reign : mine

Great news: The way they went about making Reign exist means that there’s actually a chance for a redemption arc.

Making Reign something that is “activated” means that there’s a chance that she can be “deactivated”.

They will most likely make it so neither Reign nor Sam know the other exists and she will be living a double live. When everyone else finds out they will try to help Sam but they will play it as it being hopeless so some will start questioning if they shouldn’t just end the threat.

Lena is for sure gonna do everything in her power to help Sam, I have no doubts about that. She will most likely be her biggest supporter. Kara will start with trying to help but something will happen that she will start questioning if there really is a chance at all at saving Sam.

I’m guessing the last episode of the season they save her and Ruby will definitely be at the center of it.

This is the hopeful side of me speaking. the other side says they are either gonna make Sam sacrifice herself because she can’t keep being Reign OR Ruby dies aka Sam’s heart dies and she becomes Reign full time with no chance of going back.

I’m hoping we get Sam to become good again and have her be on the show next season.