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Luke is still adjusting to life in the BAU when a familiar face from the past joins the team as their Communications Liaison. Last time he saw her they were in the Iraqi desert on a highly confidential mission. Some ghosts are meant to stay buried…

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“You aren’t what I was expecting.”

Your lips curved upwards into a knowing smile. It was inevitable that the military’s judgement of you was that you didn’t belong in Iraq. There weren’t many other women here – certainly not in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

But, years of working in the FBI Counterterrorism Division and serving on Washington’s Joint Terrorism Task Force weren’t about to be wasted. You were needed here.

Given the unexpected type of warfare the army was now engaged in, intelligence training was an asset they required. Your job was to assist US military and intelligence operatives both in Washington and Iraq…even if they were reluctant to accept it.

“I tend to surprise people.” You replied quietly, your eyes remaining fixed upon the exquisite landscape.

All of the military tents, tanks, weapons and heavily defended compound walls couldn’t disguise the unique beauty of your surroundings. The sun’s dazzling rays beamed down, illuminating the skyline with bright beams of magnificent colour. The sky seemed to glimmer with streaks of vivid yellow, orange and red.

Luke’s soft chuckle made you glance up at him in surprise. A slight grin played on his lips as he continued to examine the impressive sunset, seemingly debating whether or not to divulge his next words to you.

“The military doesn’t really like surprises.”

A soft smile graced your face as you turned to face him. “We’ll see.”

Those were the only words you left him with before you walked back towards the command tent. Luke’s mouth twitched into a small smile as his eyes followed your retreating figure disappear into the hectic camp.

If it were at all possible, your arrival had made his world even more unpredictable…and that was exactly how he liked it.


Criminal Minds Appreciation Week, Day 3 - OTP

I started this shipping manifesto back during season 6 or 7 and then didn’t touch it until about a week ago, so because of that, as well as some issues I have with character fluctuation in later seasons, most of this is based on s1-5.

Sections include:
- General
- Episode Specific
- Superficial
- Myths about characterization*

(*I hate that I feel the last section is necessary, but I have been in fandom long enough to see way too many “I don’t ship this because of [untrue statement about character]” or “I ship this because of [really offensive stereotype]” posts, so it seemed necessary)

I understand if you don’t ship Morgan/Reid, but I do ask that you please respect those who do. I’m happy to discuss various points, but only if you are respectful. I’ve tried to put this under a read more, but tumblr’s kinda inconsistent as to whether or not that works; my apologies if it doesn’t.

Special shoutout to lilijuliet who looked it over and added a few more things from later seasons.

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Five years ago, 4.22.10, Luke and Reid kissed for the first time

“Um, Doctor Oliver? You do realize that you kissed me, right? And, I mean, that’s - it’s okay. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by. I mean, you’re excited. You just got some really good news. But I think it would be kind of..weird…if we pretended that it didn’t happen.”

“I know what I did. It had nothing to do with the phone call. I wanted to kiss you. I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time…Luke.”