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Not great quality, but with new images of Luke, Rey, Kylo and Finn.

New dialogue: 

Luke “You’ve seen this place?”

Rey “Only in dreams.”

Luke “Who are you?”

Rey “Kylo failed you, I won’t”

Finn “We have to fight.”

Ok,but imagine Kylo saying to Rey:

Luke failed you. I won’t.”

and that’s when he reaches for her.

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“A flash of violet pulled my eyes from down sight. A Cabal ship careened out of the smoke, burning black-indigo. And I saw her, riding the wing, but she was gone in a blink as the ship smashed into the earth. She reappeared in the middle of a legion, and in a second half-heartbeat, rose into the air and dropped an explosion of void the likes of which I’d never seen.

I had believed I was a Voidwalker… until I beheld Ikora Rey.”

All I’ve ever wanted is to read pages upon pages of Ikora meta, but alas..

Redemption ?

I think that kylo Ren true changing won't be a redemption.
Not in a proper sense .
he won’t fall on knees imploring the forgiveness from anyone .
He can’t erase what he has done and who he is..
what he needs now is to accept the light he has in him ,
he needs to know he can live with both sides.
Find the “balance”
And stop being torn appart .
I think Rey’s role in it
is the fact he’ll never be able to kill her when he’ll have the opportunity
And that will change him a lot.

Thoughts on Rey’s line

When Rey says “ Kylo failed you, I won’t”. I very strongly believe that Luke is NOT going to tell her, but he’s the one who failed Kylo. He’s responsible for all the shit. In a bad, crass way. That’s going to be part of the reveal and the fact that Luke is now in a gray zone and not only in the light anymore. I don’t know if they’ll push the thing up to the point where he’s dark, but I could sign with blood that we are not expecting what happened with Kylo. And THAT is going to turn the tables and show us Kylo in a whole different light, leading Rey to rewind the picture and making possible an alliance between the two. If they don’t end up on the same side at the end of this movie I’ll eat my shoe!!! 

And also. How the HECK did they make Kylo look so damn handsome?? If you tell me that’s out of the blue and it doesn’t serve a greater purpose, I’ll eat my other shoe!! I mean, come on, look at him…how am I going to heal my obsession of him with these shots??