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Obey (Jimin/Reader)

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Prompt: OH GOD WEREWOLF JIMIN AU SMUTSMUTSMUT I’m trash for dominant werewolf Jimin + Can you please write a smut (werewolf! jimin and reader) where he goes into heat, and gets really horny/possessive with the reader? Thank you very much~

Genre: Smut - Werewolf!AU (In Heat)

Words: 2.1K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Everyone has a bit of sadistic nature buried deep within the confines of their most intimate desires, a dark sensation that consumes the mind, body, and soul when the time is right. For Park Jimin, that animalistic desire was something that had cursed him since the day he first turned eighteen years old, a spark reigniting with each full moon. It devoured him whole, taking complete control of his body until he could quench the nearly insatiable thirst for dominance. 

Tags: Dom!Jimin, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Sub!Reader, Orgasm Denial, Dirty Talk, etc. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Shiro would've given up at some point during The Journey? I see a lot of people joking about it (the REAL Shiro would never pass up an opportunity to die jokes) and sometimes I just wander... What motivates Shiro?

oKAY SO, this is actually a really interesting topic to me, so let’s talk about this for a bit:

Shiro’s a survivor. I know, I know–he has that very grim, morbid sense of humor and a penchant for being fatalistic. But he’s not someone who just rolls over and dies. If he was, then he would’ve been a casualty in the arena a long time ago. How easy would it have been, to not struggle or suffer, to just give in and let it all be over? He could’ve just let it all end. But no, he decided to fight. And he didn’t just fight, he’d win–every. Single. Match. The undefeated Champion. He’d rather stand up and claw his way to the top then lose his life when he’d already been robbed of his future and freedom and everything else. You need to be a certain kind of person to do that, you have to have an iron will. 

During Keith’s BOM trial, Shiro insists that he won’t quit. But you know, there’s something to be said for the irony in that. Because when Shiro was also fighting for his life in a galra arena, when he was taking on aliens ten times his size in a desperate bid for survival, when he fought and won every match again and again–Takashi Shirogane just didn’t know when to fucking quit, did he? And I think in a way Shiro kind of sees himself there in Keith, and it made watching him suffer all the more painful. It’s a hell Shiro is already intimately familiar with 

So, first off, I don’t think Shiro wants to die. Rather, I just think he’s been fighting for so long, he’s reached the point where he’s just terrified that there’s no end to it, that the galra will just destroy him in the end no matter what–that, whether he gets recaptured or dies as a free paladin, his life is forfeit. The fact that he won’t make it out of this alive is just something that he expects. And you see this right from the very beginning. 

Even just hours after escaping, as soon as that galra ship shows up? His first words are, “They found me.” Not “us,” or “the lion,” just him. He’s honestly that terrified, he truly believes the galra would tail him to the end of the universe just to capture him. And to him, the idea just seems inevitable, like he didn’t even escape in the first place and he never had a chance 

I think Across the Universe is also very telling. Because at first, he tries to play it off like it doesn’t really matter, like he’s going to die and that’s that. But when those creatures start digging, and he realizes there really might be no way out of this?? He asks Keith for help. And it’s different, you know? It’s very, very different to just think I want to die in this detached, abstract sense. It’s quite another to actually be staring death in the eye and start to panic. Because maybe you still want to die, but not quite now, not like this. So you call for help. Someone, anyone–and that’s exactly what Shiro does. He doesn’t want to die, not really. He wants someone to save him

And I mean, just look at how Shiro’s face softens when Keith promises to rescue him. That meant something to him 

And of course, we all know how this episode ends. Keith tells Shiro he’s gonna make it, and Shiro just, stares back at him so tenderly. What Keith is saying almost sounds too good to be true, but you know he wants so badly to believe it. He doesn’t want to just leave Keith or the others like this. He doesn’t want to lose his life or freedom. But his trauma has marked him with more than just the scar on his face. He has this paranoid fear that he can’t escape the galra, something that Sendak drives home when he taunts Shiro about how Zarkon has already defeated him

