Conoce más de "Lado B" | ¡Siguan Bailando!

Conoce más de “Lado B” | ¡Siguan Bailando!

Desde hace unos días hemos estado replanteando como hacer las cosas aqui en el blog, buscamos maneras de aprovechar de mejor manera los recursos que tenemos, queremos alejarnos de toda esa cosa rara de la guerra de los blogs, nos gusta lo que hacemos. Queremos ser una biblioteca donde se comparte lo que dice nuestra descripcion: Beatmaking, Música Hip Hop y Cultura Callejera, en la cual puedas…

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Repost this. Do not reblog. Tag ten people. Tagged by peach-turnover
Name: Alyssa 
Nicknames: Lyssa, Aly, Tedy Bear, Fluffball, Hitler (don’t ask)
Birthday: May 8th
Gender: female 
Height: like 5”2’
Favorite colour: violet purple 
Time and date at current moment: 8:55 am March 5th 
Average hours of sleep: like 7 or 8 
Lucky number: 8 
Last thing I googled: volskwagen yellow 2005 beetle (my dad wants to buy me a car, but the Impala is like $22,000)
First word that comes to mind: bleck
One place that makes me happy: anywhere where steverodgersismybae
How many blankets i sleep under: 1 Favorite fictional characters: that’s impossible to choose 
Favorite beverage: Pepsi 
Favorite food: like a really good burger 
Last movie i saw in cinemas: the last hobbit movie 
Dream holiday: my grandparents vacation house. (it’s on a freaking mountain in North Carolina. It’s so beautiful) 
Dream wedding: depends on the person, but probably pretty simple and cute. 
Dream job: I’m an English major, but my real passion is singing, so a singer 
I tag: steverodgersismybae
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Sonya Harper (Englewood) – Englewood Votes, Mowgli Agwafay – Recent Graduate, Deborah Payne (Englewood) – Resident, Casey Merchant (Pilsen), Fannie Diego Alvarez (Little Village), Aisha Butler (Englewood).
Voices were collected at “Blue 1647” in Pilsen and the “Englewood Votes Mayoral Forum” at Lindbloom High School.

Audio produced by Wyatt Sours and Luis Antonio Perez.
Image by Sam Reicks
A banner made for promoting “Chicago Votes” a non-profit to get the vote out in Chicago.

Polizei Direktion Dresden: Informationen 26.02.2015

Polizei Direktion Dresden: Informationen 26.02.2015

Landeshauptstadt Dresden

Drogenfund bei Verkehrskontrolle

Zeit:   25.02.2015, 20.15 Uhr festgestellt
Ort:    Dresden-Reick

Am Dienstagabend wurden drei Männer (43, 31, 28) wegen des Verstoßes gegen das Betäubungsmittelgesetz vorläufig festgenommen.

Zuvor hatten Dresdner Polizeibeamte den Fahrer eines Skoda (43) auf der Enno-Heidbroek-Straße einer Verkehrskontrolle unterzogen. Nachdem ein…

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Ten Facts About Me

Okay!! I was tagged my the wonderful peach-turnover to do this!! Let’s get started!!
1: Let’s start with what I look like: brown hair, brown eyes, insanely pale for living in Florida, about 5ft 2in, and I gave freckles.
2: Hobbies: reading and watching way to much TV.
3: age: I’m 16 
4: I may be an English major, but I have a passion for singing.
5: I’m in my third year of high school, but I’ve been taking college classes for almost two years (it’ll be two years this summer)
6: I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
7: I’m very protective of my friends, touch them and I will kill you and no one will find your body.
8: I’m super lazy.
9: I’be been homeschooled almost my entire life. (I went to school for first grade)
10: I want to teach English to high schoolers.
Hehe okay, I tag: steverodgersismybae tsukiyamaismybabymama thefantasticbeast not-your-typical-muggle nicohmygods rexie-reick snaics wordsplat widowwintercarter