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"You're beautiful" - Finn Balor

Warning: Smut

Promt request by: @nickysmum1909

“How much longer are you going to be in there, luv? You know we have to leave in 10, yeah?” Finn impatiently called out from the bedroom.

“I just need another minute!” I shouted back, feeling somewhat pressured by his constant shout outs. We are in Ireland for his brother’s wedding. This is going to be the first time that I’ll get to meet his extended family and I am somewhat on edge.

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Glad you came - Finn Balor

Prompt: Can you please write something smutty of Reader meeting Finn in a club and you guys get it on?

Warning: SMUT
Word Count: 2.1k

You can find my other fics here: Masterlist

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The doorbell of my apartment rang and I walked over to open it. My friend stormed past me into my living room with a bottle of champagne in her hand.

“Are you ready?” She asked me impatiently, while she struggled to open the bottle.

“Do I look ready?” I replied, annoyed that she make me go out at all.

I disappear into my room to choose a dress for tonight. I’m not in the mood to go out at all but she insisted. ‘I just broke up with my boyfriend’ she said. 'C'mon, it’ll be fun.’ she said. Can you love and hate your best friend at the same time? Because I think I can.

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Seth Rollins One Shot. You can find my other works here: Masterlist.

Seth Rollins x Reader
Language: Fluff, Smut
Word Count: 829

Note: It’s your birthday and Seth invited you to Raw because he couldn’t take time off to celebrate with you. As you were driving to the hotel, things get hot.

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"Which tampons do you need. Why are there so many"? - Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose

Originally posted by theambrosemadness

This is a prompt request by anon and @panda-girl1999 I hope you don’t mind if I use both characters for this.

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist.

Moving in with Seth was a big change but I welcomed it with open arms.
We invited Renee and Dean over for a BBQ to thank them for introducing us. Without Renee and Deans meddling, there would be no us to begin with.

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"Touch me with your cold feet one more time" - Seth Rollins

Prompt request by @kingslayers-angel

“I’m home!” Seth called out when he stepped through the door of our shared home. It was already past midnight but I was patiently waiting for him and jumped right into his arms as soon as I heard him.

“Missed me much?” He smiled as he was holding me up.

“You have no idea.” I locked my arms around his neck and hooked my feet together behind his back.

“So, I guess you’re not letting go of me?” His lips softly touching mine.


He awkwardly proceeds to walk with me as a human rucksack draped on the front of his body and his luggage in each hand.

Seth managed to reach our bedroom and dropped me off on the bed as he continues to unpack and getting himself ready for bed. I was already in there, trying to get warm.

“Don’t tell me you’re cold. It’s Summer!” He grinned as he made himself comfortable next to me.

Seth nestled himself and faces me, pulling me into his arms. I made the mistake to touch his leg with my cold feet.

“Jeez, Y/N! Put your feet away!” He scolded.

I was a bit intimidated by him but also I enjoy teasing him.
I waited a couple of minutes before I made a return of the cold feet.
Carefully I put my feet up against his leg again and this time Seth jumped.

“For fucks sake, Y/N! Touch me with your cold feet one more time..” He shouted angrily.

“What happens if I do?” I challenged him playfully.

“I’ll spank the shit out of you.” He starts to enjoy it. I know because I can see one corner of his mouth curling up into a grin. He’s trying not to show it, though.

“Now, is that a promise?” I asked him, a mischievous smile on my face.

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You complete me

This is a Finn Balor One shot. You can find my other works here: Masterlist

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader
Language: A lot of angst and fluff.
Word Count: 1,2k

Note: You're driven by angst and Finn being adorable.

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I’m not sure what makes me restless. I woke up in the middle of the night, again. A glance at the glowing numbers on the clock next to the bed suggests that I’ve only been asleep for a couple of hours. It always happens when he’s gone. I never felt complete without him. I need the security of him sleeping next to me to be able to relax.

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“Can I be of assistance?” - Finn Balor

This is a Reader x Finn prompt requested by @nickysmum1909

You can find my other fics here: Masterlist


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“Oh for fuck’s sake!” I’m swearing in the empty locker room.

The other female wrestlers have already left the building. I was somehow busy with promos and was the last one to still be here. Now I’m fighting with the zipper on the back of my gear. This little shit is stuck and my arms are way to short to reach it.

“Ah.. fuck fuck fuck! Guess I have to sleep i this damn thing!” I let my frustration out on one of the locker. Kicking it in while I scream.

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"I can't believe you're making me watch it again!" & "I'm reading what they say about you on tumblr." - Seth Rollins

A prompt request by anon.

You can read my other stories here: Masterlist.

“Baby, come here!” Seth was sitting in front of the TV as he called me over.

