*watches 2x18* - yesss! Mary is growing closer to Francis again     

*watches promo for 2x19* - oh, Monde is still a thing?, fml

*reads synopsis for 2x20* - Mary working against Francis to save Conde  


you looked up at the sky with wonder, watching the colours explode and cascade across the star filled sky.

you werent paying any attention to your companion. he should have been watching the fireworks, but he couldent tear his eyes off of you.

he didnt care what was happening in the sky or how beautiful the fireworks were, he was looking at the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 

FRANCIS AND MARY ICONS from 2x02 - 2x16
this also includes the icon requests from x & x

To the anons who requested, I’m so so sorry about the long wait! I could tell you about how college has been kicking my ass and how much I’ve come to loathe this show, but I won’t. I decided that since I was making icons, I might as well sweep through all the Season 2 caps and make a massive icon update in one go. And I did it! Well, I was hoping to get Season 1 done as well (a tonne of happy!Mary in that one and no Mondé! which is always a bonus) but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so for now, here’s a bunch of Season 2 icons!

  • All icons are 128x128
  • All pretty simple - coloured, some pastels (because why not?) and once again, a lot of black & white
  • Feel free to use, no credit necessary!

You can find them all HERE (I wasn’t kidding when I said “massive icon update”)! Just use the filter to get to the episode you want (and for an easier time going through them). :)

Hope you find something to your liking!

SMH at people who think that hating Mary equates to being a misogynist/antifeminist. You would be right if Her Royal Stupidness resembled anything even remotely close to the feminist ideal, and if her being a walking billboard for said ideal was the reason those of us who hate her feel the way we do.

But, my lovelies, I’m sorry to say that she is not a feminist, and the only reason I say that I’m sorry to say that is because she was one before the writers decided to completely fuck up her character for the sake of creating yet another pointless love triangle that’s fucking going nowhere.

Please allow me to quote one of my earlier posts in order to explain why exactly it is that she cannot be considered a feminist.

“Her pushing for an open marriage and fucking Conde does not make her a feminist.”

Why? Because she’s relying on a man to heal her instead of relying on herself, or even other women to fix her internal issues.

“Her going on and on about how strong and invincible she is on her own just before running to a man’s side and begging for help does not make her a feminist.”

Why? Self-explanatory.

“Her insisting on making her husband suffer for no reason, whether or not she’s honest with herself about the fact that that’s what she’s doing does not make her a feminist.”

Why? Well, I honestly don’t know how those who insist on making the “anti-Mary = antifeminism” argument actually view feminism, but to me, it’s all about equality. So how does her belittling her husband, who really has nothing but love and support for her in his heart, make her a feminist? The answer is simple. It doesn’t. It just makes her a bitch.

So, being that she isn’t a feminist, it’s actually impossible for those of us who hate her to feel this way because she is a feminist.

We have plenty of other reasons to hate her that are actually very legitimate, which I won’t go into here because everyone else already has.

Bottom line, stop using this argument to make us feel guilty for hating her, because it makes no fucking sense. Thank you very much.