alright, but these two

totally trying to watch the tournament together, on the other side of the world, during practice

hc’s: they do this all the time. Face time, stay up late to try and watch stuff together, and their coaches obviously yell at them in the middle of practice, like Leo gets out his phone out and coach is like

‘stop talking to that boy on the other side of the world!’

And Leo is just ‘his phone screen cracked and he stained his favorite shirt, he needs me.’

Guang-Hong gets nervous if Leo doesn’t snapchat him within 24 hours and has an entire camera reel called ‘things to send leo later’

Leo has 17 spotify playlists with a variation of Guang-Hongs name.

they send each other really modest online wish lists for holidays or birthdays and the other will just straight up get them a cashmere scarf

They live-blog skating events together and tag each other in really sappy posts, like ‘that one person that always makes you smile :)’ 

Leo asks him with one of those cheesy shaky-cam youtube videos. 

To Anyone Who Thinks That Yurio + Otabek = Pedophilia

   I think it’s important to drop some facts and maybe some discussion on Otabek and Yurio as a romantic ship, since it’s such a heated topic. It’s better that things get discussed rather than argued over. So, episode 10 was slaying life. And then Mr. Hot-Mysterious-Motorcycle-Guy saved our Russian kitten from literally all of us his fans.

   Literally, we all know that the show is hinting. The dialogue isn’t romantic, but the feeling is there.

   So! Into the boring shit we go! 

   Firstly: By loose definition (Wikipedia and a dictionary,) pedophilia is a psychiatric diagnosis in which a person over the age of sixteen is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Is Otabek over sixteen? Yes. Is Yurio pre-pubescent? No. It can be pretty much assumed that, as he is fifteen, he has hit puberty already. Don’t get me wrong, there could be special circumstance, and at one point Yurio mentioned something in dialogue about him needing to skate as much as he can before his ‘body changes’ or something along those lines, but it doesn’t make much sense to look super far into these things. He’s fifteen. Generally, that is not going to be a pre-pubescent age, or even an early pubescent age.

   After some research, another way I found pedophilia diagnosed was as an adult(18+)’s attraction to a minor of a five year or higher age gap. How many years span between Otabek and Yuri? Three. Age of consent between minors and adults in both Yurio’s and Otabek’s home country? Sixteen. As soon as Yurio is sixteen, he is legally able to consent sexually. And aside from that, I’m damn near sure that Yurio is going to turn 16 relatively soon.

   So there’s the boring shit. Would Otabek having sex with Yurio at this exact point in the show be considered illegal? Yes. Pedophilia? No. 

   But that is beside the point. To those thinking that anyone shipping Yurio and Otabek is pedophilia… Why would a Yurio-Otabek relationship instantly need to involve sex? Healthy relationships, particularly not teen ones, don’t tend to work that way, if I am not mistaken.

    Generally, falling in love with someone seems to begin with friends. Friends for whatever reason. 

Sometimes friends simply for the sake of needing a friend.

   Those friends then bond more closely through mutually shared ideas, thoughts and interests. After time is spent together, however long that may be, they build trust for each other, and… They fall in love. This is how Yuri & Otabek’s relationship has begun. It may not play out in this way, but… 

   It doesn’t matter at this point that Yurio is fifteen, because right now, he is only just getting to know Otabek. They are starting out as friends, and getting to know each other. Their relationship doesn’t have to be sexualized, because they aren’t on that level yet, and at the pace they are going, they likely wouldn’t reach that level for quite some time. By the time that level of care for each other is reached, they would likely be of an age in which it wouldn’t matter.

   Not only this, but both Otabek and Yurio seem to be getting along well. They’re fairly alike. Even Otabek seems to think so. 

   They’re both quiet, stoic little things. They probably have mutual interests.

   They’re simply enjoying each other’s company. Very non-sexually, might I add. They have so much potential as a healthy, beautiful relationship. 

*whispers in your ear* Season two.