He also struggles with carrying this guilt that he believes he’s a monster–that he’s unworthy of being a paladin and maybe doesn’t even deserve to live, that it doesn’t matter if he’s a martyr as long as he manages to save others, and that’s the only real value his life has. But Keith sees the sun and stars in him, looks him in the eye and tells him he’ll be okay

So what makes Shiro fight? Well right now, I think one of the catalysts that has really motivated him to shoulder on is Keith. Because he may be drained and losing hope after a year of ceaselessly fighting–of carrying on that fight alone–but now he has his lion and his duty and a whole team backing him. He once again has Keith–and we’ve seen from the arena flashbacks that Shiro was just like Keith once, that he was forged from the same fire. Shiro never stopped fighting, but he’s been at it so long he was starting to burn out–he just needed someone to reignite that spark 

Clean Up Your Act: A Shower Self-Hex

For me, showers are one of my best times to reflect and get ready for the rest of the day. I leave energized and ready to conquer whatever else I have left.

 But some times I don’t feel like doing anything. This is fine, when I don’t have anything really pressing to do. But right now, when I’ve got less than three weeks before I’m heading to work and college and responsibilities- I need to be focused and self-disciplined. 

And while I’m a big fan of traditional positive magic, sometimes you need to light a fire under your own ass- and this is an easy spell for that. 

You Will Need: 

  1. A candle/incense/wax melter- Use something that pays tribute to the element of fire. I prefer spicy scents or ones that ground. Pick what works for your intent.
  2. Paper and pen. 
  3. A place to shower
  4. Something to write with in the shower. Shower gel obviously works or washable markers. 


  • A kick-ass playlist
  • Sigils to put in your shoes
  • A caffeinated beverage
  • A friend to hold you accountable 
  • Offerings to your deities for assistance. 

Step 1: 

Before you start, make sure your intent is clear. Write down exactly what it is you want to accomplish, and the steps you’re going to take to get there. Ex: If you need to meal plan for the week, step 1 might be figuring out what you already have in your kitchen. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t know how to get there. 

Step 2: 

Light your candle/incense/wax melter in the place where you need to get the most work done. Fire is energizing and propelling. Paying tribute to this element will help reignite the spark you need to get shit done. Be sure to practice proper fire safety. 

Step 3: 

While taking your shower, focus on distractions and excuses holding you back as you scrub, cleansing them from your mind and body. Use body wash or a marker to write a word of intent, a phrase, or a sigil on the walls. As the warm water hits it, the spell will charge and activate. 

Step 4: 

Get out of the shower and get moving. Other options for this spell include having a motivational playlist to blast, putting sigils for energy and motion inside your shoes, combining this hex with my Law of Inertia spell  or another energy boosting one, or leaving an offering to your deity in exchange for their help. The possibilities are endless. Try some non-magical means, by telling a friend that you have to do this thing, and ask them to check up on you. (My inbox is always open if you need to!)

A word of advice: 

I call this a hex because sometimes you have to channel negative energy towards something to get things done. For me, I have to be really strict with myself on occasion, but the important thing is to not be too harsh. You know yourself best, your own limitations and abilities. Sometimes you know are being lazy and could be doing more, and other times you are facing complications due to depression, chronic fatigue, or other issues you have no control over. Know when you need to push yourself and when you need to let yourself relax a little. It’s different for everyone, which is why I recommend really taking stock of the entire situation and circumstances before committing to a spell. 

I hope this helps you get moving and get everything done that you need to. Many blessings! - Kate

do any of y'all get that Sapphic Feel when your girlfriend is suddenly the most attractive person on earth? like she’s always been beautiful, but now you’re seeing her beauty clearly for the first time. her hair is soft and bouncy, her curves are voluptuous, she smells divine, and her eyes look like discolored pearls that are somehow more beautiful than real pearls. her laugh is melodic and if you had to choose between listening to music and hearing it for the rest of your life, you know what you’d pick in a heartbeat. it’s long past the honeymoon stage, and your fiery passion for her has dimmed slightly, but somehow you love her more than when you fantasizes about her. it’s like the reigniting of that spark, only softer, warmer, and more brilliant.

but maybe it’s just me.

