Lena brings the Reign on Supergirl Writers
  • SG Writers Room: Okay, so we're agreed that we're writing off Sanvers for no valid reason whatsoever and want to somehow focus on Mon El more even though he won't be there, but the LGBT backlash is going to be big, so what can do to queerbait them and keep them around instead?
  • Katie, bursting through the ceiling: How about you not queerbait like decent human beings and let Lena love a woman?
  • SG Writers: For the last time Katie, we're not making Supercorp happen! I thought the song we wrote and paid Jeremy to sing at SDCC made that quite clear.
  • Katie: ...I wasn't talking about Supercorp, asshats. Let Lena get together with Reign.
  • SG Writers: *laughs* Well, I must say...that's a nice change of pace from the Supercorp ringer you've putting us through, but you can't just volunteer Odet-
  • Odette, bursting through the door: WOULD YOU LET HER FINISH?!?!
  • Reign: You know I did come here to destroy Super girl and everything she loved, but for you I can make an exception.
  • Lena: *bites lip* That so, WorldKiller?
  • Reign: Yup. So care for a drink Luthor.
  • Lena: Absolutely. I'm quite thirsty.
  • Kara: *growls*
  • Maggie: *slow claps* Brava Luthor.
  • Alex: Did a Luthor just stop a fucking villain with her flirting?
  • Lucy: *blushes* Oh yeah.

Like a lot of people, I’m kind of for Reigncorp at the moment. I reserve the right to change my mind because we don’t know how Reign will be written or how healthy that relationship would be. If it does in fact rise, I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll hit all the “classic” wlw television tropes along the way:

-Being the only wlw couple on the show (The Powers That Be will have written off Sanvers by then ☹️)
-Not enough screentime so the show can focus on the forced, horribly written and received main straight pairing (Karamel, even though that’s not endgame)
-Catastrophe happening after the first time they have sex (Lena being collateral damage and getting paralyzed in a Reign-Supergirl fight that will be entirely Kara’s fault)
-Ending with one of them dying (Reign in the Season 3 finale…if not 1-2 episodes prior so that Lena turns full darkside for the finale and is in full villain swing next season)
-One of them dies from a bullet (Alex shooting evil Lena to save Kara, but that’s Season 4)

Not really how I’d like things to shake out but they’re called tropes for a reason. I’m just calling it now.