:948

Theme song: Without you by David Guetta

Request:What’s a crack-a-lacking? :D I was wondering if you could do a One shot based off without you by the way I hope you know how brilliant your stories are I don’t care what other people might say.Without you by DavidGuetta sorry should of been more clear

‘’hi… Erm’’

All those eyes staring at you. You felt your heart beat to the tousnd of the music playing silently in the background. you glanced around the crowd and you felt your nerves taking place. Your hand shot up to your stomach to try and control your breathing. As soon as you meet those green eyes, you felt safer. You calmed down as he leaned up against the silver table watching you. He gave you a swift nod and a smile. 

How did you get up there? What is going on? Let’s go back.


‘’I can’t sing! No way!’’ 

‘’We need to distract them! Please. (y/n), we need you’’Sam begged. You peered behind the curtain. 

‘’No. Sam’’You whispered, shaking your head. Dean placed a hand on your shoulder. 

‘’Please (y/n). I’m sure you don’t sing as bad as Sam anyway’’Dean snickered. You sighed, rubbing your temples as you swallowed thickly. ‘’Look, we only need you to distract them and then once your done Casper will come out his hiding place’’

‘’I hate you guys’’You growled, glaring as you gritted your teeth together. Sam sighed in relief, ‘’This is some messed up case’’You sneered. 


And that’s what you were doing up on a stage, shaking and looking like an idiot. The Winchester brothers were watching through half closed eyes, cringed faces as they felt bad for you, you didn look like an idiot since you were just stood there blank. 

‘’Erm. I kinda, made this song’You said which brought surprise to their faces. They both shared a look. ‘’It’s a song about someone dear to me. He doesn’t know it though’’You mumbled, trying not to look at Dean but you couldn’t help glance up at him. 

He knew from that moment that you meant him, but he was just honoured you had written a song about him. He didn’t know what type of song it would be about. 

‘’It’s called ‘Without You’’’ You mumbled into the mick. You had never felt so nervous in all your life and you hunted for a living. 

I can’t win, I can’t reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you

Dean smiled at you, as everyone started to smile at the friends and whispere words. You couldn’t tell whether they were good or not but you carried on, only looking into his green orbs. 

I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

The beat started to get more upbeat with every word, still quite low but everyone began to seem like they were enjoying it, which made you less tense. You were a bit more confident now to see that everyone was closing their eyes and trying to cover their ears. 

I won’t run, I won’t fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you
I can’t rest, I can’t fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you, without you

Dean started to realize what the words were and their meaning. The proud smile he had on his face was now faded into a ‘holy crap’ face. It was all piecing together for him. Everything. 

Can’t erase, so I’ll take blame
But I can’t accept that we’re estranged
Without you, without you
I can’t quit now, this can’t be right
I can’t take one more sleepless night
Without you, without you

The beat was going now, everyone was clapping and dancing. Sam was nodding his head in awe and shock, but Dean’s eyes didn’t moe and although this was cheesy as hell and sounded like it would be out of a crappy romantic movie, but it was like you were all you could see in the room. Everyone else was gone. 

It wasn’t a song, it was the truth. 

You were finally done with the song which you had actually began to enjoy, not that you would give in and tell Sam, otherwise you would earn a big ‘told you so’ from him. 

You hoped off the stage making your way to the boys. You said thank you to everyone that complimented you and tried desperately to make your way to Dean. You said thank you and replied as people patted you on the shoulder but your eyes were still locked on Dean’s. He started too to make his way through th crowd, You nodded mumbling something incorrect as you pushed through the crowd, ignoring the people that tried to talk to you. 

You started going faster, your heart going at a million miles per hour as you finally crashed into each other, stopping just inches away from each other. 

‘’(y/n)’’ ‘’Dean’’

You both called out each others name in a short mumble at the same time. You looked down awkwardly, whilst Dean coughed into his hand. 

‘’Erm, great song’’Dean mumbled. 

‘’yeah, thanks’’You whispered, cheeks lighting up.

‘’Was it about me?’’He asked. 

‘’What?’’You gaped, head shooting up as you stumbled for words, but none was forming. Your brain had shut off. 