Evfra De Tershaav (not so salty?)

(Spoilers for some plot points)

Ok. So since a friend and I are wanting to write some Evfra fluff/ smutt, I decided I needed to go back to the game proper and get a feel on his personality.

He isn’t what I thought he was going to be.

Going into planning for this fic, I expected Evfra to be super salty just… all the time. He was made of salt in my head. And this was probably because I hadn’t actually paid that much attention to him past his introduction the first time you meet him.

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Thank you! :D

@crimson-chains , I’ve got something to say…

Thank you so so much.

I’ve been scrolling through your art tag lately and all of your wonderful art has reignited a spark within me, making me want to draw again :)

So I wanted to thank you in the best way I could…

Please accept this thank-you-gift as a token of my gratitude :)

Because I couldn’t really afford gold rings, even if I wanted to pay in installments xD

Operation Soulmate | One

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve has a confession to make.

Warnings: Language, I think? Mention of a gay relationship.

A/N: for @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge. My prompt was ‘Heart’. 

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

Steve is in a mood.

He’s been acting like an ominous storm cloud is hanging over his head the entire morning. It was noticeable when he came back from his run, but is now even more apparent, as he’s had time to stew in his thoughts for far too long. When Steve Rogers starts over-thinking things, it’s pretty fucking difficult to get his headspace back into somewhere positive. He’s stubborn like that.

You’re eating lunch together, sitting side-by-side at the kitchen island. Your attempts to start up a conversation with Steve are met by a brick wall — you’re getting nothing out of him besides the occasional grunt and some monosyllabic replies. Eventually, you stop trying, resigning yourself to an eerily silent meal.

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Dance Dance Revelation

And no, the title is not a typo.

Description: Phil’s not sure why he agreed to another one of Dan’s convoluted ideas for the gaming channel. There are plenty of falls involved when the two decide to play three-legged DDR, but they’re not all accidental. A few are, however, and they just happen to end in a bit of pain. But the most important fall of all… is to one knee. 

Genre: Fluff with a bit of smutty thoughts and mentions 

Word Count: 1447

A/N: Thanks for 4,000 followers! I’ve been working on this one for a few days, so I really hope you like it! 

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If y'all are interested in artsy/solarpunk aesthetic alongside left-wing politics, feel free to follow my side blog @subterranean-fire! My aim is to create a space reminiscent of Films for Action or the Zeitgeist Movement, minus the unhelpful desire to separate from the rest of the political left. (Because let’s face it: while outlets like that are useful in their own ways, their transformative powers are limited by their “above the fray” refusal to stand with leftists. If you’re advocating for a “resource-based economy” of democratic planning that distributes according to need and puts automation to work wherever possible, you’re a socialist in all but name – recognize your place on the political spectrum and join the class struggle.) Anti-capitalist activism ought to focus on the beauty and enchantment that reside in people – qualities that are suppressed within the status quo. @subterranean-fire is about reigniting that spark in the human soul that is being actively extinguished by alienation, oppression, and the constricting environment of capital.

malec fics I’ll probably never write but someone definitely should and also tag me so I can read them, edition #2:


