Ode On The Death Of Her Husband, King Francis II

In my sad, quiet song, 
A melancholy air, 
I shall look deep and long 
At loss beyond compare, 
And with bitter tears, 
I’ll pass my best years. 

Have the harsh fates ere now 
Let such a grief be felt, 
Has a more cruel blow 
Been by Dame Fortune dealt 
Than, O my heart and eyes! 
I see where his bier lies? 

In my springtime’s gladness 
And flower of my young heart, 
I feel the deepest sadness 
Of the most grievous hurt. 
Nothing now my heart can fire 
But regret and desire. 

He who was my dearest 
Already is my plight 
The day that shone the clearest 
For me is darkest night 
There’s nothing now so fine 
That I need make it mine. 

Deep in my eyes and heart 
A portrait has its place 
Which shows the world my hurt 
In the pallor of my face. 
Pale as when violets fade 
True love’s becoming shade. 

In my unwonted pain 
I can no more be still, 
Rising time and again 
To drive away my ill. 
All things good and bad 
Have lost the taste they had. 

And thus I always stay 
Whether in wood or meadow, 
Whether at dawn of day 
Or at the evening shadow. 
My heart feels ceaselessly 
Grief for his loss to me. 

Sometimes in such a place 
His image comes to me. 
The sweet smile on his face 
Up in a cloud I see. 
Then sudden in the mere 
I see his funeral bier. 

When I lie quietly 
Sleeping upon my couch, 
I hear him speak to me 
And I can feel his touch. 
In my duties each day 
He is near me alway. 

Nothing seems fine to me 
Unless he is therein. 
My heart will not agree 
Unless he is within. 
I lack all perfection 
In my cruel dejection 

I shall cease my song now, 
My sad lament shall end. 
Whose burden aye shall show 
True love can not pretend 
And, though we are apart, 
Grows no less in my heart.

by Mary Stuart

@reignfacts this poem was written after his husband’s death.
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