Amateur archaeologist finds Nazi gold hoard

The dream of every treasure-hunter came true for Florian Bautsch last October when he found 217 Nazi-era gold coins in Lüneburg, the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reported on Tuesday.

Bausch – a certified metal detectorist – was exploring old burial mounds in the town south of Hamburg when he stumbled across the first gold piece.

After a further search under the foliage uncovered nine more coins, Bautsch did a survey of the area and got in touch with local archaeologists.

A two-week long excavation followed, unearthing a further 207 gold coins – with a material worth estimated at around €45,000. 

Archaeologists also found remnants of pasteboard with two seals bearing the swastika, imperial eagle and the stamp: “Reichsbank Berlin 244”. Read more.


Dedicated to ignorant Zionist who bring up the collaboration of Haj Amin al-Husseini with the Nazis without knowing a single thing about the Zionist pact with Nazi Germany which, at the very least: a) broke the successful global Jewish boycott against Nazi Germany. b) supplied major financial support to the Nazi economy and war machine. c) helped establish Nazi party offices in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and elsewhere in historic Palestine via its direct financial support of the Templars (Temple Gesellschaft) in Palestine. According to the Transfer Agreement, millions of Marks of German Jews were deposited directly into the special Templer Bank account 1 in the Reichsbank.

Look up The Transfer Agreement…  

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Swastikas in Jerusalem: