rei ryuugazaki


I think my favorite thing about this scene is how unphased Nagisa is. Like Rei rushes off to get Haru something to drink and Makoto is sweating about his boyfriend possibly dying and Nagisa’s just like ??? u can set the record for front crawl but u can’t even take a bite of melon bread u dick diver

  • Haru: the moon is beautiful tonight
  • Makoto: yes, it really is.
  • Haru: but you know what's even more beautiful? you.
  • Makoto: *blushes* haru...
  • Rei: *to nagisa* should we tell them that's actually a tortilla you threw at the window?
  • Nagisa: nah

Free! 15 Day Challenge
Day 13: Saddest Moment
Rei giving up his position to Rin shows his kindness, but at the same time it was so unfair for him. To me, it was as if his team left him behind. So what if Rin aka the center of the universe wants to swim with all of them? They could have talked about his insecurities and swim together any time. It wasn’t needed to take the place of someone who worked this hard. Rei must be feeling really disappointed inside but he’s strong enough to put up a front