  • “I think we should get a divorce.” Alec and Magnus have been married for years but they’ve been slowly drifting apart. They both work too much, they barely see each other anymore and when they do, they fight over petty things. A divorce is probably the best solution at this point. The spark has faded. But neither of them has ever been one to give up so easily so they decide to give it a last shot. Because relationships, they take efforts, right? And maybe there’s a way for them to reignite that lost spark. A story about how to fall in love all over again.
  • (that’s a lie, i’m working on that one with Jackie but when i put it in the draft, i wasn’t, i swear to magnus babe… oops.)
  • Jurassic World AU. The Morgenstern Global Corporation, whose heir Sebastian helps design the dinosaurs, has reopened Jurassic Park for five years now, with little to no incident to account for. Alec Lightwood has been the park’s operations manager for just as long, and he doesn’t like Sebastian one bit, but his job is to keep the park running and the guests happy, not to question his boss’ dubious morals. This may have to change when he meets Magnus Bane, the cynical, slightly condescending and definitely unimpressed dinosaur expert and trainer who is called to evaluate the paddock of Sebastian’s newest creation, only to realize he has created a new hybrid dinosaur that even him has no idea how to control. Alec might be more willing to listen to the guy if he wasn’t a complete asshole and so sure of himself, but when they detect a breach in the dinosaur’s paddock, they have no choice but to team up to stop that beast before it is too late.
  • Alec and Magnus are both street artists, their names renowned in the streets of New York and slowly spreading across the globe. They both remain completely anonymous, but the press likes to pin them against each other, always wondering how one is going to answer to the other’s art. Mostly, they do their own things and if they broach the same subjects (with a common tendency at dragging in the mud their current bigoted president, Valentine Morgenstern), it’s simply because they share the same conviction that they shall not keep silent in the face of injustice and discrimination. In their private circles, they’ll willingly admit that they’re both fans of the other’s work, but they’ve never met each other. That is, until Jace/Izzy asks Alec to come to their girlfriend Clary’s exhibition in Brooklyn and he meets a sparkly man with a flirting smirk and the kindest eyes he’s ever seen. AU where Magnus is Banksy and Alec is Shepard Fairey or JR. They meet, fall in love, and revolutionize the street art scene in New York one tag at a time.
  • Alec jogs in the same park every day at 5pm and every day, no matter the weather, he sees the same guy sitting on the same bench by the pond, reading a book, writing on his tablet, talking on the phone. They share a smile every day. When he feels particularly bold, Alec even waves at him, and the man always waves back. He’s very pretty and he seems kind and smart if the books he reads are anything to go by, and Alec is slowly building the courage to ask him out to that cute little coffee shop right next to the park. So when the guy disappears for two weeks, he worries. It happened before that he disappeared for a day or two, but never two whole weeks. When he finally reappears, Alec’s legs work on their own. His body leads him right in front of the stranger and his mouth is opening before he can stop it, “Where the hell were you? I was worried!”
  • Alec and Magnus, both single dads, team up against their kids’ teacher, after they were punished for arguing with said teacher, a homophobic asshole. A power couple in the making.

Tarotscopes 10/09–10/15

Aries: 4 of Cups

The Four of Cups often appears when you are bored or dissatisfied with the status quo, and at your worst aspects, it could speak of you being ungrateful and self absorbed. The four of cups comes as a warning that you may be becoming so focused on what you don’t have, that you’re completely discounting what you do have, what you’ve achieved, and what those around you have to offer. This week you need to take the time to try and re-open yourself emotionally to the positivity around you. Make a positive change to your surrounding environment, even the smallest changes will go a long way towards eliminating that boredom and reigniting that spark of inspiration.

Taurus: 8 of Swords

The eight of swords shows someone feeling trapped. The card represents the bonds we find ourselves in but from which we choose not to break free. The woman in the image has surrendered herself to an unknown force. If she could just untie herself and take off her blindfolds, maybe she could find a solution. Swords represent the mind, and though, a large portion of what traps you may indeed be an outside force (job/creditor/etc…) this card screams to get over the fear of being lonely if we leave that relationship, being unemployed if we quit that hell job, etc…you need to spend this week working on overcoming the fear of leaving that which traps you, and truly setting yourself free. It’s gonna take a lot of determination–which is something you’re full of–and you may need to swallow your pride and ask others for support and advice. There’s always people who are there for you, even if you can’t fathom that, and now is the time to call on them.

And just a warning because the seasons are changing, this card also talks of physical illness, so wash your hands more often and drink some orange juice or something.

Gemini: The Heirophant

This week you’re going to be dealing with forces that are very much set in their ways. Now is not the time to step outside of the box and be innovative. You need adapt to the existing rules, the existing set of beliefs that are already in place, and do what is expected of you. 

Cancer: Page of Pentacles

This is a time to nurture your abilities. In realms of finance and education and travel there should be good news. An opportunity may come your way to manage a project or a group of people, and maybe even a job offer, take it! Just make sure that you pay attention to details and double check all arrangements and agreements before signing.

