This is Haru

Me with any anime
  • Me: Oh, ouran high school host club looks stupid
  • Me *a week later*: KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
  • Me: Free!? Me watch that? No thanks
  • Me a week later: *Is reading readerX rei ryugazaki fan fics*
  • Me: Ugh, I dont understand why Yuri on Ice is so popular
  • Me a week later: VICTURI
  • Me: Deathnote is too weird for me.
  • Me a week later: L, Light, and Matsuda are my children

GUYS THE Free! Timeless Medley TRAILER IS OUT.


Free! -Timeless Medley- 絆  Character Post Cards

“The irreplaceable time spent with us, I’d be happy if you enjoyed it” -Haruka Nanase

“I’m glad we can spend time together. Let’s get along from now on too.” -Makoto Tachibana

“Let’s enjoy our precious time together ☆” -Nagisa Hazuki

“Have you enjoyed it? Let us continue to get along from now on too.” -Rei Ryugazaki

Free! -Timeless Medley-

Rei, Nagisa, Haruka, and Makoto are taste testing in the latest Free! poster from Otomedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), newly illustrated by animation director Chiyoko Ueno (植野千世子).