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Redemption ?

I think that kylo Ren true changing won't be a redemption.
Not in a proper sense .
he won’t fall on knees imploring the forgiveness from anyone .
He can’t erase what he has done and who he is..
what he needs now is to accept the light he has in him ,
he needs to know he can live with both sides.
Find the “balance”
And stop being torn appart .
I think Rey’s role in it
is the fact he’ll never be able to kill her when he’ll have the opportunity
And that will change him a lot.

Force Bond 2
  • Kylo: Rey?
  • Rey:
  • Kylo: I know you're listening.
  • Rey:
  • Kylo: Fine. The best part of my day is when I get to hear your voice. Our brief conversations made me feel whole again; even if you were screaming at me. You should know that... just in case.
  • Rey: In case?
  • Kylo: In case I fail.
  • Rey: ...Ben?

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I honestly love the kissing streak gifset 😍😍 but could you gif just the kiss from the finale?

Sooooooooo I just read this again, and only saw the “just the kiss” part now. I’m sorry! I made this set because I can’t read apparently. 

Here, have some 500px making out as an apology:



happy valentine’s day, reylo fam! :’> i made a lil somethin’ somethin’ for the otp. ♡

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So I just started following you but I'm already overwhelmed by your idea and the Annie Mei project! It's so amazing! So I just wanted to ask who all your characters are what their relations are to each other.

Welcome to the blog!  I’ve always been meaning to do brief character summaries!

ANNIE | Loves to tease Megan, is rivals with May Gunn, is best friends with Eli, old friends with Hudson, looks up to Rei, is very open with her parents and is frightened of Xii.

+adventurous +spunky +optimistic 

-flighty -tactless -impatient

👍dressing up 👍competing 👍muffins

👎negativity 👎losing/being wrong 👎old movies with old people/animals (because she gets emotional discovering they’re probably currently deceased)

XII | Has history with Rei and hates losing to Megan and Annie

+charming +passionate +steady

-indecisive -obstinate -withdrawn

👍Rei 👍power 👍fruits

👎imbalance 👎failing 👎dogs

MEGAN | Drawn to Annie’s personality, gets along well with her twin May Gunn, holds Rei and Xii in high regard for their skills, feels comfortable around tall friends like Eli.

+dignified +compassionate +intelligent

-calculated -sensitive -dependent

👍Annie 👍food 👍disguises (especially ones where she gets to wear a mustache)

👎filth 👎being underestimated 👎forgetting things

MAY GUNN | Tells everyone her name is May Gunn because she thinks its cooler than ‘Megan’, both admires and envies her twin, is incredibly competitive with Annie, is inspired by Rei, despises Xii for being so good, and has an obvious crush on Hudson.

+playful +determined +independent

-overbearing -unpredictable -careless

👍being the best (or just better than Annie) 👍being strong 👍Hudson

👎losing to Annie or Xii 👎insecurity 👎being bored

REI | LOVES her friends, appreciates Annie’s enthusiasm and determination, bit of a big sister to the twins, enjoys how easy it is to tease Eli, and is over Xii (or so she says).

+confident +honest +intimate

-rash -proud -self serving

👍indulging 👍getting attention 👍freedom

👎liars 👎weakness 👎boring people

ELI | Very protective of Annie, gets along with Megan surprisingly well, secretly intimidated by May Gunn and Rei, and can’t handle how openly in love Annie’s parents always are with each other.

+formidable +reserved +loving

-destructive -rigid -proud

👍doing the right thing 👍sports 👍friends

👎being left out 👎losing his temper 👎overwhelming personalities

HUDSON | Old friends with Annie, is into May Gunn, thinks Eli is pretty cool, admires Rei, and gets along really well with Annie’s parents.

+sympathetic +engaging +artistic

-aloof -lacking depth -stubborn

👍baking 👍dogs 👍May Gunn

👎spicy foods 👎feeling useless 👎making phone calls

ANNIE’S MOM AND DAD | They love each other and their daughter SO much.


For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

So the lovely @space-girlfriends came with this rich!hux and delinquent!kylo au. Basically Hux is a nerd from a very rich uptight family whom for some unknown reason has the young delinquent Kylo Ren infatuated. Thinking Kylo is just trying to use him he is hesitant at first but slowly finds himself falling in love with him.