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TFA valentines for everyone you love…EVERYONE

Lana Del Rey Lyrical Checklist

- 20th century author’s name
- Biblical/religious reference
- “Hollywood”
- Violent verb
- Sexual verb
- A fruit used as an adjective
- Summer imagery
- Road imagery
- Type of weapon
- Type of jewel or precious metal
- Type of fabric
- Any form of or synonym for the word “cry”
- A drug used as an adjective
- “Daddy”
- A three to four syllable Crayola color

Disney store Finally gave us a REY DOLL!!! Sort of lol These are 12" Star Wars Elite series premium action figures.

Rey and Kyle are coming out NOV 15…

Princess Leia and Darth Vader have been announced for NOV 29! I’m so Excited!!!! Pictures found on Google…

Hello, hello! May I introduce you to another of my beloved coupling?

-Both their names start with ‘R’
-Has a special bond
-Different yet similar
-Kind of a loner
-Book lovers
-Red & Violet
-Same height (5'4")
-Same number of letters in their name (5)
-Birds of a feather, flock together

Sounds familiar?

Here’s an obligatory crossover.

What can I say, Robrin? Reiven’s right.

Instead of posting on a new post, I’m just gonna edit this and put this doodle here for completion haha


Happy New Year everyone! It’s getting close to midnight here and I finished up some sketches that I might color someday~ been at Disneyland for the past several days so I’ve been on an increased Star Wars kick :)

2015 has been a year full of growth and excitement and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store! Thank you all my wonderful followers, you’re all so amazing and loving and awesome! Hope you all have a wonderful new year!

3… 2… 1… Fight!

Привычка делать мерч самостоятельно или доводить напильником похожее до оригинала - неискоренима. Даже если это (наконец-то) не жутко редкий фандом, как это всегда было.

ВписАлась в ЗФБ, это не лечится. XD

Ruki and Reita discussing eyeball licking


so ruki read this one and before he began reading it, he and rei couldn’t figure out how to read the word “iris.” rei is like “i think it’s kousai” and ruki is like ehhh idk….eventually rei looks it up and it is in fact “kousai”

rei like “SEE i told u smh” and ruki’s like “…that was dumb luck”

they read this one as a scary story so there’s creepy bgm and ruki’s voice has an echo effect on it

Ruki: “Reita-san, Ruki-san. It’s very hot and humid, I hope you guys aren’t melting.”

(Reita snorts in background)

Ruki: “My ‘first time’ story is, a few years ago I licked someone’s iris – brackets – the part with the pupil.”

Reita: Yes.

Ruki: “Apparently if you fli– …if you fl– (trying not to laugh) if you flick your tongue on it it feels good, and I was pre….pre–(laughing)” (*there was some kind of typo here)

(Reita has been laughing in bg this whole time)

Ruki: “Pressured into doing it. I didn’t really want to do it because it freaked me out, but when I actually did it, it had a sweet taste and I was really surprised.”

Reita: Yes.

Ruki: “Have you two ever licked an eye before? Reita, if you haven’t, you should try it and let me know what you think!”

Reita: Okay. (nervous laughter)

Ruki: Bruh I just shed a tear.

Reita: Okay wait a second. (takes paper) So someone…told her to do it.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: They were like, hey lick my iris.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: And then she did it.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: …And it was kinda sweet.

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: ……..Can I –

Ruki: (closes eyes) I knew you were gonna say that smh  

Reita: Open ur eyes

Ruki: (He either said ‘shinisou’ [I’m gonna die] or ‘shimisou’ [somethings gonna ooze out idk??????])

Reita: (laughing at own joke what else is new) …Damn so eye-licking kink is a real thing eh

Ruki: Yeah well I mean I’m not really surprised…it’s sweet though?

Reita: Is this a common fetish?

Ruki: Um obviously not

(both laugh)

Ruki: But like…the other person wanted her to do it, right? I wonder how she felt though…like at the end she says ‘it tastes pretty sweet’ but…even that kinda seems like [she wasn’t down]

Reita: Yeahh it’s kinda…


Reita: Doesn’t it kinda…smell like murder?

And my ass is sitting here and listening to it over and over again like WTF DOES THIS MEAN AM I MISSING SOMETHING and then

Ruki: Ah– ……..

(Reita laughs nervously)

(very long pause)

Reita: Shall we play a song?

Ruki: What? I thought you were good at this.

Reita: Ye I’m a natural

Ruki: Mhmm (showing Rei how it’s done now) We were having a pretty lit conversation just now…I got an equally lit song for u

Reita: (laughing ) O please

Ruki: This is like around the time you get tired right

Reita: Oh yeah cause it would be after two now right

Ruki: Yeah. Well I’ve listened to all the shows so far…and I gotta say some of you don’t play very fitting songs for the mood.

Reita: Oh, like songs that make you tired?

Ruki: Yeah or like they’re too noisy…but this one…this one is just right

Reita: Oh really?

Ruki: Yes

Reita: Oh I’d love to hear it

Ruki: Ok here it is… “Murder” by ROSSO

Like this idiot was trying to work the name of the song into the conversation and it made no fucking sense

And Ruki thinks the way he introduced it is better like

I quit the fandom