C: Cum

Spencer Reid

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Spencer is a whimperer.  The light, beautiful, cascading sounds of desperation that he makes whenever he is thrusting within you makes you smile against the cheek you are peppering kisses on.  He always makes sure that you pop before he does, usually resulting in a massive amount of oral sex given to you.  He adores the sensation of slipping into your already-swollen core, and he loves the way you lap at his lips, tasting yourself on him when he comes in for a kiss.  He always tells you that you never have to swallow whenever you return the oral favor, but he can’t deny that there’s something inherently, and primally, sexy about his juices dripping down the corner of your mouth.

Y: Yearning

Spencer Reid

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Spencer is very good at switching his drive on and off.  When on a case, there is nothing further from his mind.  Yes, he dreams about being in your arms.  And yes, he misses the feel of your body against his.  But he never wakes with a straining erection that needs some sort of fulfilling before work.  But when he walks through those doors?  There’s a reason his phone goes on vibrate and gets plopped on the floor.  There’s a reason why, whenever he’s called back to the office, he’s always the last one there.  There’s a reason why his vacation time is usually taken for long weekends instead of sprawling vacations.

When he comes home?  His drive is insatiable.  The feeling of your soft, warm skin beneath his fingertips, your body molding to his, like it’s instinctively protecting you from the chill of the world outside that he defends so whole-heartedly.


V: Volume

Spencer Reid

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Spencer actually enjoys making sounds.  He sees (and feels) how it spurs you on, so he never holds back in moaning your name or grunting as he’s thrusting into your body.  His panting in the crook of your neck always creates condensation that drips down your chest, and when Spencer catches it dripping into the dip of your cleavage, it audibly makes him groan…which always makes you clench your walls around him.  But you always know that he is close to his end, because his once-projected sounds turn into stressed, muffled whimpers as his thrusts become more shallow.

But he always manages to croak out your name low within your ear as he spills himself into you, marking you as his own just before he sucks the skin of your neck behind your ear between his lips.

The vibrations of his moans drives you absolutely insane.

W: Wildcard

For the wild-card, this is “U: Unfair” for Spencer Reid

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Spencer enjoys the teasing.  A lot.  He loves slowly exploring your body whenever he comes back from a case.  He loves taking his time, scraping his lips and running his tongue over every dip in your body he fantasized about while you were apart.  The teasing, though, is purely selfish.  He doesn’t care that you beg.  He doesn’t care that you get flustered and frustrated with him.  He doesn’t even care that you wail out his name with tears streaming down your face as he denies you…time after time…with his tongue.

The only thing he cares about is keeping you under him for as long as he can.  Pleasuring you for as long as you can take it.  Sliding in and out of you as much as he can.

Making up for lost time is never about how many rounds he can go.  It’s about how long he can make the first round last.

B: Body Part

Spencer Reid

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Spencer doesn’t have a favorite body part on his body.  He’s always telling you that you could be with someone better…someone like Aaron, who’s strong and can protect you, or Derek…who could probably do things in bed to you that he hasn’t even though of yet.

But you just reassure him, tracing his long neck with your tongue before murmuring how much you love him, and how his mind…as well as his body…is perfect for you.

But picking one on you is no easy task, either.  He loves, and lusts after, all of you.  He loves your legs and how soft they are wrapped around his hips.  He loves your eyes and how they light up, even in the dead of night, when he comes home from a case.  He loves your smile and how it dances across your cheeks as he’s rambling on about something he’s passionate about.  He loves your tongue and the way it feels sliding down his body.

All of you.

His favorite body part is all of you.