Everything is Different Now: Part 5

I’m re-watching the first 9 episodes of Yuri on Ice and taking notes on everything that has a different context based on what we learned at the very end of episode 10.  It’s done in parts that correspond with each episode, with screen caps! Hit the jump below to read on! 

Episode 5: Oh Shit I Actually Have to Coach This Boy/Oh No He’s Hot

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Japanese Twitter always knows things. According to Twitter user naixu, that closing to episode 10 looked familiar. Guess there was a very PG dance battle in 2013, the same year Yuri on Ice takes place, at the banquet after the Osaka Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. A reverse image search proves that they had fun. That’s Denis Ten, Yuzuru Hanyu, and Misha Ge among others. Asada Mao went to the same party, of course. 

You know, I remember being a little kid in Wisconsin and idolizing Kristi Yamaguchi and thinking she looked like a princess and yet imaging that the life of a figure skater must be so lonely. It’s nice to find out that banquets like this are a real thing and that even athletes in a sport as demanding as this one can have fun with their peers. 

  • Yuuri: take this matching ring... as a GOOD LUCK CHARM!!! there's no way anybody could misinterpret this it's just some matching rings for good luck
  • Viktor: haha yeah we're engaged

So I’ve been at work all day and the hoard of episode 10 meta is unstoppable, so I hope this hasn’t been mentioned before but I remembered something critical today.

It has been pointed out by several people that the Eros routine Viktor had been choreographing was inspired by Yuri’s drunken shenanigans, followed by his cold shoulder and was the Ultimate Pout ™ by Viktor.

But he wasn’t just working on Eros

The story of Eros is the story of the playboy who seduced the maiden even against her better judgement and then cast her away. It’s pretty clear (now at least) that Yuri is said playboy, and Viktor is said maiden.

And yet Viktor was also choreographing a piece on unconditional love

When Yuri humped his leg and begged him to come to Hasetsu and be his coach, Viktor fell hard. They danced the night away, and Viktor was looking forward to the next day when Yuri would remind him of his promise to come to Japan. And then……. He got shut down. To Viktor it probably seemed like an outright rejection.

So he choreographed Eros to symbolize how he felt. To symbolize Yuri putting him through a whirlwind of physical and emotional feelings and then leaving him hanging.

But hand in hand with that, he also choreographed a program about unconditional love. Because dammit, he’s still smitten with that boy after the time they had together. He may be a tad bitter, but he still wants Yuri in his life.

And this would explain why Viktor returned to Yuri after seeing him skate his routine. Why he would be choreograph a whole performance about Yuri casting him off as the playboy, and still nab his chance to give up his career and teach this guy how to win the Grand Prix. Because his love for Yuri

is unconditional

May I remind you that Yuuri dipped (a very much taller) Victor with his hands only holding onto Victor’s neck and stretched out leg. This dip was spontaneous, fun and had so much unspoken trust. Yuuri’s upper arm strength is incredible and I don’t think anyone ever lead Victor in a dance before so yes, if I was Victor, I’d be very very very intrigued by this lovable drunk Japanese skater who made me have the time of my life. This was the one night when Victor (and Yurio and Chris) said screw etiquette and proper social skills, with drunk Yuuri leading, they’d gladly follow along (with a reluctant Yurio of course).

wait hold a hot damn second the ep 10 banquet montage also explains why viktor sounds slightly surprised about yuri considering phichit as his only foreign skater friend because like? yuri you drank and stripped and pole danced? with chris? dance battled with yurio? seduced viktor? literally everyone wants to drink with you again? everyone likes you, even the angry kitten?? you’re the life of the party??? 


Yuri after drinking in Victor’s birthday party


Okay but can we talk about how there is 12 of YOI topic related trending in twitter japan when ep 10 came out??? I know its really popular, but holy shit!

1. VikuYuu marriage
2. Yuri episode 10
5. YOI10
6. Pole-dance
7. OtaYuri
8. Wedding ring
10. #第10滑走 (tbh not sure what this mean)
11. Otabek
12. Dance battle
13. Ring exchange
14. Engagement ring
15. Phichit-kun