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Happy Birthday to this literal Goob!! He is the purest angel baby I know. He is a beautiful talented dork who never ceases to make me smile. I love everything about him from his various hairstyles to his mix matched socks. Matthew Gray Gubler is the reason I have high expectations. I love him with all my heart and I’m grateful that this lovely Las Vegas native was born. @gublernation


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↳ I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. Yes, I’m a genius.

happy birthday @spncreids!!

The Best Birthday Present of All

A/N: Since it is @criminallyyoursdrreid‘s birthday today, I decided to give her some birthday smut. Since you’re turning 21, I made Reid first season Reid when he was about 24. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


“Spence, you’ve got to stop,” Cheyenne said as Spencer pulled out yet another wrapped gift. Granted, a girl only turned 21 once, but she was not in the mood to celebrate full-fledged adulthood; she’d grown up too fast anyway, but now it was like…official, and that made her both uneasy and excited all rolled up in one. 

Since this morning, he’d bought you breakfast, given you a foot massage, purchased a watch you’d been wanting forever, got you a yearly membership to Barnes and Noble (because he was a fucking angelic nerd like that) and now this. As Cheyenne ripped the wrapping off, her smirk made Spencer grin wider than he had when he’d given her the store membership.

This box was on the smaller side, so she couldn’t hazard a guess as to what it was, but as she opened it, she gasped. Inside was a Celtic Fire Necklace - sterling silver Celtic knots on the outside, dipping into swirls with black enamel and a fiery red stone in the center. “Do you like it?”

“Do I like it? Spence, it’s beautiful,” she breathed. Smiling, she took it out of the box and turned around, motioning for him to clasp it behind her neck. As the cool metal nipped at her skin, she glanced down and ran her fingers over it. “It’s gorgeous,” she said again. “But you have to stop now. You’re going to spoil me.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” He smirked. Spencer buried his head in the crook of her neck and brought her waist closer to his by wrapping his arms around the small of her back. “I can’t help the fact that I want to spoil my gorgeous girlfriend. You sure there isn’t anything else I can get you? Do for you? After all, you only turn 21 once.”

For a second, Cheyenne hesitated, about to open her mouth and tell her boyfriend that he didn’t have to do anything more. But as she ran her hand through his soft hair, she had an idea - a dirty one. Her innocent as fuck looking boyfriend wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. Occasionally, he could crack a dirty joke, and he’d even done a bit of dirty talking in their year together, but Cheyenne wanted to…push the boundaries a bit. “Well,” she started, running her hands over her new necklace again. Her mind wandered to the black and red lingerie she was wearing that conveniently went with her new necklace; Spencer really did know her too well. “I do have an idea.”

Spencer raised an eyebrow; he knew that look. “Go on.”

“Can we try a little more dirty talk?” She smiled. “Maybe a little dom/sub action? I know it may not totally be your thing, but I’d love to try it.”

“What makes you think it’s not my thing, little girl?”

Oh no. The way he said little girl soaked her panties in an instant. It was actually kind of embarrassing. Cheyenne swallowed the lump in her throat and attempted to speak, but nothing came out. “I asked you a question, Chey,” he said, his right thumb and ring finger snaking around her nipple. His eyes had gone from light and happy to serious and needy within minutes and Cheyenne honestly didn’t know what to do with it. “I need an answer.”

“I-I just didn’t think that a-about you,” she stuttered. “You look so innocent.”

Without a word, his tongue darted out over his bottom lip, covering it in a sheen of saliva that made her own mouth water. He pulled the tank top straps off of her shoulders and pulled the material below the material of her bra. For a moment, he just stood and admired the red and black silk and lace against her skin. “Sometimes you do too,” he finally said, his voice hugging her like the bra she wore. “With your pretty, perky nipples already puckered under my gaze, I’d say now is not one of those times.”

Cheyenne’s mouth went dry as these words came out of her boyfriend’s mouth. It was so hot. She had no idea how to react. So she didn’t bother trying, allowing Spencer to tell her how to react instead. He stepped toward her, his hands slipping into the waistband of her sweats and sliding them down. “The word is green,” he breathed, his heated breath skirting around her ear. She knew what he meant and walked backwards toward her bedroom, unable to take her eyes off him. 