Leo: Knight of Swords

The knight indicates a period where you’re hit by a powerful gust of inspiration to execute a project or a plan. This does, however, come with some highs and lows. Highs: you’re going to be motivated to finally get what you want done! Congrats Leo!! Downside: you’re moving so fast you aren’t aware of the consequences to your actions! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t make it happen, but you need to put in the effort; don’t cut corners, don’t cheap out. Make sure that the quality is there, remember, it’s a reflection of you.

Virgo: 9 of Cups

The nine of cups is commonly known as the wish card of the tarot. Contentment, physical health, and success will grace your life this week. Whatever you’ve been hoping for now can come to be. If you’ve been working on a project, or idea, the nine of cups heralds its growth. Now is the time to truly appreciate being in the now.

Libra: The Empress

Your ruling planet (yours and Taurus) is connected to the empress card, so this should be a pretty good week for you, Libra! Though this card generally represents creative growth, anything you are currently working on will undergo a great period of growth. This card is maternal, and it can represent you spending more time this week with your mom or someone who’s very maternal, though personally, I see it as us needing to take the time to nurture ourselves and our projects in order to grow and bring abundance our way. So spend this week taking time to nurture yourself and those around you, as well as all your endeavors, and remember that, the act of creation can be painful and require dedication, but it does all pay off in the end.

Scorpio: 6 of Swords

This week is a week of transition for you, Scorpio. You will be spending this week moving on from situations, relationships, etc…that aren’t working for you anymore and enjoying a period of peace and harmony. This is a natural part of life, as we grow, we outgrow certain things, and it’s best to move on, than try to stick around and fit into a pair of shoes three sizes to small. Enjoy this period. You’re growing, moving forward.

Sagittarius: Knight of Pentacles

The knight tells us of a period where we may have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation, and you will have to commit your time to see it through to the end successfully. He does tell you that it will be successful, Sagittarius, so don’t freak out too much. Pay attention to the practical details now, get through the mundane, routine situations and success will be yours.

Capricorn: Queen of Wands

This week the queen of wands gifts you with a stronger sense of self, power, and personal direction. You’ll know what you want and how to get it. So it’s up to you to make it happen this week Capricorn. Express yourself, use that boost of creativity, clear some space for those opportunities, and step into your power and make it happen!

Aquarius: Queen of Cups

The queen of cups gifts you with enhanced emotions, creativity, and intuition this week. You need to be flexible with those around you this week, and high creativity and expressiveness is required in situations and projects, so put her gifts to good use!!

Pisces: 7 of Wands

The seven of wands warns you that this week you will be put in a situation where you will have to fight for what you believe in. Where there will be obstacles blocking your path, but it brings you the strength to overcome these obstacles. Stand your ground, be true to yourself, and push forward, fight on and you will succeed.


a/n: Well… I guess this is becoming a thing now? This spawned from @kacchanswife and I’s need for “you shouldn’t be worried about me” trope. Started off small too, and well… yeah, shit happened. I apologize for my terrible writing.  

Fandom: Boku No Hero Acadamia

Pairing: Kacchako

Word Count: 1588

The stories about this fucker were unfortunately true.

An unnamed hero killer, much like Stain, but without an assumed code of honor; he killed for the damn sport of it, wearing the blood of his victims on his obsidian cloak for all to see. Swift, decisive, cunning, and deadly accurate.

He was a villain to be feared.

Bakugo would have been damn well impressed too, had the asshole not decided to use those traits against him; he was littered in bruises, cuts and scrapes. He took to breathing through his mouth, his nostrils filled to the brim with blood, the red liquid leaking slowly from within. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t be walking away from this fight with anything less than two broken ribs, and that was if he was lucky. His eyes flickered to his right, taking in his partners ragged appearance and clenched his fist in anger.

Oh, that fucker was dead. 

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Do I Wanna Know?

Reader is part of the music band and is close friends with Alex. Winter formal is approaching and Alex got an offer to perform. Being that he was still hung up on Jessica, he decided to do it.

