rei meerkat


HOOT DANCES (or Rei dances in a HOOT) with Mic the Microphone MCING THE DANCE COMP


Rei Meerkat/Step.

Don’t care what you think about fursuit dancing.  Only truth is this girl’s good and this girl’s got moves.  I so wanna learn how to dance even a quarter as good as this.  It’s one of my resolutions for the year.  Learn dancing…or rather more than para para.  So I’ve been looking at a lot of dancing videos (though mostly from furry dancing competitions at cons).  Still, good dancing is good dancing regardless.  Hopefully I can learn a few things from it.

Probably will share more videos later on.  Just because I think they’re awesome. :)


Hoot (Rei Meerkat) - Further Confusion 2014


Rei Meerkat as Step dancing to the song Starships by Nicki Minaj.

Who doesn’t love a good fursuit dance competition?



copy paste from FA

Do you even KNOW how long it’s been since i took badge commissions?! ( forever ) WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY

But yeah! Nobody likes a sob story, I don’t, you don’t, so let’s leave it at “I really, really need money, so that I can eat and also go to FWA to hopefully make more money.” So here’s a chance to get some choice badges from me. I feel like this page should be pretty self explanatory!!

also I hope everyone who I chose to draw as an example likes their badge ’^’

Some notes:
-I currently don’t even START to have the means to print/laminate/mail badges, so these are strictly digital!
-I can do theme badges too, (valentine’s/couples, etc) just ask!
-I am MORE THAN UP for bartering. Like buy me delivery pizza (this should be a hint as to how bad i need money), buy me something I need off Amazon like printer ink, buy my FWA reg, go for it.

blah blah!!