• Seth: We did have some good times...what about the time we found Ambrose unconscious by that dumpster? What town were we in? Salt Lake?
  • Dean: I don’t remember that at all...
  • Roman: Albuquerque.
  • Seth: Albuquerque, it was Albuquerque.
  • Dean: That’s the one.
  • Seth: Nailed it.

okay, during the 90s and early 00s there were three bands that can be called truly genius.

Compulsive Gamblers, Oblivians and Reigning Sound.

in all of them greg cartwright had a essential part. yeah… listen to it, if you haven’t. doesn’t get much better than these bands in these here modern times.

it’s music written in the same vein as the great ole songs. all guts and soul

  • funny thing
  • Reigning Sound
  • Home for Orphans

Reigning Sound - Funny Thing

Take it…
Take it from me
It’s gonna hurt you
But baby you’ve got to set him free.

How can you be sure?
He won’t wind up right back on your door.

But love…
Is a funny thing
Don’t know its real until its caused you pain
Until its caused you pain.

Why can’t you be true
I see the the things you do until you’re all alone.

But love…
Is a funny thing
Don’t know its real until its caused you pain.
Until its caused you pain.

Is a funny thing
You don’t know its real until its caused you pain.
Until its caused you pain.

  • Cesaro: *calls Roman on Vacation*
  • Roman: *drinking a beer on the beach* Hey man, what's up?
  • Cesaro: I'm borrowing Dean for a tag match tonight. Hope you don't mind.
  • Roman: Sure! No problem. Just don't give him any of your special coffee. Remember what happened last time?
  • Flasback: *Dean chugging a whole cup of Cesaro's premium imported coffee. Goes on a 3 hour caffeinated high. Moments included Cesaro and Roman trying to make Dean keep his clothes on and watching him have a full on conversation and argument with a plastic skeleton*
  • Cesaro: Gotcha.

Guren and Shinya are the Yuu and Mika we never get to see.
Think about it, Shinya mimics Mika’s personality from back when the Mika and Yuu were just kids; very lighthearted, joking, constantly pulling at Yuu’s or Guren’s leg, but still serious at times. Not to mention, both of them are wicked smart as well.
Guren, too, has Yuu’s original personality. He’s very much against having friends and allies for quite some time as seen in the Guren light novel. The Ichinose clan had been bullied for many years by the Hiragi clan as stated in the novel. He’s very straightforward with his goal in destroying the Hiragi clan and having the Ichinose clan reign in their place. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s Yuu’s ‘I’m going to kill all the vampires!’ after seeing exactly what vampires can do.
While also smart and calculated in his plans, Guren’s more of the type to shoulder everything on himself whereas Shinya constantly tries to get Guren to work with him in taking down the Hiragi clan.
Now, if Yuu and Mika had both escaped together, I think we’d see more of a Guren/Shinya dynamic with the two where Yuu wouldn’t grow so soft and Mika wouldn’t grow so cold towards others. The dynamic would mirror the Guren/Shinya personality and traits which is why they are the Mika and Yuu dynamic we never get to see.

  • me: ugh i'm so done with reign i won't even watch this episode
  • canada: here's an early link. actually no, here's two, one you can download fast and watch right away and another in 1080p you'll graphic on once you're done. also these are yours like 10 minutes after the show's aired.
  • me: hey the recap from this episode of reign sounds interesting, let me downlo...-
  • canada: actually, no. we'll wait until you're in bed and sleeping before we give you a link and we know very well on friday you're out of work late so have fun torturing yourself on that kennash scene you were waiting for
  • canada: long may we reign