“Lie down,” he said unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. She was practically in a trance, feelings amplified as the soft comforter soothed her heated but oh-so-ready skin. “No noise. I know how hard that is for you.”

It was. She was a moaner. This was going to be difficult. “Or what?” She asked more out of curiosity than antagonism.

“Or I’ll turn you over and spank that pretty bottom of yours,” he said confidently without missing a beat. Was that supposed to be a deterrent? Because at the moment Cheyenne wasn’t thinking so. She kind of just wanted to moan louder. She wanted to moan right now. And he hadn’t even touched her yet - barely anyway.

As he removed his pants and shirt, leaving him in only his boxers, Cheyenne’s eyes followed his every move. His lithe fingers driving forward with purpose. To undo her. She could already tell it wasn’t going to take much. When he got onto the bed and kneeled over her, the deep-seeded need in his eyes made her tremble. “Spread your legs,” he said. She did as she was told and took in the sheen of sweat already covering his body as well as hers. He was acting confident, but on the inside, Cheyenne could tell this was foreign to him. Damn, he was good at faking it. 

It seemed like hours since he’d demanded she spread her legs and her center was dripping for him. “Grab the headboard. No hands on my head or yourself, and no noise.” And with that, he dipped his head between her legs and began his ministrations. Oh fuck. Originally, she thought the moaning thing might have been doable, but this definitely wasn’t going to work. A small, almost imperceptible groan escaped her lips. “Considering this is the first time we’re doing something like this, I’ll give you three strikes. That was strike one.” A heavy breath escaped her as she bit her lip.

Again, his head dipped between her legs, his hair falling down against her skin, tickling her inner folds. She swallowed the gasp that rolled up and he chuckled against her, relishing the sweet torture he was delivering upon her. “I’m looking forward to watching your ass welt up under my hands.” Oh he was a cocky bastard - and she loved him so. As he continued to tease her folds, his tongue massaging the skin just below her clit, he inserted two fingers into her. He loved how responsive she was for him, but he took note that she was even more sensitive right now. They were going to have to do this more often. “Oh god,” Cheyenne breathed.

“Strike two.”

Instead of slowly down his movements so she could recover, possibly not bring down that third strike, he picked up the pace of his movements. 

“Strike three,” he said. Had she moaned? She didn’t even remember doing it. He pulled his fingers from her.  “You made my fingers all dirty. You better lick them clean.” 


Taking her hands off the headboard, she grabbed his hand and brought his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself off his skin. Once his fingers were cleaned, he motioned for her to bend over his knee. Somehow, through all of the things they’d done sexually, this was by far the most vulnerable she’d been, and she hadn’t realized until now how much she craved that. “I will alternate each cheek,” he said, rubbing her ass with the palm of his hand. “Three on each. And you will count them out. Are we clear?”

“Yes,” Cheyenne breathed as a moan rolled upwards. 

“Yes what?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The first smack took her by surprise. “One.”

The second came nearly two minutes later. She was ready to burst. She counted them off until she came to the last one. Her ass was burning, but she was in love with the feeling. “Six. Oh my god…sir.” She hung her head limply before he placed his fingers inside her once again.

“Now, you’ve been a good girl, so you can come.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said. “Thank you.”

From behind, his fingers hit a different spot inside her and within minutes her toes were curling and a scream was rumbling its way through her body. “Let it out, little girl.”

“Ah, fuck!” Her pussy clenched around his fingers and her own hands grabbed at the comforter in desperation. “Oh my god, Spence.” She finally composed herself and assumed their little scene was over. “I know you got me a ton of stuff today, but that was by far the best gift yet.”

A low, gravelly chuckle emanated from him as he brought her face in line with his. “Was that just a birthday present?” He smirked.

Her smile mirrored his own. “God, I hope not.”

Matthew Gray Gubler

Today is March 9th. 37 years ago today, Marilyn and John Gubler graced the world with their son. Happy 37th Birthday to my smol lil cinnamon roll. I hope you have a great one. HE IS SO OLD FOR ME BUT SO HOT. I hope you have a fantastic day you noob.