When I walked there from our bedroom, he welcomed me with open arms. My mood sank because he was watching something and had it on ‘pause’.

I let him pull me into a hug and settle myself next to him, draping my legs over his lap and he was holding them firmly. There was no escape, I thought to myself.

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Let me love you - Finn Balor

This is a request from @ashleyamorexo

Prompt: Dean’s sister Ashley is a mother of one. It’s Dean who helped her get away from her abusive ex. Then she met Finn and he made her life extra sweet.

You can find my other writing here: Masterlist.

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**Ashley’s POV**
I had a fair share of a rough childhood. Dean was always by my side to guide me. There might have been a fall out over my ex and how I lived my life but I soon found the way to the right path with Dean’s help.

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Wishing Upon A Star

Sami Zayn X Reader
Language: Fluff
Word Count: 795

This is a requested story for: @camila1818

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You are up against the whole women’s roster for MITB. This is going to be a big thing, if you would have a chance, that is. Being the newest member of Smackdown people are underestimating you, which could work as your advantage.

After Carmella grabbed the suitcase and celebrate her win you all walked back to the locker room, feeling defeated.
Tamina and Becky let out their anger at Carmella but most of all, they are angry at the company.
“You should go easy on Carmella, it’s not really her fault, you know.” you said, regretting it as soon as you said it.
“You’re a newbie, what do you know? Maybe more walking, less talking would suit you.” Tamina rolled her eyes at you.
You decide it’s best to let them be and continue to shower and change into your sweats. You hurry up because you want to watch the men’s MITB match. You’re rooting for Sami and hope he’ll get the reward he deserved.

As the men’s roster walked past you, you notice Sami.
“Hey Y/N, I’m sorry you didn’t get it. I was rooting for you.” He smiled at you, making your heart skips a beat.
“Ah, no biggie. Good luck to you. I hope you win. Go break a leg! Ugh..I mean, not literally.” You started to stutter. Why are you always making a fool out of yourself when talking to him?
“Will you be watching?” Sami asked you, hopeful.
“Yes..yes, sure.” You said, smiling.
He smiled back and walked out to the ring.

You watch closely as the match is going on in full circle. You see Sami sitting at the floor, looking the saddest you’ve ever seen him and it breaks your heart.

Sami’s POV
This is not going the way he planned it. It hurts, especially because she is watching. He wanted to show her that he too is a winner. But today his chance was denied. Defeated he walked into the locker room. Talking with the guys about the match as Kevin walked beside him, trying to cheer him up. “Hey, I saw you talking to Y/N. So when are you going to ask her out?”
“Oh shut it, will ya? She’s probably not even interested in me.” Sami trailed off, getting out of his gear.
“Bull, and you know it. Everyone knows you have a thing for her and the girls say she’s drooling over you.” Kevin said, laughing.
“Yeah Sami, do it, ask her out. If not, I will!” Baron chimed in, grinning from ear to ear.
“The hell you do!” Sami hissed.
He saw her outside. If he hurried, he might catch her before she leaves for home.

You were waiting for Becky in the parking lot when you spot Sami walking towards you.
“I’m sorry you didn’t win.” You said.
“Water under the bridge. Are you waiting for someone?” He asked you.
“Yeah, Becky, she’s driving.” you say, looking at your watch.
“I’ve seen her inside, still shook about what happened. It might take a while until she comes out. I can wait with you. I’m driving with Kevin and he is nowhere near ready.” He said, sitting on the floor next to you in the parking lot.
“Thank you.” You smiled at him.

“You know, the guys are teasing me to ask you out already.” he said, embarrassed.
“Did they? And will you?” You asked him, feeling a rush of blood running through your head.
“Yeah, how about let’s make this a date? Probably not one you were looking forward to but we can make it fun. And then if you like this ‘date’ we can have another propper one.” He said, moving closer to you, you both leaned against Becky’s car, looking up at the night sky. Sami explained the star concellation and you are seriously impressed. All of a sudden, you see a shooting star. You both looked at eachother.
“Did you just see what I saw?” You asked him, stunned.
“Yes, quick we make a wish!” He said, grinning.
You make your wish in silence and you felt him drawing closer to you, the moment was perfect when he touched his soft lips on yours, tickling you with his beard, kissing you softly. A kiss so passionately, it makes you melt.
“What did you wish for?” He asked you forehead leaning against ech other, after you both stopped for air.
“This.” You smiled at him, kissing him again.
“And you?” You asked him.
“I wished that even if I didn’t win the suitcase, that maybe I could win you.” He wishpers into your ear.
“We have a winner.” You leaned your head on his shoulder while he plants a soft kiss on your forehead.