Mary and Francis getting some late wedding gifts:

Mary and Francis dancing the night away:

Mary finding out about the marriage clause:

Kenna snooping and endangering herself for Scotland:

Bash showing Kenna he’s there for her and her reaction:


Catherine getting it on:

Catherine then proceeding to kill the man she frick fracked with and all his scottish friends:

Julien getting over the fact lola’s pregnant, even though he doesn’t want children, and staying engaged to her when he couldn’t get over greer kissing a servant:

Mary bitch slapping catherine:

Mary crying into francis’ arms:


Just Mary’s development as queen this episode:


Future of reign

So based on the promo for next week’s episode of reign, I’m guessing that they are now shifting the frary storyline from being about mary, francis and bash to mary and francis and politics!

This makes me sooo happy!

I am so tired of them playing this love triangle and now that bash is married, hopefully he will try and get to know his wife and stop coveting someone else.

I can’t wait to see mary and francis take action!

Reign 1x17 "Liege Lord"
  • Bash and Kenna…I didn’t expect to like them that much but I did! We will see…
  • I am very susprised Lord Julien agreed to marry Lola knowing she was pregnant…I mean, he refused Greer because of a kiss and now he’s going to marry a girl who carries someonelse’s child, even if he had previously stated he doesn’t need or want sons. What’s up with this guy? I am concerned…
  • Henry’d better keep his crazy hands off Kenna! He started to have visions now…I want to know what’s happening!
  • Finally politics! I loved the scene with Mary and Lord McKenzie! Mary is strong and just, she would be a good queen, but I can’t totally root for her even if I want to…I think it’s because I love Catherine so much and I’m probably biased towards Mary. Anyway Mary’s new attitude will bring problem in her marriage…
  • And now Catherine….she’s harsh and ruthless when her family or her country are at risk, she’s ready to do everything. But I could see the pain on her face, the weight of the decisions she had made (bless you Megan Follows!)….I really appreciated the speech she gave to Mary about being queen…it was true and Mary has to understand it if she want to rule. I love her because she’s so complex and human and personally Catherine de’ Medici is what brings me back every week to wach Reign. 
  • Plus seeing Catherine so carefree and flirting was so good, Megan is a very beautiful woman, especially with her hair down! I was almost ready to ship her with that hot scottish man (his accent!), but then…. 
  • Best quote “…Wherever the queen is, I assure you she’s already quite satisfied.” lol