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Same Matthew, whenever I see you on Criminal Minds I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack. I swear my heart literally swells in happiness. 

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What the hell is he doing in this? Whatever, I love my lil nuggest regardless. 

Gone - Pt. 3

Part One  Part Two

Pairing: Hothner x Reader

Word Count: 1,778

Request:  yes!  Thank you for the amazing feedback!

@zugzwangcm-comment-account:  Omg you should do a third part 😭 this was so good!

@ncis-cm-hp-sherlock-imagines:  I’ve loved part one and I love part 2 even more! The way the team and the reader interact was just lovely. I’d really enjoy a third part if there are any plans for one?

@marvelfanlife:  Please say that there will be a part 3 to gone?! Like I said before Aaron needs to know! And what happens if Scratch makes an appearance! 😬😊💕

@dkbksbcobk:  Hey, I was wondering if you could make a part 3 to “Gone” when you have the time, you’re an amazing writer

@louisespecter:  It was beautifully written but yet so sad. My heart can’t handle this. I literally have tears in my eyes as I’m typing this message. Please please pleaaasssee can there be a part 3?

Warnings: none

Summary: Aaron Jack Hotchner was born.  The reader has an incredibly close-knit relationship with the team, making it easier to raise her son, but his father has no clue he exists... Or does he?  I’m actually so excited that this fic is getting such amazing feedback, it’s makes me happy to know that there are people who want to read something that I’m very proud of creating.  Without further ado, here is the third part to ‘Gone’.  Enjoy!!

A/N: AJ is Aaron Jack’s nickname for Aaron Jack and Aaron Junior, just in case that confused anyone.

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Previously on…

His dad was not here, but Aaron Jack Hotchner was surrounded by the people who love him and will go to the ends of the earth for him, and that was all that mattered.

Aaron was out in the world somewhere with Jack hopefully safe, but wherever he was, he had no knowledge of the baby boy just born with his name.  He didn’t know that you thought about him every day, and probably didn’t know that since he left, you spent every night crying yourself to sleep.  He didn’t know any of this because he was gone.

“AJ, I’m not going to tell you again,” you scolded your son.  He was stubborn as always, trying to play with the toys that weren’t his without permission. 

“No, no, he’s fine!  He’s so cute.  How old is he?” the mother of the child whose toys Aaron Jr. kept playing with asked.

“He’s turned three today,” you replied, looking at the boy who looked too much like his father.  His smile resembled that of Aaron’s, and every time you saw it, your heart seemed to skip a beat, not only for the memories of your beloved boyfriend, but for the tiny child that was yours. 

The playground was mainly vacated, only a few mothers and their children enjoying the beautiful outdoors that day.

“Mine’s four.  Nearly time to start school,” the mother replied with a sigh.

“That’s a scary thought,” you replied.  And it was.  There was no telling whether or not your son was even safe in any schools.   You hadn’t really thought about sending your son to school, yet anyways.  Your focus was raising him and keeping him safe.  As far as you were concerned, he would be home schooled.  Maybe Penelope would be willing to help out.  

As if the computer genius could hear your thoughts, your phone began to ring with her name flashing on the screen.

“Hello,” you said after pressing answer.

“Alright, muffin.  I picked up AJ’s prescriptions and set up an appointment for a follow up in a month.  He’s also set on piano lessons courtesy of a one Spencer Reid.  Oh, and birthday party is set up.  We’re ready for you,” she said.

“Jeez, Penny, you didn’t have to do all that,” you told her with a smile.

“Oh, stop.  I’m happy to.  Now get both of your cute butts over here, we’re ready!” she said.

“Alright, thanks, Penelope,” you replied with a smile.  You motioned to AJ to come to you.

“No problem!  And happy birthday, love,” she finished before hanging up the phone.

“Happy birthday, little man!” the mom next to you said to your son as he approached the bench you were sitting on.

“Mommy’s birthday,” AJ said, pointing up at you.

“Your’s as well?” she asked, smiling.

“Mine was yesterday, but we celebrate them together,” you said, standing up and picking up Aaron.  “It was nice to meet you-”

“Shelby,” she said, sticking out her hand to shake.  