A/N: Hi! I didn’t know what scene or prompt the anon that requested Alex wanted so I just made one. I’m sorry I’m not sure if I even did Alex justice in this one I was blanking. I hope you like it! This is also a mild unrequited love so…

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If there was something you hated more than morning classes, morning practice on a weekend definitely takes the cake.The jazz band is preparing for a concert next friday to accumulate funds for donation to the local retirement home. As excited as you are for the event, you would rather much stay in bed instead of walking the empty halls of Liberty high at 7 in the morning. You entered the room looking around to find that almost everyone was there already tuning their own instruments, and as usual your very punctual maestro has not yet arrived. You brought out your violin and went to your position.

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Remember when Ed custom ordered a plate with all the red tour dates on it for Taylor for Christmas

Remember when Taylor made Ed a cross stitch of the two of them starting from the bottom now we here

Remember that video of them sitting on the kitchen floor singing Lego House man it was such a short clip but it was SO beautiful and we all wanted more damn

Remember when Taylor was making homemade jam for everyone and labeled Eds “im real happy for you and imma let you finish but this jam is the best jam of all time”

Remember “My favorite British thing is Ed Sheeran”

Remember how they wrote Everything Has Changed on a trampoline!!!!

Remember when Taylor came out to Eds MSG show wearing an “I ❤️ Ed” shirt

Remember when multiply came out and Taylor posted that epic picture of Ed with her cat

Remember how Taylor has a blown up Polaroid of Ed giving the middle finger on DISPLAY in her HOME

Remember all the times Ed defended Taylor in 2013 during the Taylor!hate shitstorm oh mannnn

Remember literally every performance of EHC on red tour but especially the ones where Ed would wear a hat or mess with a lyric to make her laugh there are REAL TEARS in my eyes

Remember how they got so drunk at a party that they were bear hugging and then the cops got called and they had to hide

Remember “Wherever you are, I love you Ed sheeran!” At the Brits

Remember when Ed and Taylor went paddle boarding with their families

Remember the Everything Has Changed music video?!!

Remember them staring into each other eyes and talking constantly at the 2014 Grammys!!!

Remember when they dueted !!!!!TENERIFE SEA!!!!

Remember Ed coming out dressed as one of the dancers to surprise Taylor on the last night of the red tour

Remember when they sang Lego House and I See Fire together and Ed flew out to Germany just to be a special guest for Taylor on the red tour wow

Remember when they played that friendship game and they had to write down the moment they knew they were friends and they both literally put writing a song aka the first time they hung out and Taylor was so surprised and happy Ed had known then too wow

Remember Taylor freaking OUT when Ed won his first two grammys!


…because it’s Ed birthday I thought it would be nice to give back to the community by reminding everyone of a few of the highlights of the epic friendship that is Sweeran. What moments. What a time to be alive witnessing it all.

Damsel In Distress // Finn Balor

When people told me the draft would change my life, I never expected to believe them, it was just another scripted night for the big names to yet again make a name for themselves, whilst we were all grafting in NXT.

“…from NXT, Finn Balor!”

I looked across at Finn, who turned to look at me simultaneously. We hadn’t been together long, a mere six months, but the love I already had for him was indescribable.

A few of the guys bundled on top of him, screaming and shouting their congratulations. I stood back a little, not wanting to be caught up in their raucous, instead opting for the more peaceful approach of a quick hug. “I’m so proud of you,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around him.

“It’s up to you now,” he whispered, sitting back down beside me, continuing to watch the names be called.

Name after name was called out,and unsurprisingly mine was not there, I never wanted to seem arrogant about the situation, but after Finn’s name was called I had the slightest bit of hope.

But it wasn’t.

Not even an hour after the broadcast finished, Finn was whisked off for his new job on the big stage, whilst I was left down in NXT to grind for myself.

Several nights were shared between the two of us, skyping and texting, making sure that the other was doing alright.

“I wish you were here,” he smiled one night into the screen, wiping underneath his left eye, scratching away at it. He didn’t think I could, but I heard him sniff back a tear or two. “I miss you so much Selena, those eyes, the nights I spent tracing your tattoos, your Mexican food, everything.”

