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Francis and Mary's Theme
Trevor Morris
Francis and Mary's Theme

Your mother would say we are stained with such choices, such brutal and difficult choices we’ve made but we can only do our best. Can we not make another choice? One equally hard but so important. To commit our hearts to each other, no matter what?
If only it were that easy.
It isn’t. It’s terrifying. And nearly impossible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can’t. We can only love each other.

Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes throughout the show (especially in Season 1). This version in particular was played during their reunion love scene in the Season 2 finale.

My topology class had an exam last week. 

It was bad. 

We got the exams back today, but the grades had already been posted so we knew our (terrible) fates. Before class, I ran into one of my classmates. When I brought up the exam, she teared up a bit. I said, “If it helps at all, literally everyone who scored lower than I did on Exam 1 has dropped the class. That means I’m the reigning lowest score.” She immediately hugged me. I really needed a hug. 

I teared up, too, but not about the exam. She and I are two of four female students in the class. She explained that she had to get the tears out now, since there was no reality in which she’d let herself be seen crying about an exam in front of “all of those boys,” because she’d be damned if she’d give a male-dominated community one reason to enforce any stereotype about the fitness of women to be mathematicians. This is a person I’ve always liked and always respected, and in that moment, this moment of bravery and resolution and stubbornness and flat-out refusal to be defeated, I swear she was the most beautiful human being on the face of the Earth. I couldn’t help but be moved to tears. 

In class, our professor gave the most motivational speech imaginable in such a circumstance. He reminded us that success belongs not to those who struggle and achieve victory in the end. That’s math. It’s a fight to understand, and it’s worth every ounce of energy it demands. 

And all the while, I flatly refused to make eye contact with that classmate. Because if I did, there was no way I’d succeed in keeping it together in front of ‘all the boys.’ 

That’s the moral of today’s interaction: STEM is tough. We’re tougher. No one is quitting today. 


This is absolutely heartbreaking to see. For those of you who don’t think before saying anything negative to or about any athlete, especially Hope who gets a ridiculous amount of unnecessary hate, I hope you actually start to realize just how much it affects them and hurts them. No one deserves to feel this way.
Is Louis Tomlinson set for nasty custody battle?
The pair recently welcomed their first child together - but now money has become an issue
By Halina Watts

The pair recently welcomed their first child together - but now money has become an issue

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has reportedly hired a legal team in a custody battle over his newborn son Freddie.

The History hit maker, who was in the US for the arrival of their baby boy last month, was said to be on good terms with the mother of his child - Briana Jungwirth, however things have allegedly gone south with the fashion stylist allegedly demanding more money, according to TMZ.

Insiders close to Louis, 24, have claimed that she is ‘using’ their one-month-old son, Freddie Reign, to score more money than their current agreement.

It was previously reported that Louis forked out for a three-bedroom home in fancy Calabasas for Briana and their son, while he is currently renting out a $21 million home in nearby area so that he can be close to his baby boy.It has been claimed that Louis has had a DNA test, but insists that there is no doubt that Freddie is his child because the pair were dating exclusively in the time that Briana fell pregnant.

The website reports that Louis will be asking a judge to order Briana to give him custodial rights, as well as more access to their son.

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Louis, who came back to the UK for the Brits earlier this week, had to leave Freddie back in the US.