‘’Was it about me?’’He repeated, tone so serious you wasn’t sure what he was feeling. You were scared he might have been angry.

‘’I-erm. Y-yes’’You stuttered, looking down ashamed. You watched as Dean stood there completely emotionless before he just arched up to you and pulled you into a kiss. You groaned, melting into his lips. 

‘’That was an awesome song’’Dean breathed out as he pulled away. 

‘’Yeah. yeah’’You mumbled, to much in a daze to reply properly. 

‘’GUYS!’’Sam yelled as there was a crash. 

‘’Crap! Sam!’’You and Dean yelled in sync as you looked at each other. You were to caught up in each other you forgot about the ghost. 

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[tw: antisemitism, fascism, nazism]

Ok so I just watched the Camp Camp episode from LAST WEEK and I haven’t seen any posts about it (which is weird, because I follow a lot of RT tumblrs) but in case anyone didn’t understand wtf was happening basically:

The entirety of “Reigny Day” is a parody of Hitler’s rise to power and leadership as a fascist dictator. If you’re Jewish or of Jewish descent, (or just a decent human being) it’s totally understandable and justified if you’re uncomfortable with the episode.

Spoiler Alert: The kid that David put in charge is named “Dolph” which is a shortening of “Adolf” as in “Adolf Hitler.” And he speaks with a German Accent.

So it’s SUPER FUCKING WEIRD to see fans of Camp Camp call Dolf their “cute cinnamon roll” or whatever (something I ACTUALLY SAW in the Camp Camp tag honestly what the fuck) when he’s an intentional caricature of one of the most horrifying, genocidal dictators in the 20th century.

Also of note: when David first puts Dolph in charge, he says something along the lines of making Camp Campbell “great again” which is a reference to Don*ald Tr*ump’s campaign slogan “Make A*merica great again.”

I can totally understand if ppl don’t catch onto the jokes because a lot of them were VERY well hidden or masked. But the entirety of the episode is literally references to things Hitler did when he hunted for Jews and put them in concentration camps. Including but not limited to:

  • Dolph asks David (note the name btw) for “Papers” and David gets really nervous and confused about what he means, only for Dolph to explain that he wanted more construction paper
  • Dolph makes a red armband with a white circle that contains 4 letters that are abbreviated for something, but the way the initials are arranged, they look like a swastika at a glance
  • While looking for Neil, who is MIA for most of the episode, Dolph orders that the remaining characters should write numbers on their arms in marker so that he doesn’t lose track of anyone else. This is a direct reference to branding Jewish prisoners with identification numbers.
  • They purposely write a pun about “Juice” so that it sounds like Dolph is talking about “Jews” in the episode, while the characters are looking for Neil in the Food Pantry.
  • Near the end of the episode, it turns out that Neil was in the attic, writing in his diary, and missing a shoe (which was on the floor in the pantry) The attic and diary things are references to “Anne Frank”, and the shoe is a reference to how, in the Holocaust museum, they collected the shoes of Jewish prisoners who died, as proof of what happened, so that no one would dismiss the Holocaust as a fictional event.
  • When Dolph wins the award that David was vying so hard to win, he says “High Five!” and does the Nazi salute

As I mentioned before, [Camp Camp is very much an “Adult Swim” style show], and if that worries you, you should steer clear of the show until others can create content warnings about it to accommodate you in advance, or not watch it at all.

I take no issue with ppl who are super critical of Camp Camp (or any RT content) but it’s also important to understand what type of content you’re really criticizing and what the purpose of your criticism is. It’s fair that ppl are critical of the show for delving into really overdone and a really stale source of humor (Hitler & the Holocaust) but RT’s already proven that they’re not going to stop creating content that revolves around such crass humor either, and you should keep that information in mind if you choose to consume their content.


So for Reigny, the 10 selfies from 2013 that I feel represent me best.

One is the tattoo I got this summer - my fifth and only one that has no meaning for anyone else but me.

One is just the dating-myself theme.

One is me and my bff in Chicago for CHSH.

The rest are just goofy. I don’t always take selfies, but when I do I try to make sure they look nothing like me.