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I like how the Anti-Reylo people are usually against Reylo because it is “not healthy” and it is “abusive”. Acting like they are saints because they ship “healthy” ships and speak up against what they think are “unhealthy” ships. But then they are ATTACKING and speaking horribly of the people who do ship Reylo. Like, c’mon.  

Are we affecting you by shipping Reylo? Nope. 

I have never spoke out on a ship because I personally didn’t like it, or attacked the people who ship a ship that I see has flaws. Because:

A. Not my business

B. It’s not affecting me

C. It’s fucking rude

I don’t see why someone ships something.


Moves on.

Why are you wasting your energy on harassing people who ship something you don’t? Do you think that’s going to change peoples perspectives of their ship? Because if not then why? Just to be an asshole?

 I have seen people, including me, start to feel like shit for shipping something. That is not fair. 

I have even been attacked for something I shipped before so heavily that I started having a panic attack (no stranger to me) and crying, it’s not fun.

  (╯◕_◕)╯ 彡┻━┻

I’m gonna touch on the main point’s Anti’s bring up so I can state my opinions. (that no one asked for.) (oh well.)

Let’s start with “Ew incest”

I’m really not gonna get into this one because, personally, I find it quite silly. For one, it has not even been confirmed that Rey is related to Kylo. We have no clue who Rey’s family is entirely so immediately assuming that they are family is just a reach so Anti’s have something to throw at us tbqh. I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf, but personally if Rey and Kylo are related- I would not ship them. I do not ship family member’s together like some people do. Which, I’m not going to attack anyone who doe’s because that’s not my business. I just personally could never do that because it makes me uncomfy.

Next topic “You’re a pedophile.”

Okay, first of all. 


Honey, I know someone irl who married someone 16 years older than them. Does that make the older person a pedophile? Because Rey is a young adult, who is also mature from what we have seen (Her parent’s left her so she obviously had to grow up pretty fast. Sadly.) and Kylo is 29-30. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s just me but in my head it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Seeing as if Kylo is 29, then when he is 30, Rey will be 20 and that’s a ten year age gap. ❗ AND IT DOES NOT MAKE ME A PEDOPHILE ❗ 

Also, their age gap is LITERALLY the same age gap between Han and Leia. So if you have an issue with Reylo, don’t contradict yourself.


Yup, that usually happens between people on opposite side’s of the team. Keep in mind that Kylo treated Rey completely different than he did with Poe, he could have hurt her severely like he did with Poe who was tortured basically for the information he had. Yes, he invaded her thoughts- again- opposite sides. Needed the information. 

The fight scene he fought Finn extremely forcefully, punching at his side to become stronger, punching Finn in the face. Take note of the fact he did not do that with Rey. He was hesitant until he realized she was going to kill him if he did not fight back, and obviously he did not want to die. So he was protecting himself. He also knocked Rey back into a tree, only when she raised a gun to shoot him.

Try telling me that if someone raised a gun at you, you wouldn’t do the same LMAO.

People who ship Reylo are not stupid (most of us), we know that Kylo isnt a good guy. But he isn’t all bad. (which is shown through novelization and his facial expression.) 

Personally if they give Kylo Ren his redemption arc that is perfectly set up, I would ship Reylo more than I already do (which is crazy because I already ship them so much.). 

Lastly I’m gonna be speaking on the racist comments that get thrown at Reylo shippers.

I actually don’t understand how to talk about this because, for one I am not racist and don’t know why people like saying it. “You don’t ship Rey and Finn? You’re racist.”

Uhm, funny, but inaccurate. 

I think Rey and Finn are extremely adorable. But I shipped Rey and Kylo right from the interrogation scene because my gut told me something was up. My gut told me “Something is gonna happen with them. Why is he treating her differently?” 

The fact I shipped them so early on completely clouded any other ship from the movie. 

Actually no, I do ship Stormpilot. ALOT actually. So all I really noticed was Reylo interactions and the Stormpilot hug and “Keep it. It suits you.”

I also have seen Anti’s call Reylo’s Misogynists? 

Don’t know what that’s about.

Also been called a rape romanticist.

Which, i don’t know if I missed something. But nothing rapey happened in The Force Awakens. Unless I am oblivious. But either way, I don’t appreciate being called a RAPE ROMANTICIST. whAT THE FUCK. Get out of here with that shit oml.

UPDATE: I have been informed that going into Rey’s mind was the ‘rapey’ aspect of the movie. I would just like to say, did not find that romantic LOL.

Anyways I just typed for like an hour so, I am probably gonna get attacked.

Another update: Someone reblogged this and said:

Stupid racist: writes long, dumbass racist rant. 

Stupid racist: I’m not racist ! Stormpilot!

(the rest I can’t see because I was promptly blocked.)

AND THEN they leave another then that say’s “How white of you.”

Wow. Humans are amazing.

I wasn’t saying I shipped Stormpilot just so it would seem like I’m not racist?? I was saying I shipped Stormpilot because I was touching on how I was feeling during the movie.

I don’t know why people always feel the need to point out people’s skin colors like? Thank’s for making me hate myself more though LOL I appreciate it.

Also I would like to say that, I don’t know how this whole thing was racist when I literally was speaking about Rey and Kylo most of the time. But, okay.

(Don’t know why they resorted to being horribly rude to me when no where in this post I spoke like that about anyone.)

Anti’s why can’t we just get along*. I’m a Hufflepuff who like’s reading, eating and crying. 

      XOXO Reylo trash 

Blood Lust

Pairing: Chiaki/Reader, Minami/Reader, Shizuka/Reader, Mei/Reader, Rei/Reader, Toma/Reader
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Supernatural
Word Count:
Chapters: 8/8
Summary: You find yourself in the company of six aggressive vampires. 

Author’s Note: Canon divergence of the Night♥Vampire event in which MC is the concierge for all six brothers simultaneously, because I just really want more biting and sucking and ship teasing. Shameless self-indulgence, really, but this is all Arithmetic’s fault for giving us a vampire AU!

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