“Y/N,” you replied.  “And this is Aaron Jack.”  Your son shyly waved at Shelby.

“Nice to meet you Aaron,” she replied with a smile.  “Hope to see you again,” she told you.

“You too.  Sorry about the toys,” you said sheepishly.

“Again, don’t worry about it.  My son Kale and I come here every Wednesday afternoon if Aaron would ever want to have a buddy to play with.”

“Thank you, that would actually be really nice,” you said honestly.  With the life you two had, another little boy in AJ’s life didn’t sound like a bad idea at all.  “Say bye, AJ,” you said to your son.

He waved again, letting out a tiny ‘bye’ before you walked away from your new friend.  You knew having someone his age to play with would be good for him.  JJ’s boys were always happy to play with your son, but Henry was in school and they were busy most of the time.  Kale would be a blessing.

You walked to the car with AJ on your hip.  Once he was secured in his car seat, you grinned down at him.

“Ready to see everyone?” you asked.  You’d told him about his ‘surprise’ party.  You were never really any good at keeping secrets.  AJ nodded excitedly at you, his smile sending butterflies throughout your body.  “Let’s go then.”

“Surprise!” the team shouted as you walked through the door.  You playfully gasped and looked down at AJ.

He slapped his hands onto his cheeks, opening his mouth in fake shock.  To a room full of profilers, it was obvious you gave up their secret surprise party.

“You told him, didn’t you?” Alvez asked, unable to keep a smile off his face at the sight of your son.

“Sorry, he begged to know if we were surprising him, and how can you say no to that face?” you said in a baby voice, picking AJ up.

“Hey, buddy!  Uncle Spence got you a present,” Reid said, taking him from your arms.  He walked over to the desk that was full of presents, the team, apart from JJ, in tow. 

“He’s starting to look so much more like his father,” she admitted to you.

“I know,” you said, watching AJ’s family show him his new toys.  Your heart was soaring at the sight of it.  Despite the heartbreak you’d experienced almost four years ago, there was so much happiness that came to you and so much love surrounded you and your son every day, and you were so grateful for it.

“What are you thinking about?” JJ asked you.  

“Just about how damn luck AJ and I are,” you replied, leaning into her side.  She pulled you in close for a warm hug, admiring the vision of her sons with yours.  It was a perfectly cliched moment, but it was all you ever wanted.

Emily stepped away from the group, slowly making her way towards you.  A look passed between the two agents, some kind of silent communication.  You dated a profiler for well over two years, so you knew a thing or two about reading a look.

“What?” you asked.

“What?” Emily asked back, acting nonchalant.  

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” you told her, knowing you were right.

“Tell me about the woman you met today at the park,” she said suddenly, catching you off guard.

“Excuse me?” you asked, not understanding what she meant.  “What woman?”

“Y/N, you have a protective detail on you 24/7, and it’s their job to report to me.  They told me about the woman you talked to at the park,” Emily replied.

“So?  I’m aware you keep an all too watchful eye on me and AJ at all times, but why are you suddenly interrogating me on who I happen to converse with?”  you asked, your voice raising a bit. 

“I’m just following protocol,” she tried, but you were too annoyed to listen.

“I don’t give a damn about protocol, what is this about?” you asked.  Emily looked at JJ, as if she was silently asking for help.

“We just want to know if you’re trying…” JJ started, but she couldn’t find the words.

“Trying to what?” you asked, skepticism clear in your voice.

“Strauss is worried you’re trying to contact Hotch,” Emily said.  What, you thought.

“How is me talking to a random mom at the park me trying to contact him?” you asked, vocalizing your confusion.

“Are you?” Emily asked sternly, clearly wanting a straight answer.

“No!  Of course not.  Why would she think that?” you said, still unable to understand what talking to a woman at the park meant about Aaron.  JJ looked at Emily, another strange look passing between them.  “What aren’t you telling me?”

“It’s on need-to-know basis, Y/N,” Emily told you, as if that explained everything.

“It’s about Aaron?” you blurted out.  Tears began to form in your eyes.  “If it’s about him then I need to know.”

“Y/N,” JJ started, but you cut her off.

“Do you know where he is?” you asked, your heart beginning to speed up.  The agents at the present table started to quiet down, looking over at you.  You were fixing to go into hysterics, it was obvious.

“No, I don’t.” Emily said.  Her voice was strong.  She wasn’t lying.

“Then what?  Does Shelby know where he is?” you asked, recalling the mom from the park’s name.

“We figured that’s why you were talking to her,” Emily finally admitted.  You furrowed your brows, even more confused than before.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, knowing Emily was probably not going to be able to keep whatever this secret was from you any longer.  She sighed and looked at the other agents, silently telling them all to distract AJ and not listen to what she was about to say.

“Shelby Madison is the woman you talked to today.  She has a son named Kale, that’s who AJ was playing with,” she said.

“I know all this,” you replied, wanting her to spill.

“Shelby Madison is a private investigator,” she finished.  “Strauss thinks you hired her.”

“I didn’t.  I’d only met her today,” you said.

“What did she tell you at the park?  Try to remember the conversation you had with her,” Emily said, not as a friend, but as an agent.

“She asked me how old AJ was, she mentioned her son was four and about to start school,” you recited, slowly trying to remember the words she’d told you.

“What else?”

“She introduced herself as Shelby and asked to see AJ and I again.  That’s it.”


“On Wednesdays.  She mentioned her and her son go to the park every Wednesday,” you said, realizing why Emily was asking these questions.  “I’ve never seen her before today.  AJ and I are at the park every Wednesday, too, she was lying,” you said.  “What does that mean?”

“It means someone hired her to find you,” Emily said.

Your heart sped up, your palms became increasingly sweaty.

“Someone like Scratch?” you whispered, the name feeling hot on your tongue.  It’d been two years since you said that name, and although he was out of your thoughts most nights, it was a name that still haunted you.

“No,” a voice said behind you.  The look on Emily’s face said it all.  You knew exactly who that voice belonged to.  It was a voice you hadn’t heard in three and a half years.  A voice you never thought you’d hear again.

It was the only voice in the world you ever wanted to hear, but knew you never could.

You turned to face Aaron Hotchner

“Someone like me.”


“Babe, don’t go in there.” You quickly stopped your boyfriend from entering the conference room. “I, uh-” You tried desperately to find an excuse.

“(Y/N), I know they’re throwing me a surprise party.” Spencer admitted.

“You do?” Your shoulders drooped, disappointed.

“They’re, uh, not very subtle.” he joked. He noticed your disappointment, however, and reached forward to squeeze your hand. “I’ll act surprised though.”

You grimaced. “Actually, no don’t.”

“What, why?”

You sighed. “As much as I love you - which trust me, is a lot by the way - you can’t act. At all.”

You chuckled as your boyfriend pouted and leaned forward to peck him on his plump lips. “Come on, they should be ready by now.”

Spencer let himself be dragged into the conference room to be greeted with a loud chorus of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

After a round of hugs, you presented his cake. “Make a wish, hun.”

He looked at you, adoration clear in his eyes. “Why would I need to wish for anything else?”

Garcia and JJ glanced at each other, exchanging a silent “aww” while Rossi raised an eyebrow, smirking.

“Look at you, Pretty Boy, acting the charmer.” Morgan teased.

Spencer blushed slightly before blowing out the candles.

You sat and watched your boyfriend’s face light up at every gift he opened. How his smile would start out tight lipped but then end in the biggest grin.

The rest of the team occupied themselves with pouring the champagne and cutting slices of the chocolate cake.

Spencer sat down beside you and wrapped an arm around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You smiled up at him.

“I didn’t see your name on any of the gifts. Did I accidentally misplace it or-”

“Oh hun.” You leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “The kind of gift I’m giving you…can’t be given to you here.”

You suppressed a giggle as you watched his eyebrows furrow in confusion. His brown eyes widened in realisation and he swallowed. “Oh.”

You smirked, getting up to get a slice of cake, making sure to run your hand the length of his thigh. “You can unwrap me later.”

Spencer blushed furiously as you sent him a wink. Later couldn’t come soon enough.