After that night, everything seemed to change. Our talks were less frequent, he seemed so much more disorientated when I wanted to discuss my day, something I never expected from him.

“Ladies and gentleman, I’m pleased to announce that Selena Lopez is getting called up to the main roster.”

I smiled up at Triple H, finally hearing the news I’d been searching for since the draft last year.

The centre was filled with applause, I was finally getting the break I’d been pushing for. “Which brand will I be going to?” I questioned, watching him reach down into a box he was carrying.

“Welcome to team red.” I took a deep sigh of relief, taking the red printed shirt out of his hand, throwing it over my plain red vest.

He had no idea, I’d kept it quiet, just like how I remained to do with all my stories over the past few weeks when it came to trying to talk to Finn. The shake up was right around the corner, and I knew I wanted to make it special for Finn and I, try to reignite the spark that seemed to be slowly dying out in our relationship.

I’d snuck out with the help of Bayley beforehand so I had no chance of being spotted, knowing it would be the perfect chance to see him and reunite with him.

The show began, calling out several swaps and new additions throughout the evening, with all the talent gathered backstage to see where they would end up, of if they’d change at all.

“…And the newest addition to Raw, from NXT, Selena Lopez.”

I could hear my name be announced into the arena, feeling the goose bumps form all across my body, hopeful that Finn would feel the same.

Once the show was finished Bayley hurried me around to where Finn usually was so I could finally see him. We stopped just before we got there, as she gave me a quick push forwards so I could go round myself. “Thank you,” I smiled watching her walk off.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm down the excitable smile that was ever growing with eagerness to see him. People probably thought I was crazy, I’d only been seeing Finn for six months, but as cliché as it sounded, it was truly different with him.

I turned around the corner only to see Finn stood laughing and joking with another woman, who looked slightly similar to myself. I stepped closer, getting a better glimpse to see Cathy hysterically laughing, falling back and hitting Finn’s bicep.

My stomach turned, things like this were something I always worried about with Finn, he was such a loveable character, we always ran the risk of him potentially finding someone better.

I cleared my throat taking the both by surprise, watching Cathy look past Finn’s shoulder, and him turn around. “Selena,” he quickly smiled, simply waving at me. No hug, no kiss, nothing. I gave him a disgruntled smile, looking at the back of his head as he turned to continue his discussion with Cathy.

I didn’t really know what else to say, I didn’t want to appear like a troublemaker on my first day, but Cathy didn’t seem too hasty to do anything about it either.
I span around, walking back around the corner, hearing him shout my name, but I shrugged it off, trying to seem stronger than I actually was, my heart breaking at how my dream debut suddenly didn’t feel like such a dream.

The only thought I carried with me for the rest of the evening was how much I wanted to go home, the press didn’t excitement, meeting all the new people was a bore, the evening just seemed wrong.

A couple of hours after, I finally got the chance to head back, calling the first taxi and riding it to the huge hotel, nothing like the sorts we used to stay in when with developmental.

Once in, I fell straight into bed, jamming my eyes shut tightly, wishing the day would just disappear. I kept repeating in my head the idea of what tonight was meant to be about, wishing I could go back and do it all again.

I didn’t know what time it was, but midway through the night I finally heard Finn walk into the hotel room, trying to be quiet, but failing as usual, shuffling into bed beside me.

He moved closer towards me, wrapping his arm loosely over my body. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, waking me up with a peppering of kisses along my neck. I sighed, fluttering my eyelids open, turning back to look at him. “I’m so happy you’re here, and I mean that, I don’t know why I felt the need to be so rude earlier.”

“It hurt more than you can ever imagine,” I told him, turning to look up at his sad eyes.

“I know, and I can’t apologise enough, Cathy was just feeling a bit down, you know what I’m like, I can’t leave a damsel in distress.” I softly smiled through my tired eyes, reaching down and holding his hand.

“You’re the sweetest soul in the whole world Balor, and that is why so many people adore you, only half as much as I do.” I felt him lean down, and kiss the top of my head, pulling me into his chest.

“You’re the best Selena, I love you,” he whispered, uttering those special three words for the first time in our relationship. I giggled, tightening my grip around him.

