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The Rising Signs as Reign Characters

Mary Stuart - Aries, Cancer, Virgo                                                                     plump lips, fair complexion, long black hair; fashion: fancy, intricate gowns, colorful, fondness of lace

Greer Castleroy - Taurus, Libra, Pisces                                                           wide lips, blonde hair, round face, brown eyes; fashion: girly, romantic, bright colours, lots of accessoires

Elisabeth Tudor - Gemini, Leo, Capricorn                                                       tall, fiery red hair, green eyes, calculating expression; fashion: glamorous, elegant, palatial

Lady Kenna - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius                                                   tall, slender, high cheekbones; fashion: sensual, bohemian, sophisticated, feminin

thatkevinsmith: Super Girls of @supergirlcw! The thespians pictured with the fat ass clown are @odetteannable, #katiemcgrath & @melissabenoist, who play Sam, Lena & Kara. I’ve worked beside the Maiden of Might on two episodes last season but this year’s return represents my first forays with both Lena Luthor and the new villain Reign. I can’t say anything about the plot but I can tell you that part of the joy of being on set while the cast and crew make magic is that there are moments and shots where the show you watch every week at home as a viewer suddenly comes to life before your eyes. The camera will push in dramatically on a curtain line or Kara will adjust her glasses and even though you’re there as “director”, you get this rush as a fan, seeing something so “Supergirl”. This couch bit we shot last night gave me that feeling: it absolutely “felt” like the show I watch way more than I ever get to work on. Also worth noting? I was wearing a @marvel jersey while on a @dccomics set - so I got a little comics company crossover going. Call me… the Amalgam Comic. #KevinSmith #supergirl #melissabenoist #odetteannable #lenaluthor #supercorp #reign #supergirlseason3 #vancouver #cw #karadanvers

me watching the frary reunion like I didn’t see the spoilers earlier today

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