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That, love, the peace, the brotherhood and friendship invade their hearts today and always  !!! ❤️❤️❤️                 


endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

Rather a Fool than a Coward

Title: Rather a Fool than a Coward
Characters: Harald Finehair, Reader
Warning: NSFW. Explicit Content. Plot is just a ruse to write smut.
Summary: Your Uncle and you have been commissioned to make shields for the King and his warriors. You decide to show King Finehair a sample of your work.


When the sky above you cracked open like an overripe fruit, you dragged your aching body across the room closing the door with a shove of your hips and placed the three buckets to their designated places. You loved summer showers; the condition of your Uncle’s roof not so much.  Stretching your tired limbs after a long day repairing, painting, and polishing the shields the King had commissioned, you decided to call it a day. Rolling your head from one shoulder to the other, you smiled at your Uncle’s snores filling the room whenever Thor gave his hammer a short break.
You move to the back of the house, deciding it might not be the worst of ideas to just go to bed. Loosening your braids, you catch yourself thinking of the King; his long hair tied neatly into a warrior’s braid. It’s not the first time your mind goes wandering. Many a night, when the covers coiled neatly around your waist, you wondered how his arm would feel around you; where his tattoos ended. You cleared your throat and resumed untangling your hair. It would take at least another two weeks before Uncle and you would finish the work asked for. Who knew if the King would still be here. Since the beginning of his reign, few but his warriors had the chance to lay eyes on him regularly. You groaned at the thought of making due with fantasies of a man whose face you might forget all too soon.

Yet… if one were to show the King a sample of the work accomplished…

You crossed the room quickly, lifting the shield you had finished this morning. It laid heavy in your arms and looking it over once more, you decide to throw reason out of the window and take your chance at a glimpse of the King tonight. Possibly exchanging words of curtesy. Nobody could blame you for displaying your Uncle’s fine shields.  

The rain had ebbed down to nothing but a drizzle by the time you made it to King Finehair’s lodgings. After finding nobody there, you propped the shield on the three steps leading to his throne deciding that just leaving would make you look a fool and a coward.

“You may want to pick that back up if you intend on coming with us.”

You sucked in a deep breath and, keeping a tight leash around your shaking nerves, turned at the sound of Harald’s voice, “I am not a shield maiden. I only make the shields and this is but a sample of our work.”

He nodded and stepped closer. You were alone in the room with him, yet Harald’s presence seemed to fill the great hall leaving you with nowhere to go. Taking one hand, he unclasped the heavy furs around his shoulders, the other grasping your own, “So these are the hands deciding the fate of those behind the shield wall, who knew.”  

You thought you heard distaste in his tone and turned to leave only for Harald to pull you flat against him. Standing there, your back tight against his chest, you felt his breath tickling your neck.

“Let me thank those hands tonight,” he said with humour in his voice.
“I did not come here to be mocked,” you laid your hands on his, trying to loosen his grip, but Harald would have none of it. You smiled despite yourself, knowing that he wanted you.

“Then what did you come for, hm?” he asked. You felt his body shift behind you until his lips found the soft skin behind your ear. Harald had his fingers slowly pry across your stomach before letting you go completely. You tried to step away from him, but your body was heavy with lust. Your neck was still tingling where his beard had scratched it. Turning around to face him, you gave him a small grin. You had gotten this far being bold.

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Remember is to live again, and them they will live all days in our hearts, the three are magnificent warriors who will always make us remember the beautiful moments that lived together in the Shield, without doubt the best team of all time ! Forever and ever ;)



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I feel like I’m the only one who’s happy about Roman winning the title. Everywhere I look, people keep saying how he doesn’t deserve it and how the WWE is just getting worse. Why must people have to do that?! He’s worked so goddamn hard and in my eyes, he truly deserves to be where he is. He’s been screwed over time and time again for the last year and he’s overcome it all. I’m not saying he’s an underdog or anything like that, I’m saying that he’s a very talented wrestler and people really need to stop crapping over all his hard work that’s got him where he is. Congratulations Roman Reigns on your WWE World Heavyweight Championship win, I’m proud to be a member of the Roman Empire.