“I love you too,” I smiled, thankful for the dark room hiding my blush, as my eyelids shut again, much softer this time, imagining more of what the upcoming years on the road would be like together.

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Wait what. What's going on with the new Ep?.... what have I missed 😐

i mean this entire season has been going downhill with each episode, but as icing on the shitcake now lena luthor has a love interest. they heard about supercorp so they were like “we better give lena a man just to make sure that the hets know that she’s straight”

and before someone tell me again that “she could be bi” this has never been confirmed in canon so in canon she only dated men n it’s enough for every homophobic viewer to invalidate any other option.

i miss when the show had an actual plot and not five thousand romance plotlines. i miss when kara had an actual story and romance was just a subplot not her one and only thing (it was also healthy unlike k*ramel). i miss cat grant’s feminist rants. i miss james olsen not being sidelined, and working with kara instead of being pushed against her. i miss all the healthy platonic relationships that somehow vanished this season?? bc now everyone has a bae so why bother having friends lmao

i could go on and on lmao but ye the newest info is that lena’s ex boyfriend will come to “reignite the spark” or whatever. n he’s also a villain so she’ll probably turn evil too…

sorry for this angry rant, anon. it’s not directed at you but the fuckers at the cw. and also cbs for selling it away in the first place like way to crap on everything you’ve built lmao


10 ways in which Nico di Angelo falls in love (with a place, with a boy, and with himself).

For two very kind anons who asked for my interpretation of how Will and Nico got together!


Nico can’t really pinpoint the exact moment he decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood.

It was probably sometime during the battle with Gaea, he thinks. It was probably somewhere in the back of his mind, he thinks, as the rest of him tried to adjust to the idea of the earth herself being an enemy.


Or maybe it was before that. Maybe it was the second he stumbled onto a field of grass, wearing a Hawaiian shirt that might very well have been one of the seven deadly sins, bearing a statue that smoldered inside his mind and felt older than time itself. Maybe it was the moment a camper with eyes the color of noontime took his hand, and didn’t flinch away.

(Nico thinks he’ll probably remember that for the rest of his life.)

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#216 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompt “Reader, who’s a graphic designer, knows someone from Catfish team and is visiting them on work. While she’s waiting for them she’s drawing. Van had been stressing out over the new album’s cover, cause he disliked the options they had. While passing by he sees her drawing and instantly knows it’s the one he wants. They flirt but nothing happens until he appears to one of her expositions and asks her out. Flufflyness is always appreciated” and “you spend the night at van’s (as a friend maybe) and you mean to borrow one of his shirts but it ends up being larry’s” and “a fic about trying to explain to van that you’ve just never really had a best friend/ you’ve had best friends in the past (teen years) but they’ve always had better friends than you and it’s always just sorta bothered you (it’s basically my reality lol) and like van not really getting how that’s possible”

Bonus mini-request for painting with Van.

Trent gave you some of the thick, nice paper from the printer under his receptionist station to keep you occupied while you waited for him to go on his lunch break. You sat in the waiting room scribbling away with a charcoal pencil when someone wandered in from the record label offices. The room was where the elevators were and he pressed the button to go down. You’d not bothered looking up until he was standing over you, his shadow robbing you of light.

The first thing you noticed about him were his eyelashes, thick and long and beautiful. Then, a small red mark under his left eye. He was talking before your brain thought to listen.

“Sorry?” you asked for him to repeat himself, despite having stared at his face the whole time. He smiled.

“Said that’s dead good. You an artist or something?”

“Something… graphic designer,”

“What’s that for?”

You looked down at the alligator. You shrugged, and moved to fill in details but stopped yourself. Maybe it was done.

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Now, Now, Sweetheart! Put The Gun Down. [Victor Zsasz x Reader]

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[Anon request: Victor Zsasz / ‘Now, now, sweetheart! Put the gun down.] 

Warnings: None.

You had learned a lot having worked for Don Carmine Falcone in the past. It had ought you many things, of course, but one of the most important skills was the ability to know if there was someone else in your house that was not supposed to be there.

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