almost: not quite, nearly, out of reach.

dedicated to @stewartmary, happy friendivesary bestie i love you forever!

Seth Rollins ~ Engagement Party


I quickly slid the ring onto (Y/N)’s finger, my fingers were trembling. I stood up swiftly and pulled her in for a kiss as everyone in the background cheered for us and popped champagne bottles. I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now.

“Let’s get drunk now!” I heard (Y/N)’s brother scream in the background. I picked her up bridal style and stepped over the candles. ‘Congratulations’ were being shouted from every angle and it was so hard to keep up with everything.

I lowered (Y/N) back onto her feet. I took her hand in mine and walked over to our parents that were standing together. 

“So the engagement party I was meant to be attending with you, was my own?” (Y/N) questioned her mother, a beautiful smile plastered on her face.

“Oh sweetheart you were always the oblivious type.” Mrs. (Y/L/N) retorted, making us all laugh. It was never a difficult job to get things past (Y/N).

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Can I please have your attention?” Dean tapped a spoon gently against his glass of champagne. “I’d like to make a toast.” Dean slurred. Oh boy. “He’s drunk.” (Y/N) giggled next to me, taking my hand in hers.

Out of everyone in the locker room, (Y/N) was closest to Dean and Paige. Both of them were the party goers along with (Y/N) so a drunken toast was inevitable. 

“Here’s to to to my beautiful friend..” he said almost losing balance, before Roman steadied him again. “Seth frikken Rollins.” Everyone burst out into laughter, “and my even more beautiful best friend (Y/N)!” he winked, raising  his glass in our direction and (Y/N) blew him a kiss. “I wish you guys all the happiness… love..smiles… happy moments…” he went on. “And of course make out sessions… se-“ my eyes widened. For heavens sake Ambrose don’t say sex. I was waiting for the worst when Roman took the microphone away from him, “Here’s to (Y/N) and Seth!” he raised his glass, finishing for Dean.

“Seth and (Y/N)!” everyone shouted.